Pisces (Meen/मीन) Horoscope Today

feb 19 - mar 20
personal life
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Do you know what’s the best part about being with a person with the Pisces zodiac sign? Their 100% emotional availability for you. But then you should also be ready for an emotional breakdown quite often. If you’re okay with this, you can make a great pair with Pisces but there is a lot more in the Pisces daily horoscope you would like to know before marrying one. 

Pisces is one of a kind. They catch all kinds of vibes around them. You can also notice two types of personality in Pisces. On one hand, they are extremely passionate and driven towards their goal, while other times they do not want to come out of their comfort zone for quite a period of time. However, friends and family matter a lot to them and they would go to any extent to keep them happy. So, overall Pisces is a blend of a good heart with an intellectual mind. All you need to take care of as their partner is no one to take the advantage of your Pisces bae. They are super sensitive and it is way easier to trick them with deep emotional talks and take advantage of their soft heart. Read Pisces horoscope today to know more about the core traits.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

People whose birthdays are between 19th February to March 20th fall under this sign. They are governed by water and covered with two fishes. They make a great partner with anyone they fall in love with. But that’s not all!

Their capacity to tend to even strangers makes them exclusively different from the rest of the zodiac signs. Pisces is naturally tender and sensitive in nature and ready to go to any extent to spread happiness around them. They also like socializing, family gatherings, etc, and put strong efforts into maintaining their relationships. However, they do not get the same attention and effort from their loved ones. But their easygoing attitude doesn’t care much about things. 

Wish to know more about Pisces? Well, apart from reading the Pisces horoscope daily, you can also get hints about their personality from the below paragraphs. Go ahead to know!

Important Details About Pisces Zodiac Sign

  • Zodiac sign date range: 19th February to March 20th
  • Key characteristics: Empathetic, Mystical, Romantic, Creative, Imaginative, Emotional, Over-indulgent, compassionate, dreamy, etc
  • Lucky colors:  Sea Green, Aqua
  • Ruling Planets:  Jupiter and Neptune
  • Zodiac Element:  Water
  • Lucky numbers:  3 & 7
  • Compatible zodiac sign:  Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio
  • Lucky days:  Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Sundays
  • Incompatible Signs:  Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius
  • Lucky alphabet:  H, N, Y, D, Ch

Pisces Zodiac Sign Positive Traits

The positives and negatives in a person are one way to understand your relationship equation with them. Moreover, even the negative traits in someone might work well for some zodiac signs as Pisces’s betterhalf!

For instance, Pisces are overtly emotional so, if you are someone with a rough exterior that is hard to melt, who else can be more perfect for a Pisces zodiac sign? So, let’s delve deeper into understanding the daily horoscope for Pisces as per their core traits and usual tendencies to react in certain situations. 

Active Creative Souls

You will never meet a regular, monotonous, easy Pisces. They are hyperactive and art runs in their blood. Exploring new things and creative instincts are quintessential of a Pisces zodiac sign. Anything outside the regular is regular for Pisces. They will be good in either of the activities like drawing, painting, writing, designing, etc. 

Moreover, they do not take their creative instincts lightly and prefer to push their boundaries for betterment. They are passionate about both the love of their life and creativity. Also, making new things is one of their ways to communicate with the world. 

Lost Romantics

Pisces not just crave old-school love and romance in relationships but they are also lost romantics in general. Any classic sign of love or adoration can easily melt their heart. So, remember, it might be easier for you to get them emotional about you but to make them fall for you requires a heck of a lot of understanding of Pisces daily horoscope. They don’t really belong to the 21st century when it comes to accepting a love proposal. You better do it in a more traditionalist manner with a perfect aesthetic setting while confessing your adoration for a Pisces zodiac sign. 

Also, be ready to give them ample time to accept your offer. They enjoy a long period of courting, a regular confession from you, cute gestures, etc before finally saying YES!

Pisces Zodiac Sign Negative Traits

Need Their Own Space

Folks, do not try to mess up with a Pisces in their ‘me’ time. You might end up ruining both your moods after. However, this zodiac sign would love to be in their lover’s presence. They equally crave their personal space. A few moments of solitude are primarily essential for them to stay in balance. They might do some self-analysis, expel negativity or just sit doing nothing in their free time. But by any means, you have to leave them alone for some moments sometime to keep them in a good mood. Also, their time is essential to replenish their creative soul as creativity is one of the primary ways for them to communicate.

