Leo (Sinh/सिंह) Horoscope Today

july 23 - aug 22
personal life
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People with the Leo zodiac sign are irresistibly charming, dramatic, and easy to get along with. But if you are a Leo or thinking of dating the one, there is a lot more you need to know about the Leo zodiac sign. Leos are born leaders with big hearts unless you intentionally or unintentionally offend them someday! They will burn you with the same fire which was giving you warmth a few days back. 

So, be cautious before trying to steal their wind while dating them. People with the Leo zodiac sign are confident, and comfortable and love being the center of attraction everywhere. Wish to know more about them? Well, keep reading further to understand the core traits, good & bad characteristics of people with Leo zodiac sign, and detailed information about Leo daily horoscope. 

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo (July 23- August 22) is a sun sign and they literally treat themselves as crucial as that. Leos are usually powerful, controlling, and extremely sexy to resist. This zodiac sign loves compliments, attention, and special treatment everywhere. However, it is nice to be with Leos but it can be really exhausting to become their life partner. They can get too controlling, jealous, and possessive about their partners at times. This is one of the reasons that they need a proper compatibility evaluation before getting into a relationship.

Above all, people born under the Leo zodiac sign are courageous, known for their bravery, and refuse to accept defeat until they have put their entire energy and soul into something. Let’s delve to know more about the daily horoscope for Leo!

Important Details about Leo Zodiac Sign

  • Zodiac sign date range: July 23 to August 22
  • Key characteristics: natural leaders, loyal, self-obsessed, optimistic, vivacious, theatrical, determined, and passionate.
  • Lucky colors: Gold and Orange
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Zodiac Element: Fire
  • Lucky number: 1, 5, 9
  • Compatible zodiac sign: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini
  • Lucky days: Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays

Leo Zodiac Sign Positive Traits

Since we had a basic understanding of the core traits of a Leo zodiac sign, now you should know about the qualities of a good match for Leo. If you check Leo Horoscope today, you can also get to know this.  

To help in understanding the good qualities that match Leo, we have made a list. Following is the list of qualities that make a good match for Leo.


Leos are the kind of people who are passionate about everything this attitude is permanent despite any fluctuations in the daily horoscope for Leo. In addition, they also involve themselves completely in the things they do. If you are planning your wedding with a passionate person like Leo, then you have to match their enthusiasm. Leos not only care about their hobbies and interests but also about their wedding partner or friends. They tend to give the same 100% effort to their companion's hobbies same as theirs. So if you want to become a good wedding partner for a Leo, then be passionate about the things you do.


Leos likes many things but the most important two things about them are taking the charge and making decisions. Meanwhile, they expect a go-with-the-flow kind of person to be their wedding partner. If you want to get married to a Leo, then you have to prepare yourself for last-minute plans. 

If you are not ready to watch the new show on the other side of the place you live which they told you about at the last minute. Then they think of their wedding partner as a disloyal or dull person. You don’t want this from your partner, right? Then prepare yourself for an adventurous life journey and be open/flexible to your Leo wedding partner's ideas.


You can’t find a person with another zodiac sign as kind as Leo. They care about the people they love. They would possibly go to any extent to make them feel safe and cared for. And if you check any daily horoscope for Leo, you will find a similar pattern in their behavior. People or signs with kindness can easily get along and become a possible wedding partner for a Leo. This is only possible because both of them are making efforts to fulfill each other's needs. Leos often look like a selfish and uncaring person to those who are more independent.

Leo Zodiac Sign Negative Traits

It is important to know the characteristics that make a bad match for Leo. This might help you to plan the wedding accordingly. Another way to understand the same is to check Leo horoscope today or in the future. Betterhalf could be the perfect place to check out your daily horoscope for the Leo zodiac sign or any other. 

Competitive Instincts

Leos are naturally competitive in nature. While you are still thinking about it, the Leo zodiac sign is halfway there. They cannot afford for people to think any less about them. So, they will do everything in their power to turn the results in their favour. Leos are dreamy and passionate about their work and hardly lose an opportunity for achievement. Whatever the others cannot do, Leo will go to unimaginable lengths to get that.

