Your Step-By-Step Guide To Plan a Simple Indian Wedding

Indian Weddings

“A celebration of the union of two individuals promising to share the love forever. Isn’t “wedding” the most beautiful concept in the world?”

Marriage is one of the most personal things for two people who are planning to become one with the act of ‘Wedding’. But in our country, weddings are not only about the two most important people getting married but also about so many other people than just them. 

Now that you have decided your betterhalf and waiting for that special day to happen, you should remember that it’s your day. And you and your companion should have the final say about the way your wedding will happen. Irrespective of how simple or fancy a wedding you want, love will play a precious role between you and your life partner. This is the day you always waited for and you both should leave no stones unturned in making this day one of the unforgettable days of your life. However, planning a wedding isn’t that simple. You don’t want to get so busy planning your wedding that you forget to enjoy it. 

Don’t worry! We, at Betterhalf, have decided to help you. Here, we will be providing a step-by-step guide to plan a beautiful and simple wedding that will prove to be a helping hand for your BIG day. So, let’s start. 

8 Steps to Plan a Simple, Sophisticated, and Beautiful Indian wedding in India

Keep a Check on Your Finance

While planning your wedding, you don’t want to go overboard with your finances. That’s why it is essential to check on your budget for the wedding before you start with any aspect. When you have a definite budget ready to implement, you can make the correct estimate of the expenses. You can even go all professional while doing this – create spreadsheets, event budgeting software, know your deadlines, know your budgeted v/s actual expenses. There’s no harm in doing all this until and unless they help you. 

Your Wedding Venue

Now that you get hold of your budget, you can go ahead and choose the most important thing in your wedding - The venue where you will be tying the knot at. As per your budget options, explore the venue options. In this case, you can also take advice from the local wedding organizers who can give you options that you probably weren’t aware of. Once you come down to 3-5 convincing options among them, let your social media stalker go berzerk! 😛

Offseason Purchases Can Prove to Quite Handy

You say wedding, we hear shopping and a lot of purchases. 

We all know that in India, weddings possess a whole separate season like any other season. During the season, bookings or purchases made by you could take a heavy toll on your pre-defined budget. So, it’s better to plan. When you do this beforehand, you would be able to get a variety of the things you are looking for. That too, at a discount price. Also, you can save yourself from the last moment of chaos by following this step. 

If Done Smartly, Decor could Add another Dimension to Your Wedding

The first thing a person at your wedding would see is the decoration there, which is the most fun element. The way it can light up your special occasion is so mesmerizing. However, do remember to not go overboard with these arrangements. Because if you thought this is the only way out, it isn’t. 

One of the primary steps to start is creating a mood board on Pinterest by saving your personalized minimalist decors. While picking a person who will handle your decor, choose someone fresher in the field. The reason being s/he will put in all their heart out and effort. You can work together with them to execute your dream wedding view perfectly.  

A Rational Guest List Would Make Your Wedding Convenient and More Special

Indian weddings are associated with large gatherings. But wouldn’t it be more proper to have your wedding around a few close, genuine people who are as happy as you are on that special day? 

It sure is!

Yes, yes, we know formality is a trend. And we are not advising you to be informal. But nothing on your wedding day is more important than what you and your betterhalf feel. So, you should make the guest-list decision being practical and only add ones who matter. And let’s face it, isn’t it financially convenient too?

How about Someone in your Family or Friend to Anchor Your Wedding!

We know you haven’t thought about it properly. But let us tell you that this could be a good idea! You can either pick one person to act as an anchor in your wedding. Someone who can take responsibilities and fulfill them properly. Or better, you can have everyone anchor your wedding in bits as per their convenience. What it does is increase the fun element, and the job gets done too. You can also add a special personal touch to the whole occasion.

Shortening the Timeline Makes it Quick and Budget-friendly

When scheduling your wedding, do it in a way that fits the time on your hand and your budget. Be clear with the “must-haves” with your wedding planner. For a few guests who can’t match up with the time frame, you can invite them to the after-parties, and everyone will be happy!

ENJOY! It’s Not a Race.

One of the most important things to remember is that it’s not some competition; it shouldn't be compared to anyone else’s. It’s your special day, and you have to enjoy it! Even though shaadi planning could be one big task, eventually it’s your special day. 

So, breathe and take in each moment with your betterhalf, family, and friends. Because when you look back 8-10 years from now, you don’t want to regret not enjoying it enough. 

Getting married is the result, but you need to focus on the process. Do it how you want. Plan it how you want. Live it how you want. Look in the eyes of your betterhalf, and if you see happiness and fulfillment… THERE! 

You are having a successful wedding, and nothing can beat that. Honestly speaking, there’s no cheat code or rocket science to plan a simple Indian wedding. 

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