Summer Wedding: 5 Things To Keep In Mind

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Summer Wedding Essentials

We Indians love to celebrate everything on a grand scale, and weddings are no different. From five-six functions to regal outfits and decor, everything is top-notch at an Indian wedding. And while many people prefer getting hitched in winter, some people prefer summer weddings as well. Summer weddings are slightly cheaper and whatever you want can be arranged easily in comparison to winter weddings. So, if you are planning a summer wedding, here are some summer wedding essentials that you have to keep in mind by all means. Read on, and you can thank us later. 

Summer Wedding Tips That You Cannot Miss Out On 

1. Choose The Wedding Venue Wisely: One major summer wedding tip is that you have to be very careful while choosing your wedding venue. Unless you are getting hitched in the mountains, an outdoor venue is a big NO. Try scouting for indoor venues, since it will not only make you comfortable, but everyone attending the wedding will be able to enjoy it without worrying about the heat and sweat. However, if you decide to lock an outdoor venue, set up a tent-style mandap to protect everyone against the harsh sun rays. Try keeping the day functions indoor and night functions in the open. This way you'll be able to enjoy the wedding without worrying much about your makeup and heat. Also, some people get heatstroke; hence choosing the wedding venue wisely is imperative. 

2. Think Through While Finalising The Food Menu: A summer wedding, if planned well, can turn out to be fun. And if you are planning a fun summer wedding, choose your food and dessert options wisely. For example- avoid choosing a buttercream cake or planning an ice cream bar- the chance of it melting in the heat is possible. Similarly, you should also avoid keeping extra spicy or dishes with too many flavors. The menu should be light, easy on the stomach, and less spicy. If you are planning to keep biryani, keep it for the night function and day events, opt for something light like Dal rice, etc. We are sure your guests will also appreciate that you carefully analyzed the weather before finalizing the menu.

3. Choose Your Outfits Keeping Summer Wedding Colours In Mind: Yes, you read that right there are wedding colors for winter and summer. Darker tones like blue, brown, black, dark green, hot pink, etc., are suitable for winter weddings, whereas for summer weddings, people usually prefer skin-friendly soothing colors like yellow, baby pink, hues of neon, etc. It is so because dark colors radiate more heat in summers, hence choosing them for day wedding is never a good option. So while finalizing the outfit, keep the weather and location in mind. Opt for airy fabrics like linen or tulle, and go light on the layers. You can go all out and plan a theme summer wedding, where everyone can dress in yellow or a color of your choice. Regardless of your style and color preference, use a color scheme or theme that highlights the season - it'll make your big day bigger and better.

4. Have More Coolers For The Day Functions: If you are planning a day wedding in an open venue, one summer wedding tip is you should add more refreshments on the menu. From juices to detox waters, mocktails and popsicles, add these things more so your guests and family are always hydrated. As a bride and groom, you should enjoy your wedding to the fullest, and for that, hydration is a must. So carry small water bottles with you, hydrate yourself with juice and ensure that your guests do the same. Heat in India can get really bad, and the only way to deal with it is by hydrating timely.

5. Use More Floral And Pastel Tones: Summer weddings also mean that you can plan a dreamy beach wedding or a stunning backyard wedding, so make the most of the weather and use more pastels and florals. Florals and pastels add coolness to the decor, the room feels airier, and obviously, they add more aesthetic value to the pictures. So if you are getting hitched in an outdoor setup, ditch the lights and other fancy props, and opt for floral decor or use pastel tones- they will add more colors to the pictures. For the outfits as well, opt for pastel shades and ditch the darker shades. The only way to beat the heat is by planning your shades and tones well. 

A summer wedding, if planned well, can be fun. So dear couples, ensure that you keep the weather in mind while planning every small detail of your wedding. It not only helps you have an easy-breezy wedding but also lets you enjoy it without thinking much about the heat and other issues. On that note, what's your ideal wedding setup, and do you want a winter or summer wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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