Quick Tips to Recreate Your Wedding Lehenga

Recreate Your Wedding Lehenga

Do you think your wedding lehenga is limited to being a souvenir for the rest of your life? Well, it can do more than you think. Of course, your bridal lehenga is a souvenir but you can use them in a lot of ways from time to time and stop it from getting wasted. Wondering, how? Keep reading to know!

A bride’s wedding lehenga is one of her most special attire and she saves it for her entire life as a beautiful memory. But more than often, the bridal lehenga remains the attraction for a single night and then left in a cupboard for days afterward. One of the primary reasons for the same is you think the bridal lehenga will look way too extra or way too heavy than necessary. But would you like to use it again if we tell you it won’t? In fact, these smart tips to recreate your bridal wedding lehenga will make sure that you are looking exactly how you want yourself to be without anything heavier or tacky. Keep reading to follow!

Make a Kurta of Your Lehenga

You might look over-dressed in your wedding lehenga but it will look perfectly fine when you turn it into a beautiful kurta. All you need to make sure that your Patiala or churidar is of lighter fabric with minimal or no embroidery on it. Next, it is on you to use or not use a dupatta. However, if you want it, you can always buy one from your nearby store depending on the color of your kurta. 

A heavily embroidered kurta (from your wedding lehenga) with a contrast plain Patiala and dupatta will beat everyone in their dressing game on any occasion. Most people will not think that someone can come up with such a creative attire idea and it will keep your competitors guessing your shopping place. The second best point about this recreation idea is that it is money-saving and you do not have to roam from place to place to shop for the look. But a well-experienced known tailor is a must!

Use your Bridal Lehenga Blouse

We bet, this look will make you fall in love with your bridal lehenga all over again! 

Take your bridal lehenga blouse and wear it with a plain contrasting saree. Already started imagining yourself? Well, a little more detail about your jewelry will make you look prettier than ever in this attire. So, first, you list the occasion and then go with your jewelry shopping. For instance, if you are about to attend someone’s wedding, you can shop for some meenakari earrings and neckwear for yourself. If you want your look to be unique and authentic you can chuck all the heavy jewelry and wear just a Maang tikka instead. Complete your look with minimal or no makeup and add some lighter accessories to your hair. So, your dream traditional look is now ready. Flaunt it all you want and get praise from everyone around.

Lehenga Blouse for a Lighter Lehenga

To use a wedding lehenga on several occasions may be a little too much. But what’s stopping you to pick other lehenga designs at parties? Confused? Well, don’t be. We have ideas to come up with a whole new lehenga set using your wedding lehenga! 

All you have to do is to pick your wedding lehenga blouse, Dupatta (optional), and your mother’s old saree. Keep the color combination and saree fabric in mind while choosing your mom’s saree. A floral printed georgette or plain silk and organza saree might look perfect with your bridal lehenga blouse. But the twist is, you do not have to drape a saree as it is. You can polish or put laces on your saree to make it look all new or stitch a skirt off that saree to pick up the fresh look. Now, depending on the occasion and how you are looking in the whole attire will further help you decide if you should go ahead with the wedding dupatta or not. Once you are sure, take the dupatta and drape it in style to replace the dupatta with heavy jewelry. 

Pair Lehenga with Another Plain Choli

This suggestion will suit you the best if you are to attend your closest people’s wedding. Take your wedding lehenga out and think of the best contrasting color blouse that will go with it. For instance, if your wedding lehenga is blood red or maroon, you can select a pastel green blouse and a similar colored dupatta. Likewise, once you think of a perfect contrasting blouse and dupatta for your wedding lehenga, the next primary step is to buy your jewelry. Meanwhile, think of a suitable blouse design that will go with your lehenga. For instance, you can tailor a sleeveless deep-neck blouse design with your heavily embroidered wedding lehenga. Now pair it with other pastel-colored jewelry and get ready to shine!

So, these are some of the fittest and cost-effective ideas to recreate your wedding lehenga. You can use any of these and save your lehenga from getting wasted right after the marriage.

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