Setting A Budget On Your Wedding Gift? Follow These 5 Tips!

wedding gift

Your friend or an acquaintance is getting hitched, and the lovely couple has made sure to invite you to the wedding. We know you are looking forward to attending their wedding as well. And while you look for the perfect outfit to wear, you will also think about the wedding gift you need to buy for the couple. Now, when it comes to a wedding gift, there are certain things that you need to consider before buying one. 

Your wedding favour should depend on how close the couple is to you, from how many years you know them, etc. Most importantly, if they were a part of your wedding, you also have to check what they give you as a wedding gift. And if you are going to buy a gift soon, here are five tips that will help you set a budget for the wedding gift. So fellas, read on to know more and be sure to follow these tips. 

Tips You Need To Set A Budget For A Wedding Gift

  1. Consider Other Expenditures Before: If you are attending a destination wedding, we are sure you will anyway end up spending a decent amount on flights and transfers. And if it's an international trip, you cannot forget the visa and travel insurance cost. So if you are spending a bomb to reach the wedding destination- the guest will understand and appreciate the efforts you are taking to make it to their wedding. Hence, keep the situation in mind, you can also attend the occasion without a wedding gift, or give a bouquet or something similar to the couple. Don't feel bad about it - your presence is a gift too, and the efforts you took will be considered more than your wedding favour. So just enjoy the wedding and bless the couple for a happy married life.
  1. How Close You Are To The Couple: You are invited to tons of weddings in a year - however, not every couple is close to you. So when you get a wedding invite, understand how exactly close the couple is to you. You can gift them a dinner set if they are your work friends and you have known them for a while, if they live in your building and you are close to them, then a nice couple watch will be a good idea. And if it's your BFF's wedding, you can go all out and gift a staycation to the couple. It all depends on your proximity with the couple, and once you analyze, you will be able to decide how much to spend on whose wedding.
  1. Spend What You Can Afford: Just because someone gave you a Gucci watch as a gift, you are not bound to give a luxury gift to them. Everyone has a different spending capacity; hence your wedding gift should be purchased, keeping in mind the money you can shell. Buy something cute, precious, and personal for the couple - something that shows how much you care, and we are sure they will love it. Remember that aavours are just for the formality - what matters more is that you are there to celebrate with them. Don't feel shy or awkward about your gift- it's probably the best for your budget, so chin up and enjoy the wedding. It's all about good intentions and good vibes and not about the amount you spend.
  1. Follow The Wedding Rules: As per the age-old traditions and rules, one gives a bit more in return than what they received. So, for example, if you got hitched first and the couple gave you a gift worth Rs. 5000, you will also give them a gift worth Rs.5K/6K. And if you are unmarried, you should follow the wedding etiquette, where you should consider how much the couple is spending on your food, drinks, etc. And depending on that approximation, you should decide the budget for the wedding favour. However, you should again make sure that you don't go over the top and buy the favour you will regret buying in the future. Always go for something tasteful and meaningful instead of  something flashy and meaningless. 
  1. Know When Not To Gift: Yes, you are invited to the Marriage, and you cannot go without the gift- however, not all wedding functions need gifts. If you are invited to your colleague's cocktail party or Mehendi function, you don't need to buy a wedding gift for that. Your presence and congratulations work there. Similarly, if you are a part of the bridal shower and other pre-wedding nuptials, then help with the wedding chores- a present doesn't matter here as well. You only need to give a gift to a person when you are attending their wedding or the reception- that takes place after. If you are  a part of other functions in between, favours are unnecessary and not required. You need to be smart enough to understand when to gift and when not to. 

Attending a wedding should be about blessing the couple for a good healthy married life. Your presence and the thought behind your gift matter, and not the amount you spend on it. So if you are attending a wedding soon and are still in two minds about the wedding gift, do remember to use these tips to set a budget for the same. And we are sure you will end up giving something meaningful and budget-friendly. 

On that note, what gift would you gift your BFF at their wedding? Do let us know in the comments below. Besides, what present has your BFF gifted you at your wedding? We would love to know that too. 

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