Pre-Wedding Rituals in Gujarati Matrimonial Wedding That Bride Should Know

Gujarati Matrimonial

Gujarati Matrimonial equals fun, glitz, dance, and tons of rituals. No Gujarati matrimony wedding is ever complete without a Garba night and Gol Dhana. And if you are getting hitched soon and going to be the absolute Gujarati bride, then here are some pre-wedding rituals that you must know about. Each of these rituals takes place for the groom and the bride simultaneously. So read on, and we are sure there's a lot that you will learn about pre-wedding rituals that take place in a Gujarati matrimonial

Gujarati Matrimonial Wedding’s Pre-matrimony Rituals

Chandlo Matli

Dear bride, this is one of the first rituals which takes place in a Gujarati matrimonial wedding. Chandlo in Gujarati means Red tika, whereas Matli means money. As per this custom, the groom, with four other male members of his family, visits the bride's house. And then, the bride's father applies this Chandlo on the groom's forehead and gives him a token of love in the form of money. In fact, in this very ritual, the wedding date for the couple is also fixed by both the families. 

Gol Dhana

In Gujarati matrimonial, Gol Dhana is basically an engagement ceremony where the bride with her family arrives at the groom's house with baskets of sweets and gifts. Once the gift exchanges are done, the couple then exchanges engagement rings and seeks blessings from five married women from both families. Post this, the groom's family treats everyone with homemade Gujarati dishes and other savory items. And once this is done, everyone celebrates the official beginning of the wedding. 

Ganesh Sthapna

No Hindu wedding is ever commenced without seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha, and Gujarati matrimonial is no different. The celebrations begin after seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesh, and Ganesh pooja is performed at the house of the bride and groom separately. People usually seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh since he is also known as Vighnaharta, which means he blesses the couple for an obstacle-free wedding and happy married life. No wedding ever takes place without Ganesh puja, and this one is followed across all cultures in India. 

Griha Shanti

Once the wedding date is fixed and a mandap muhurat is set, the family priests hold puja in both the houses. This puja is performed addressing all the planets and stars, and here the families pray for a happy married life of the couple. It is done to avoid any astrological and planetary hindrances that might appear during the wedding ceremonies. In Hindu weddings, this ritual is of utmost importance, and no Gujarati matrimonial is ever complete without this ritual. 

Mangal Muhurat

In this ritual, both the families seek blessings from the holy mother earth and worship the piece of land where the mandap will be arranged for the wedding. It is done to seek the blessings and permission of mother earth to perform the Gujarati matrimony. No mandap work ever begins before this Shanti puja is done. 


Dear bride, we are sure this is one ritual you must be well-versed in a Gujarati matrimonial. Pithi, also known as the Haldi ceremony, takes place a day before the main wedding function, which is performed separately at the bride and groom's house. The bride and groom are applied a turmeric paste by their friends and relatives on their faces and palms. The turmeric paste is mixed with sandalwood, rosewater and herbs and is made by the bride/groom's Kaki. And once this is applied, the bride and groom are given a holy bath. 


No Gujarati Matrimonial wedding ever begins without Mamera. Also known as Mameru, this wedding ritual is quite similar to the Mahira Dastoor, which takes place at Marwari weddings. Here, the bride's Mama and Mousa visit her house before the wedding and give the bride various things. As per the traditions, Chura, Saree, dry fruits, and other gifts are given to the bride in beautifully packed trays and baskets. 

So dear brides, we can understand that these rituals can get a bit overwhelming for you, but trust us, each of these rituals is fun and filled with laughter, good vibes, and colors.

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