Tips to Recreate Sabyasachi Bridal Lehengas

Recreate Sabyasachi Bridal Lehengas

Who doesn’t want to become a Sabyasachi bride? Be it the fairytale wedding of Anushka Sharma or the traditional Sindhi Shaadi of Deepika Padukone, their famous Sabyasachi lehenga remained the talk of Bollywood. Most millennial brides dream of owning a bridal lehenga designed by Sabyasachi today. However, the only blocker is their excessively high price due to the uniqueness of their designs. 

If you desperately want to become a Sabyasachi bride, but the price of the lehenga doesn't let you become one, here are some quick hacks to recreate some of the Sabyasachi bridal lehenga on a pocket-friendly budget. 

Here, we will talk about some of the most effective and affordable ideas to help you get a copy of the Sabyasachi bridal lehenga easily. Keep reading to know more! 

Pick Your Favorite Sabyasachi Bride

If you have any specific Sabyasachi bride or lehenga design in your head it's great; if not, select your favorite Sabyasachi bridal lehenga and take a screenshot of it. For instance, if you love what Katrina Kaif wore at her wedding, keep the picture on your phone and make a list of every lehenga fabric shop in your city. If there is none, you can visit big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, etc., and you can always get every variety of fabrics at these places. 

Once you locate the nearby best fabric place, check the ratings and reviews of the shop and visit them in person. These cities have many great fabric markets where you can get all varieties of clothes at wholesale prices. If you get an eye for detail, fabric for the best Sabyasachi bridal lehenga cannot escape your eyes!

Pick the Most Similar Fabric Design

Once you reach the correct shop, the next step is to pick the most similar fabric design which is the most crucial and tiring task. However, it is possible to not get the same design with all the detailing and embroideries in it; but to find a look-alike fabric is not a big deal!

If you already got a similar bridal lehenga cloth but it misses all the detailing, stones, and embroideries as the original piece, buy a handful of similar-looking stones and beads as well. Along with the stones, the broad and pretty laces, latkans, etc. are also available in the market to give your lehenga the most royal and original look. Once you are ready with all the necessary items attached to the lehenga, there is no stopping you from becoming the look-alike of a Sabyasachi bride. However, a few more aspects are imperative to be looked at!

Tailoring is Crucial!

Forget Sabyasachi, even the simplest of fabrics on simple body types can make people look pretty if the tailoring is done right!

So, once you are done with fabric and all the necessary items for your bridal lehenga, head on to the best tailoring shop nearby. Make sure your tailor is accustomed to all the Bollywood-style designs and lehenga. Some other factors you must consider while choosing your tailor are as follows. 

  • He has done some stitching work for you before. If not, give him a simple blouse or suit to stitch first.
  • He knows the trends and is updated with current styles
  • Has mastered the art of detailing and tailoring well
  • Give him the measurement of your old clothes for precise measurements

Buy Similar Accessories

Most Sabyasachi brides wear Sabyasachi accessories as well to accentuate the whole look. Their jewelries are also designed with high-quality and premium stones. Although it is difficult to match the exact quality stones or designs at much lesser prices, you can always buy heavier jewelry, Kundan sets, matching stone jewelry, etc from the market. Some of the most beautiful bridal jewelry is available online. You can pick any of these depending on your dressing style and the color of the outfit. However, if you want the exact similar or matching jewelry, visit Chandi Chowk market in Delhi or Chickpet in Bengaluru. These people usually keep the first copy of the Sabyasachi bridal lehenga and jewelry as well.

So, these are the crucial steps one must follow to become the Sabyasachi bride in your dream bridal lehenga. Also, there are ready-made first copies of Sabyasachi lehengas available in the market. You can directly pick those if you do not have the patience of visiting from shop to shop for the outfit.

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