Sagittarius (Dhanu/धनु) Horoscope Today

nov 23 - dec 21
personal life
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Sagittarians are wanderlust and you would love their company if you like to travel a lot! Also, they are lively, passionate, and rule breakers of the usual. Their charismatic personality easily attracts people and the Sagittarius zodiac sign usually has a huge circle of friends. But there is more about this zodiac sign that you can learn in the Sagittarius horoscope today!

Sagittarians are one of a kind and their personality is irresistibly magnetic. They are lovers of freedom, optimistic, and explicitly independent in nature. Although they are great as friends, having much emotional attachment with people with the Sagittarius zodiac sign might not be a great idea. They are fun for the time being but otherwise, the zodiac sign is largely known for its mutability. Worried? Don’t panic. There is more about Sagittarius daily horoscope which will help you read this zodiac sign better. Keep going to know!

Sagittarius Zodaic Sign

One of the core traits of Sagittarius (November 22- December 21) is kindness. They are 100% loyal in relationships and extravagantly caring and loving for everyone. This zodiac sign is a blend of a good heart and an intellectual mind. They can even go out of their way to help the people around them. However, a problem might arise, if their partners ever try to control them. This zodiac sign is the lover of independence and cannot compromise their identity at any cost. Above all, Sagittarians are known for their emotional understanding and empathy for all.

Now, let’s discuss the daily horoscope for Sagittarius with their traits one by one to understand the Sagittarius zodiac sign in 360°.

Important Details About Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

  • Key characteristics: Honesty, Broad-mindedness, Generosity, Vivacity, Fearlessness, Independence, and Aspiring
  • Lucky colors: Light Blue, White, Cream, and Orange
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Zodiac Element: Fire
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 5, 3 and 8
  • Compatible zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo
  • Lucky days: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
  • Incompatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Lucky alphabet: A, M, L, and Y

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Positive Traits

It is equally imperative to know the positive and negative traits of the zodiac signs to fathom your compatibility with them. However, the good and bad in a person may largely differ according to their daily horoscope predictions or Sagittarius horoscope today. But the core traits more or less remain the same.

So, here is a list of some positive traits in the Sagittarius zodiac sign which might make them a good partner with you. Here is a list of their positive traits. Have a look to understand them better!


Being honest is the best way to enter a Sagittarius heart and grab their attention. Why? Because they hate lies. They expect their betterhalf to be an honest person. Even if you try to lie for the greater good or not reveal the complete story, they’ll start to doubt you. The one thing that a Sagittarius can never accept is dishonesty. And if you are trying to be their betterhalf, then you should be an honest person, not for the sake of marriage but from the heart. And if you are honest even at the worst of times, Sagittarius will begin to admire you.


Adventure seekers are more than welcome to become friends or betterhalf with a Sagittarius. Because for adventure seekers like Sagittarius, there is no better companion than another adventure seeker. They can handle anything in their life except being idle. They are like the second-borns in every family who don’t sit still. 

As same as the archer in their symbol, they always shoot for something that most people consider impossible. And their adventurous side always pushes them to do things that most people hesitate to do.

One thing that they hate to see from their betterhalf is leading a boring life. On the other hand, if you are someone who goes on a hike or camping over the weekend, then a Sagittarius will start to spend time with you. Who knows you might also end up meeting your Sagittarius partner on your next hike or trek without seeing any former predictions of Sagittarius daily horoscope.


People with the Sagittarius zodiac sign are like the curious cat that does anything to know what's in the bag. They always feel there is so much to learn. You can always see them exploring something new or meeting new people and getting to know about the people. Not so many are ready to do anything for learning, but a Sagittarius is ready to dive into anything if it provides anything new to learn.

Are you someone who can bring interesting topics often to the table or has the same curiosity as Sagittarius? Then you can grab their attention and can also become their betterhalf. To find out more about their characteristics, you can check the Sagittarius horoscope today.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Negative Traits

Certainty! What’s That?

If there is one thing that Sags hates to become, it's predictable. They are the most mutable zodiac sign of all and reading Sagittarius daily horoscope will prove this fact. They can be on the top of Aravalli hills today and scuba diving the day after!

It is evidently hard for Sagittarius zodiac signs to stick to the same person or same place unless it means a lot to them. So, if you are a peace and comfort lover, Sagittarians are not an ideal match for you. You have to be prepared for uncertainty if you are planning a long-term relationship with a Sagittarian guy/girl. 

