Myths About Gujarati Matrimonial That You Must Stop Believing ASAP

Gujarati MatrimonialGujarati Matrimonial

A Gujarati Matrimonial wedding is fun to be a part of, but just like another wedding, they too come with their fair share of myths. From serving only sweet food at the wedding to having only Gujarati songs for the sangeet, there are a lot of funny myths surrounding Gujarati matrimonial, which sound funny but are not true at all. Wondering what those myths are? Well, guess what? We have curated a list for you. Here are four myths about Gujarati matrimony that you must stop believing right away. These myths sound hilarious, but they are untrue; read on to know more about them. 

Hilarious Myths About Gujarati Matrimonial That You Shouldn’t Believe

Gujarati Matrimonial Has Only Sweet Food

Yes, Gujarati cuisine is generally a bit sweeter than other cuisines, but it doesn't mean that all their dishes are sweet. The reason their food is a bit sweet it's because they believe that the sweet food adds sweetness, and love to another person's life. However, when it comes to weddings, their cuisine is a lot more flavourful and has a variety of spices and textures to offer. So no, Gujarati cuisine is not about sweet food, and there's not much more to the cuisine than just Fafda, Dhokla, and Jalebi. So if you have gotten invited to a Gujarati matrimonial, go by all means and relish the delicious spread the wedding has to offer. 

Gujarati Matrimonials Have Only Garba Songs

Yes, Garba nights are important for every Gujarati matrimonial, but it doesn't mean that only Gujarati songs are played throughout. From peppy Bollywood tracks to fun Punjabi and English tracks, there are tons of songs that people love dancing to at a Gujarati wedding. Popular Bollywood songs like Chogada and Kamariya- both Hindi songs are cult famous at Gujarati weddings. So the myth that Gujarati matrimonial only has regional songs is purely baseless and stupid. You should attend a Gujarati wedding once and check it by yourself. We are sure you will have fun dancing on the beets of every music played at the function. 

Everyone Speaks In Gujarati ONLY

Attending a Gujarati Matrimonial, but don't know the language? Guess what? It's okay for you to not know the language and still be a part of the festivities. Gujaratis are proud of their culture and sweet language; hence they use it for communicating with others, but that doesn't mean that people who don't know the language also have to speak the same one. You are attending the wedding to celebrate the love of someone you know, so no matter what language you speak, you'll be welcomed with nothing but warmth and love. Besides, not everyone knows the language, so it's okay for you to fumble. 

The Rituals Are Too Long

When it comes to weddings in India, South Indian weddings have many rituals. Because of that, some South Indian weddings even last for a week. So NO, Gujarati Matrimonials do not last too long. Just like other Hindu weddings, they follow their share of rituals which are finished in a max of 3-4 hours. Due to some issues, the rituals can delay, but once started, they usually end on time. So, for those who think that Gujarati weddings last forever, they don't, and if you want to experience it, we suggest you attend one and see it for yourself. 

Gujarati Matrimonial, just like other matrimonials, is fun and unique. So if you are invited to one, we suggest that you attend it and see how all these myths are untrue. On that note, what's the most bizarre myth about Indian weddings that you have come across? Let us know in the comments below.

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