Fun Post Marathi Matrimonial Rituals Every Marathi Bride Should Know

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As a bride, there are tons of rituals that you are expected to know. Be it the Vidayi rasam or the significance of Kanyadaan - you have to know it all. And at times, with so many rituals in place, you cannot help but lose a count of them. However, when it comes to Marathi matrimonial, the rituals are pretty simple and straightforward. And if you are soon going to be a Marathi bride, here are some fun post-wedding rituals that you must know about. Each of these rituals is distinct and special. So read on, and you can thank us later for sharing them. 

Post-Marathi Matrimonial Rituals You Must Know About 

Saptapadi Ritual

This sacred ritual usually is held after Kaniyadan and Saath phere. In this ritual, the bride while taking the seven rounds and vows, also touches seven heaps of rice which is kept for her right at the mandap. Heaps of rice are touched by the bride with her right foot only. It's not only considered auspicious but doing this ritual also blesses the bride and her family. 

Karmasampati Ritual

This holy ritual is performed by the bride's father after the wedding. Once the ceremony is successful, the bride's father with the couple prays to the lord and asks for a blessing for the newlywed. In some Marathi matrimonials, this ceremony also takes a humorous turn when the bride's father twists the ear of the groom and reminds him about all the vows and responsibilities he has towards the bride. And once this playful yet sacred ritual is done, a grand lunch is arranged for the guests, which also marks the completion of the Marathi matrimonial. 

The Varat

Like other weddings, in this ritual, the bride bids a tearful goodbye to the family members while leaving for the husband's house. In some customs, she throws rice without turning back, while in some, wheat is thrown. Nevertheless, this ritual in Marathi matrimonial is very emotional, especially for the father, since fathers are always closer to the daughters, while the mothers are to the boys. 

The Grihapravesh

Once the bride leaves the house and makes her way to the groom's house, her entry is celebrated with fireworks and aarti. Her mother-in-law welcomes her to the family by performing aarti and washing the couple's feet with milk and water. And once this part is done- the bride then slowly kicks the rice Kalash, which is kept at the door and then enters the house. And while entering the house, she keeps her right foot first since that is considered auspicious. 

Changing The Bride's Name

In Marathi matrimonial, after the Graha Pravesh changing the bride's name is a must. Many families don't believe in it today, but still, several families give heavy weightage to this ritual in a Marathi matrimonial. The bride, groom, and their family chant the name of their holy god, and after that, the groom writes his wife's name on a plate of rice, thereby making her new name official. While this ritual in Marathi matrimonial is quite common, several brides don't prefer getting their name changed after marriage. 


Just like other weddings, the Marathi matrimonial wedding is also considered successful when the families of the bride and the groom throw a big reception for the guests. In some cases, the reception takes place on the day of the wedding, while in many, the reception takes place a day later. The reception is arranged by the groom's side, where they welcome the guest and celebrate their bride. 

Tond Dhune and Viahi Bhet

This ritual officially marks the end of the wedding. It is held on the next day of the wedding once the reception and everything else is over. Here, the groom's mother gives a pearl-studded jewelry set and saree to the bride, whereas the bride's father gives the groom some silverware. The tradition is followed to bless the couple for a happy married life. 

While every wedding in India is filled with glitz and glamor, there's something about Marathi matrimonials that make them so special. On that note, if you have ever been a part of Marathi matrimony, let us know which ritual was your favorite and why in the comments below. 

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