My Life, My Rules

The phrase typically describes the Sagittarius zodiac sign in a nutshell. Sags are unstoppable, uncontrollable, and free-spirited people. They cannot bear to change themselves for literally anyone. If you wish to see them as your betterhalf in the future, better learn to adapt to their fast lifestyle. They barely change themselves for anyone. However, they are pretty committed and loyal in a relationship.

So, there is nothing to fear about this. If you are a lover of adventure, traveling, light mood, and good food, Sags are a perfect match for you! 

Not Up for Deep Emotional Connection

You might love them to the depth but that will never be enough for them to connect with you on deeper levels. Although this trait might make them look shallow, actually they have a tough exterior that is difficult to break, only with love. Sag’s ideal life partner would be funny, adventurous, understanding, a travel lover, and an optimist. The moment the Sagittarius zodiac sign notices these things around them, they tend to follow. 

So, it might be a little harder for them to develop a deep emotional connection with someone but once they do, there is no stopping or backing off. Despite any fluctuation in the Sagittarius daily horoscope, they will have you back against the world!

What makes Sagittarius Zodiac Sign a Compatible Match for Marriage?

Core traits are okay, but do you not want to know the compatibility-incompatibility factors in Sagittarius zodiac sign? Yes, you heard it right!

Not all people can get along well with Sags after marriage. Some of their characteristics are incomparably hard to bear for someone else while you can easily mend relations with them depending on your natural behavior. So, here are their primary compatibility traits for you!

Outwardly Kind

Sags are among the kindest people you will ever meet. They don’t need any special connection to do good for you. They will go out of their way and take pains to make things effortless for you. However, many people might misunderstand their generic act of kindness as love or adoration but Sagittarians are the same for everyone. So, if you are a moody, cranky, and difficult person, staying relaxed sags will tackle you and your mood swings without any hard feelings. Also, their judgment is unerring more than often, which will save you from all the office drama and politics going around you. All you need to do is to talk with your Sagittarius partner. Read the daily horoscope for Sagittarius to know more!


Sagittarius is everything that one expects in their partner to keep the relationship alive. There will never be a dull moment when you are around Sagittarius. However, they might get overtly cranky or upset about something once in a while depending on the Sagittarius daily horoscope but otherwise, you will always find them cheering others and yourself. Also, they love to spill the beans on some hot gossip and keep their company entertained. 

What Makes Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Incompatible Match for Marriage

If you’re an earth sign dating a Sagittarius, it is crucial for you to remember these incompatible traits in your Sag partner. 


Sagittarius craves independence, and a possessive or clingy betterhalf will make them feel suffocated. Sagittarius gets nervous and confused when they are with someone who can’t behave independently. Because they like to be alone for some time and this will have an impact on their alone time. 

In general, a Sagittarius just needs some space from time to time. This is highly recommended when they are dealing with emotions. A Sagittarius is receptive to communicating their thoughts and listening to their partner's sentiments. But being pushed to open up might cause a Sagittarius to push their partner away. Read more about Sagittarius daily horoscope to notice the pattern in their behavior


A Sagittarius will never ask for help from their betterhalf or their friends to finish a task or achieve a goal. But they expect those who are around them to be optimistic and positive-minded like them. And if they ever sense a zodiac sign of pessimism from their betterhalf, they decide to move ahead without you. Because Saggitarius is the very optimistic zodiac sign you’ll ever face. 

Even if you are trying to be logical and realistic by speaking the facts, they’ll get upset and act with a confused state of mind with you. Because they might start to reconsider your relationship 

with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Sagittarius?

Ans.  Sagittarius is the 9th zodiac sign in Vedic astrology. The people born on the date ranging from (November 22 – December 21) belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Q2.  What is the Sagittarius zodiac sign personality like? 

Ans. Sagittarians are Honest, Broad-mindedness, Generosity, Vivacity, Fearlessness, Independence, and Aspiring by nature. They make a great partner with the fire signs.

Q3. Which Animal is Sagittarius?

Ans. Sagittarians are half human half horse, also known as archers. 

Q4.  Which planet rules Sagittarius?

Ans. Sags are ruled by the planet Jupiter

Q5.  Who can get married to Sagittarius?

Ans. Any fire sign will be nicely compatible with Sagittarians. However, most earth signs cannot get along well with Sags. The compatible signs with them are Leo, Aries, and fellow Sagittarius, and incompatible with them would be Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, etc