Picturesque Locations In Goa Perfect For Pre-Wedding Shoot

pre-wedding shoot

India is known for several beautiful places, but there's one place in the country that's loved and visited by almost everyone. And that is Goa. There's something about the soothing beaches of Goa and the otherworldly charm of the by-lanes that we cannot help but visit at least once a year. And thanks to Dil Chahta Hai, partying in Goa with your gang is something we all look forward to. Goa is known as the party capital of India, but besides the party aspect, it has a rich history, natural beauty, and a laid back charm that makes us with it even more. 

If you are done partying in Goa and considering getting your pre-wedding shoot done there, then we say - go for it. With serene beaches and picturesque locations to offer, it's also a perfect place for couples to unwind before the wedding planning stress begins. And if you are wondering which jaw-dropping sites you can shoot at, here are seven picturesque locations that are perfect for your pre-wedding shoot. Each of these places has an aesthetic vibe that will bowl you over, so read on and thank us later. 

7 Stunning Places To Visit In Goa For Pre-Wedding Shoot 

  1. Amboli Waterfalls: If you think Goa is all about beaches and churches,  you must know there's more to Goa than just beaches. Goa is known for its serene waterfalls and quarries, and one such waterfall is Amboli Waterfall which is 80km from Panjim and known for its green aesthetics. The falls are at their best during monsoons, and with less crowd, you can expect some dreamy shots coming your way. Pro Tip: If you are solely going for the pre-wedding shoot, ensure that your photographer knows about the place, and visit the falls in the wee hours so that you have enough time to get all the creative shots before tourists start visiting. 
  1. Chapora Fort: You are not a film buff if you haven't heard about Chapora Fort. Thanks to Dil Chahta Hai, this place has become the epitome of friendship goals. With the rustic background, stunning ruins, and the picturesque Arabian Sea in the background, this fort is your go-to place for your pre-wedding shoot in Goa. And if you are marrying your BFF, you cannot miss out on this place. The stunning backdrop of this place will make you feel like royalty. 
  1. Latin Quarters: Popularly known as Fontainhas, this place is located in Panjim and also one of the most-visited places by influencers, bloggers, photographers, etc. Known for its bright buildings and colorful background, Fontainhas is a perfect place for your pre-wedding shoot. This place is certified as UNESCO's heritage site and has beautiful cafes and shops. With the lanes building with colorful buildings and Portuguese vibes, you cannot miss out on it. Pro Tip: Consider a white outfit for this location so that the colors pop well in the pictures. You can wear a dreamy white gown, while your groom can don a white suit. 
  1. Agonda Beach: Goa is known for its serene beaches, and while the ones in North Goa are more popular and visited, the beaches in South Goa have a charm that will make you fall in love with them. And one such beach is Agonda Beach, located in Canacona. So if you are looking for a beach with picture-perfect scenery, this one tops the list. With a stunning landscape to offer, this beach gives you authentic Goan vibes. Besides, it is one of the cleanest beaches in the state, which is remarkably less crowded. 
  1. Kakolem Beach: This is another stunning offbeat beach in Goa that deserves all your attention - if you are planning a pre-wedding shoot. Kakolem beach is known for its untouched sand and vast ocean - this jaw-dropping beach is known for its aquamarine green water and pristine surroundings. Being one of the most secluded beaches in Goa makes it a perfect place for a pre-wedding shoot. You will be lost in the beauty of this place - hence it's one must-visit beach for some pictures and sunset with your soon-to-be partner. 
  1. Fort Cabo De Rama: Fort Cabo De Rama is your answer to the escape of the hustle-bustle of the city. It's the perfect pre-wedding shoot location if you are looking for someplace quiet and secluded. Located in Canacona, this fort is known for its impressive architecture and the captivating view of the nearby mountains and beaches nearby. You can get some dreamy shots here and shoot some fun cinematic videos at this place. Pro Tip: Try visiting an hour before the sunset so that you can capture the magical sunset hues. 
  1. Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception: Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, but your visit to Goa is incomplete without visiting the beautiful churches it has to offer. From impressive architecture to age-old history, Churches in Goa are regal and perfect spots for a pre-wedding shoot. Visit the Church of our Lady of Immaculate Conception - inspired by the beautiful Portugal architecture for some ethereal shots. Trust us, you will feel like the bride and groom of your dreams at this place. 

Despite being overly crowded, there's something about Goa that makes it so distinct, serene, and beautiful. From its placid beaches to spell-binding churches and buildings - everything in Goa is worth capturing. Hence, dear love birds, these places in Goa should be on your list for a perfect pre-wedding shoot. 

On that note, which beach in Goa is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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