Over Sensitive

Pisces are extremely sensitive themselves and cannot take their partners being harsh on someone. They cannot connect with someone who is hurting or spiteful towards others in general. Their extreme emotional attachment even towards random strangers often left them being used!

Pisces are dead honest and direct in telling their partners about how they feel despite any fluctuations in Pisces horoscope today. So, the moment you hurt someone for no obvious reason, you will lose your credit in the eyes of Pisces. Marriage or no marriage, Pisces seeks and gives affection. 

What Makes Pisces Zodiac Sign Compatible for Marriage

Kundali matching is fine but you can also check marriage compatibility with Pisces by closely watching Pisces daily horoscope and their general tendency towards a situation. Moreover, there is no denying that not all signs can get along well with each other. Although, one thing goes without saying if you are craving for someone to be emotionally available for you, it's Pisces. 

Apart from that, it is crucial to know the compatible and incompatible traits in each zodiac sign before tying knots for life. So, keep the daily horoscope for Pisces intact and remember the following points before dating a Pisces zodiac sign!

Passionate About Love

Intimacy and passion in love will only make you a perfect fit for Pisces zodiac sign. They are always up for a little bit of make-out, sensuous touches, flirty glances, etc. They are quite a seeker for steamy chemistry between themselves and their partner. It is unimaginable for them to keep their hands off each other for a longer period of time. So, if you cannot enjoy timely make-out sessions with them, you better not try to date a Pisces. 

Moreover, intimacy is their love language and they try to make deeper connections with you in the same way. Also, it will be easier to develop emotional connections with Pisces zodiac signs when you reciprocate their passion for love.

Accept Imperfections 

Good for someone to be Mr or Miss ‘perfectionist’ but that’s not required to be a great match for Pisces. Pisces is an artistic and creative soul. They tend to try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them. Also, they do not shy from their mistakes and might do a lot of them before coming to perfection. The great trait about them is they let you be as you are without changing a bit about you. You can be as messy, imperfect, and authentic with them as you want to be.

A perfectionist partner is obviously less probable to tolerate this trait of Pisces and might abhor them. So, the Pisces will immediately retrieve from such people as they are afraid of being judged by their partners. Pisces pair the best with those who let them be who they are. 


Pisces are known for putting others before themselves. They can literally go to any extent to help people they met yesterday. Pisces zodiac sign people are pure souls and they see everyone with the same lens. It hardly occurs to them that someone might be using their emotional availability for selfish purposes. Naturally, Pisces daily horoscope is often full of surprises, tears, and disbelief as not everyone reciprocates the emotions Pisces once showed for them. So, if you are a Pisces looking for a perfect match, better marry someone with a more rational thought process than a sentimental one.

What Makes Pisces Zodiac Sign Incompatible for Marriage

Pisces are Emotional Beasts!

This water sign will demand a heck lot from you to deal with their emotional shits. This zodiac sign has a tendency to overreact apart from a few exceptions in Pisces horoscope today. As their partner, you have to be ready to tackle their emotional outbursts from time to time. In return, Pisces will literally do anything and go out of its way to make you feel happy. 

Once they are in love, nothing can stop them from submitting to their partners. They will give you their 100% and demand the same. Only when you fail to understand their emotional requirements, your relationship with Pisces might come to an end.

Keep Shutting Themselves Off

Although people with the Pisces zodiac sign are pro at understanding others, understanding them can be a task! Pisces usually do not trust others with their feelings. They fear being exposed and judged by others. However, if you are someone who can make them feel comfortable and understood they will pour their heart out to you but expect a lot more mature reaction afterward. 

You must remember that once Pisces get vulnerable around you, you cannot avoid the conversation or take them any lightly. If you do that, Pisces is not opening up ever around you which would be detrimental to your relationship with them. So, better keep looking at the daily horoscope for Pisces and know the pattern of their behavior before asking them out on a date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Pisces?

Ans.  Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign in Vedic astrology. The people born on the date ranging from (February 19th to March 20th) belong to the Pisces zodiac sign.

Q2.  What is the Pisces zodiac sign personality like? 

Ans. Pisceans are Empathetic, Mystical, Romantic, Creative, Imaginative, Emotional, Over-indulgent, compassionate, dreamy, etc in nature.

Q3. Which Animal is Pisces?

Ans. People with the Pisces zodiac sign are often recognized for their emotional understanding and are symbolized by fish 

Q4. Which planet rules Pisces?

Ans. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune

Q5.  Who can get married to Pisces?

Ans. The compatible zodiac sign with Pisces would be Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio and the incompatible matches with them are Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius zodiac signs.