Drama Runs in Their Blood

You will never meet a non-dramatic Leo! They are suckers for drama and go to any extent for the public to notice them. They love public encounters and nothing pleases them more than a bunch of people talking about their charm. So, remember to attend to them from time to time. Also, the Leo zodiac sign can make a big deal out of nothing and avoid bigger things in a flick. So, it can be challenging to handle a lion if you do not know its core traits and adapt to its daily horoscopes.

Insecure and Possessive

These are two of the reasons which will make you hate and love them at the same time. They will make you feel important and loved like no one else. But their concern knows no boundaries and people with the Leo zodiac sign live in constant fear of losing their partners. So, it might get really suffocating at times to be with a Leo and deal with their natural instincts to get doubtful. 


As we have already mentioned that Leo likes to take charge and make decisions. Trying to be a leader in the presence of a Leo might end in a deadlock between the two. For instance, if you and your Leo wedding partner suggest a different restaurant for brunch. Then prepare yourself for an argument that might last till dinner without any conclusion. 

Their stubbornness won’t let them allow their wedding partner to make a decision even if it is good. As we have already mentioned above only a go-with-the-flow can become a good wedding partner for Leo. If you want to know a perfect place to check Leo Horoscope Today, Betterhalf Astro services could be a perfect option for you. 

What makes Leo Zodiac Sign a Compatible Match for Marriage?

Now that you’re familiar with the core traits of the Leo zodiac sign, it's time to know what makes them compatible in a relationship. There are many ways to determine the same. One obvious way is kundali matching. While you can also go for looking at the core traits and daily Leo horoscope for better understanding. Keep reading to know!

Loyal Like None Else

Once a Leo zodiac sign comes into a committed relationship, there is nothing stopping them to give 100% to their partners. Though they are usually charming and never lack admirers, Leos stick to their partners till the end. In fact, they are far more understanding and forgiving in a relationship once they have set their hearts on you. However, don’t try to test their patience. Leo zodiac signs will never look back once they are done with you. Also, they need a lot of assurances and attention from you in the early stages of a relationship. They are in constant doubt and reserved about their feelings in the beginning.


Leos are always super passionate about their partners, no matter how things might change in Leo daily horoscope. They will put their heart and soul into their marriage works till their last breath to make things work. The companionship with a Leo zodiac sign breeds creativity, playfulness, excitement, and lots of drama and sex. Yes! You heard it right. Be ready for all the new moves and bedroom stories while you are married to a Leo. Since Leo is a fire sign, the compatible signs with them are Libra and Gemini. 

What makes Leo Zodiac Sign Incompatible with Marriage?

The incompatible traits of Leo are as imperative to know as their compatible characteristics. You cannot solely rely on a daily Leo horoscope to measure your compatibility with this sign. So, here are some obvious incompatible traits with Leo to help you establish an understanding of them!


They like to nurture their ego more than their materialistic standards of beauty.  It does not even occur to Leo that someone else might be right about something in general. They will just make up their mind about something with their shallow outlook and then carry forward the same attitude and behavior outright. But this very attitude usher others to accept everything they say and just fall in line. More than often, people avoid debating them to maintain their peace of mind as it can get really exhausting to play word games with Leo. 


When we say spoilt, we don’t mean only by their parents. Actually, nobody needs to do that for them. They know how to stay self-prioritized and motivated without getting affected by people’s emotionality and concern. If they want it, they want it now and in their way, there is no other way than Leo’s way. However, it is good to some extent if you are their partner. Leo’s go-getter attitude will benefit you as well. But if you are opposite them imposing some ground rules or methods, good luck with that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Leo?

Ans.  Leo is the 5th zodiac sign in Vedic astrology. The people born on the date ranging from Leo (July 23 – August 22) belong to the Leo zodiac sign.

Q2.  what is the Leo zodiac sign personality like? 

Ans. Leos are natural leaders, loyal, self-obsessed, optimistic, vivacious, theatrical, determined, and passionate.

Q3. Which Animal is Leo?

Ans. Lion is known to be the spirit animal of the people with the Taurus Zodiac sign. 

Q4.  which planet rules Leo?

Ans. Leos are ruled by the Sun.

Q5.  Who can get married to Leo?

Ans. The zodiac signs like Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius are most compatible with Leos.