Which Mehendi Design Will be Best for This Wedding Season?

Mehendi Design

Not all mehendi designs are made for all hands and people. But we have a list of henna patterns that will make you fall in love with your hands again and again. These designs are exclusively for our brides' 2022 selection and perfectly go with the latest trends. So, we are sure that once you put it on, you will feel like you own it! 

Here is a list of the most authentic and unique bridal mehndi designs in 2022. Take a look, choose one, and get ready to shine at your wedding!

Bridal Mehndi 2022!

Zig-zag Pattern

This is an Arabic mehndi design in a zig-zag pattern which is the newest in the trends. Most importantly this mehendi pattern can suit all hand types of any complexion. Moreover, the designs are not much harder to draw and yet look perfect for your wedding mehendi.

Petals for Backhand

This mehendi will look prettiest after getting red. Also, you need not worry about calling a professional for this design. Even if you are a little familiar with drawing Mehendi on hand, you can attempt this on your own!


We promise everyone will be complimenting you the same once you come around with this mehendi design on your palm. The best part about this mehendi is that it leaves necessary gaps in between and yet the detailing is too good to rock your bridal mehendi look.

Net Always and Yet

The net pattern is one of the oldest in bridal mehndi designs. However, that’s not the only specialty of this mehendi design. It also has a mandala art print to carry forth Indian traditionality in your mehendi design.

Latest Arabic

The Arabic mehendi designs have continued to please women for thousands of decades now. But this one is not the regular Arabic you have seen till now. This is one of the latest in our trends and most brides do not even require to give a second thought before confirming this bridal mehndi design.

Full-hand Mehndi

Most Indian brides look for full-hand mehendi in their mehndi functions. However, the regular Dulha-Dulhan pattern has become quite old in bridal mehndi designs. So, we have come up with something totally new for your beautiful hands. Try this out!

Celebrating Newness

Well, this mehendi is perfect for both minimalist and trendy brides. Also, the brides celebrating their post-nuptial rituals can also use this mehendi design to stun their husbands. The best part about this mehendi is that the pattern won’t engage your wrist yet will make your hands look the prettiest.

Minimal for Minimalist Brides

If you are thinking about how your hands will look in a minimal mehendi pattern, we have got a solution for you. Try out this beautiful minimalist mehendi design at your mehndi ceremony and get assured compliments from all the crowd around you.

Not Your Typical Engagement

Well, what we mean here is this mehendi design will depict the image of two rings together and the bride and groom holding hands. Unlike the regular Dulha-Dulhan mehendi, this mehndi subtly shows the wedding essence in the most graceful manner.

All Time Favorite

This is one of the evergreen bridal mehndi designs. You will always see one of the other women applying this pattern at some wedding, rituals, etc. but no matter how common it might be, this henna pattern is never out of trend.

Light Arabic

This is one of the favorite mehendi designs among our minimalist brides. The best part about this mehendi is that it is hardly time taking and you can even draw this on your own without spending extra money on mehendi artists.

Long Arabic

If you are a fan of Arabic mehendi design like us, this long Arabic henna pattern will surely steal your heart. However, the design is simple and subtle but don’t mistake simplicity for absurdity. We guarantee you will totally fall in love with this mehendi design.

Beautiful Mandala

You will fall more in love with the Mandala mehndi design if you see this one! We are totally fans of this Mandala art print and you? 

So, these are some of the best bridal mehendi designs for this wedding season. You can choose any among these and get ready to shine among all your bridesmaids in your marriage!

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