In an Arranged Marriage Setting, Never Ask 5 Questions to Your Future Husband

Arranged Marriage

In India, weddings are celebrated on a grand scale. Be it arranged marriage or love, one always dreams of having a picture-perfect wedding. And while planning a wedding is difficult, getting to the stage where you are ready for marriage is also a difficult task. In arranged marriages, the difficulty of this task is even more. 

In an arranged marriage setting, both boys and girls have to meet multiple people before  settling with one. And while the process of meeting people can be tiresome, one thing that can annoy you or the other person more is some questions you ask or get asked. And if you are meeting someone soon and think that they might be your future husband, then here are five questions you girls should never ask your future husband.

5 Questions To Avoid Asking Your Future Husband

  1. Talking About Properties & Inheritance: Now, as a girl, you wouldn't appreciate it if a guy asks you about your parent's properties, right? You might think that the guy is behind your money, and wants to inherit your father's property- you too shouldn't ask your future husband about the properties his family owns. You have to like the person based on their personality and nature and not on the kinds of properties they own. Besides, if you like the person, and think they can be the one, avoid rejecting them because they don’t have as much real estate as you wish. 
  1. Salary & Money: Yes, everyone wants to have a secure and stable life, and doesn't want their partners to struggle to make ends meet. However, when you meet someone for the first time in an arranged marriage setting, you don't talk about the salary and money they earn. Such things come into the picture when you are somewhat sure that the person is good enough to be your future husband. Some men don't like to disclose the exact figure they earn, so you shouldn't question them about it. However, if you wish to know about it, ask about his lifestyle, likes, and dislikes - you will get a fair idea from that. 
  1. Assuming That You Both Will Separately Post Marriage: One question that you must avoid asking in an arranged marriage setting is where will your future husband's parents live post marriage. Now, you may be comfortable in a nuclear family setting, but it ain't necessary for the guy to be on the same page as you. So avoid asking this question, since you will not only come across as a rude person but also give a bad impression of yourself. And if you want to know about it,  ask politely whether he will move out or live with his parent's post wedding. This way you will understand if you both want the same things or not. 
  1. Asking If He Would Choose You Over His Parents: Before even thinking of asking this question to your potential future husband, ask this question to yourself, and see if you are comfortable with someone asking this to you. And we are sure - your answer will be no. When it comes to an arranged marriage, you will obviously have your set of concerns, but you can never ask anyone to choose you over their parents. Yes, the guy should take a stand for you when you are right, and there's nothing wrong in expecting him to do so- however, there are different and less rude ways to ask this. 
  1. Talking About His Female Friends: We are living in the 21st century, where your friendship with the opposite gender is no more an issue. If you are a girl, you can have guy friends- why can't your future husband have female friends? Never question the guy about his female friends- since how long did he know them, how did he meet them, etc., the guy will not appreciate this question, and you will end up leaving a bad impression. The guy might consider you an orthodox person, and you obviously wouldn't like your meeting to end on a sad note. So please refrain from asking such questions because no one enjoys talking about such things in the 21st century.

Dear girls, we know you cannot wait to get married to the man of your dreams, and if you are planning to go about it in an arranged marriage setting, please avoid asking these questions to your future husband. Some of them are offensive, while others don't make sense, so by all means, don't ask these questions. 

. Get to know more about his likes, his food choices, his work, etc., this way you both will not only have a great conversation but also gell well. On that note, what's one question you wouldn't appreciate being asked in an arranged marriage setting? Let us know in the comments below. 

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