Kannada Bride, Here's How You Can Plan Your Wedding Jewellery Trousseau From Scratch!

Kannada Bride

Indian brides are the epitome of beauty and grace. From their bridal outfits to intricately designed ornaments, every detail of the bride is worth noticing. Be it any religion and culture - brides take their jewelry very seriously. There's no compromise when it comes to bridal jewelry, and dear Kannada bride, if you are getting hitched soon, then we are here to help you plan your bridal jewelry trousseau from scratch. 

From traditional pieces of jewelry to modern chic designs, brides have a lot of jewelry to pick and choose . And to help you take the edge off, check out this wedding ornaments trousseau guide, share it with your friends, and you can thank us later. 

Start By Making A List: 

First and foremost, the most important thing you must do is prepare a list of all the functions and events you will attend - pre and post-marriage as a Kannada bride. Mention your outfit details, the type of jewelry you are planning to wear, makeup and hair look, etc., on the list. Once done, you can start curating your pieces of jewelry from varied places. Making a list will also help you understand what you need and what you don't as a part of your jewelry trousseau. 

Start By Picking Traditional Jewelry First: 

Dear Kannada girls, for marriage, while there are tonnes of jewelry designs that you may love, but for your bridal look, the most significant jewelry is the ethnic ones - timeless, passed on by generations, classic, and never going out of style. And we have made a list for you, so check that out NOW. 

Types Of Jewellery Worn By Kannada Bride: 

There are some statement pieces that all the Kannada girls for marriage don for their wedding along with the traditional 9 yards Nauvari saree. All the ethnic wedding adornments worn by Kannada girls have goddess Lakshmi engraves on them, and the pieces are adorned with ruby, coral, and emerald. And while making your wedding jewelry trousseau, here are some jewelry you must have by all means. 

Green Glass Bangles: Kannada brides, just like the Maharashtrian brides, don the green bangles on their wedding day. It is a must for every bride since it symbolizes a happy marriage. 

Netri Chutti: Also known as Maang Tika, this accessory is again a must for Kannada girls. It only enhances the forehead of the Kannada bride but also highlights the beauty of her eyes. The traditional ornament is made with colorful red, white, and other precious jewels. 

Muthina Jhimki: A medium-sized earring made with ruby, pearls, and diamonds, Muthina Jhimki is a must for every Kannada bride's trousseau. It's a simple piece with an intricate design, which makes it look even better. 

Entele Sara and Haaram: When it comes to a necklace, many Kannada girls for marriage wear Entele Sara - a layered gold chain made of beads. They often team it with Haaram, which is another necklace that only accentuates the neckline but the fine and intricate detailing also complement the Entele Sara. If you ever attend a wedding in Karnataka, you will always see the Kannada bride wearing these two statement pieces. 

Mavinakayi Addigai: It is Kannada-style jewelry that is very similar to the Manga Mala necklace found in Kerala. It is one of the most vital elements of every Kannada girl's wedding outfit. Mavinakayi Addigai is a gold necklace made of mango-shaped petals and adorned with green and red stones for that royal look. When it comes to Kannada brides, they usually have a pearl pendant that elevates the beauty of this chain. 

Navilu Daabu: It's classic temple jewelry and also happens to be  the favorite piece for all the Kannada girls for marriage. Made with traditional temple designs using red stones, this  is a waistband,  worn by the Kannada bride around the waist to keep the saree intact. While the temple design is vintage and always in style, some modern brides prefer wearing a designer waistband. 

Guruvina Kada: Every Kannada bride you see, will be wearing these ethnic red stones adorned with bangles,  also known as Guruvina Kada. With antique finish and intricate coin designs, this bangle completes her bridal look. 

Pacha Kempina and Tholu Bandhi: While the neck and the hands are embellished with stunning pieces, the fingers and arms are ornamented with Pacha Kempina Ungaru, a beautiful ring with rubies and emeralds. And to elevate the looks of her arms, she wears Tholu Bandhi- a snake-shaped armlet embellished with precious stones and pearls. 

Mangalsutra: When it comes to Mangalsutra, in Kannada matrimony, Kannada girls wear a custom-designed Mangalsutra  made of gold and black beads. However, the design and pattern for the same depends on castes and subcastes in Kannada weddings. 

Pack Everything  Nicely!

Now, once you know the type of ornaments you will need for the wedding, purchase nice storage boxes and make sure to place the jewelry in a silk pouch before putting them in a box. You can label the jewelry day-wise so that it's easier for you to pick them out during the wedding. You can label them as - for the wedding day, for sangeet, etc. - this will simplify your process while getting ready for the functions. 

So dear Kannada brides, while your outfit is very important, so are the jewels you team with them. And with this guide, we are sure that you will be able to plan your wedding jewelry trousseau well in advance. Remember, organization is the key, and once you sort things as per the plan, you will look like the bride of your dreams. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for wedding jewelry packing, you can always share them with us in the comments below. 

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