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Weddings can be stressful. Indian weddings, you can’t imagine. There are several essential things in a wedding that people have to plan so that their wedding day looks the most special despite how stressful it can be. And in these things, a bride will always have to prepare for more things than the groom. One of the most stressful and challenging things for brides is to choose a stylish front hand mehndi design for two reasons—One, Mehendi (commonly known as Henna) holds great significance as a symbol of love and joy and second, applying mehndi design considers a transition to marriage life from singlehood. 

So, you can see why choosing a stylish front hand mehndi design is crucial for a bride. While doing that, they also need to make sure that the design is from the ‘New Mehndi Design Front Hand’ collection otherwise it would look old. We understand how tiring the process of finding a suitable front hand mehndi design can be for brides. That’s why we are putting up a list of top designs from which you can choose the right bridal mehndi design front hand for you. Have a look!

Front Hand Simple Mehndi design: For “Keep it Simple!” Brides

One of the first designs that we want to recommend for your wedding is the simple front hand mehndi design. As it’s completely clear from the name, this mehendi design refers to henna patterns applied on the front side of the hand. In this design, all patterns are mostly uncomplicated. This simple mehndi design does not cover the entire hand like the full front hand mehndi design. If you are someone who prefers a subtle, simple and quick-to-apply design, this front hand simple mehandi design would be suitable for you. 

Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

Source: blisshennabyzahra

Royal Front Hand Mehndi Design: For All the Royal Brides 

If you’ve always wanted to marry like a royal person, this style of royal front hand mehndi design would be suitable for you. This style of mehendi boasts of absolute regality, luxury and opulence. Be ready to sit for long hours when you are getting this mehndi design as it will be extremely detailed with royal motifs, patterns, and representation of royal palaces denoting a grand appearance. If you choose one of the royal mehandi for the front hand, one thing is sure: your mehandi will stand out. And it should be because it’s your special day! 

Royal Front Hand Mehndi Design
Source: Pinterest

Front Full Hand Mehndi Design: For Brides who like Elaborate Designs

This front hand mehndi design, as you can see from the name, is mostly for those brides who like to cover their entire front hand with detailed and dense patterns. Sometimes, this design goes up to the forearm covering most of the space in their hands. People usually choose these design on the wedding day as it is more elaborate. So, it suits on a special day only. 

Front Full Hand Mehndi Design
Source: brown_lines

Modern Front Hand Mehndi Design: Embrace the Modern Design

Like all the art forms, the art of Henna design or Mehndi design has also evolved over the years. Modern mehandi artists embraced the traditional art of mehandi and created a modern form of it by introducing non-traditional elements, minimalistic patterns, and abstract patterns. One of the best things about the modern front hand mehndi design is that due to a fresh take on the henna patterns, it suits a wider range of occasions besides the main wedding. 

Modern Front Hand Mehndi Design
Source: cupcakeproductions13

Arabic Mehndi Designs Front Hand: Strike a Balance between Modern and Tradition

Originating from Arabian countries, Arabic Mehandi designs have become quite popular in countries like India and Pakistan. If you want to opt for a less dense mehndi design as compared to traditional designs on your wedding day, this front hand mehndi design would be perfect for you. Some prominent reasons why brides choose Arabic Mehndi designs front hand are their elegance & simplicity, modern appeal, cultural or regional preference, outfit coordination, less colour intensity and quick application. 

Arabic Mehndi Designs Front Hand
Source: nitumehndiartist

Flower Mehndi Designs for Front Hands: For Brides who love Flowers

Are you someone who loves flowers and decides to incorporate them into every part of your wedding including Mehndi? Well, Flower Mehndi design for your front hands can fulfill your needs. This front hand mehndi design uses flowers as its primary motif. And the best thing: you can use whichever flower you want on your design and despite what style you’re choosing, flower mehndi design will easily merge into it. And did we tell you the best thing? Well, this design is so versatile as you can draw flowers at your convenience. 

Flower Mehndi Designs for Front Hands
Source: missartistico

Dulha Dulhan Front Hand Mehndi Designs: Get Wedding Elements

Always dreamt of having that perfect marriage? Want to show the significance of a couple’s union and other wedding elements through your henna design? Well, choose Dulha Dulhan front hand mehendi design as it could be the perfect choice for you! You will find different types of artistic depictions of a bride and groom in the mehandi design. Their images might be in the profile or facing each other and mehendi artists also put multiple elements like baaraat scenes, palanquins, etc. around the design. 

Dulha Dulhan Front Hand Mehndi Designs
Source: mehendibyreshmaofficial

Intricate Yet Minimal Design for Brides

No one would have expected to get a minimal look with an intricate mehndi design. Like the one in the image below, you can also try intricate bridal Mehendi designs to get a minimal look. You can bring in your creativity to make it less intricate to get the minimal look you want. 

Minimal Design for Brides

Pattern Design: Flaunt the Beautiful Patterns

You can choose a mandala mehndi design when you are obsessed with symmetricity and patterns. The mehndi design in the fingers looks like it is trying to reach the design in the middle. And the patterns in the wrist design make it look like one big bangle. Instead of the mandala design in the middle, you can also choose a floral design to make it simple. 

Pattern Design

Portraits: Get the Photos on Your Hand

No one would have thought that adding portraits would be possible in Mehendi designs. But with experience, mehndi professionals are making it possible. You can add portraits of you and your spouse. If you love your pet more than anything else, you can add a portrait of your pet too in the bridal Mehendi design. Full hand mehndi design like this one include multiple portraits or just on the palm of your hand with just two portraits of you and your spouse. 

Portraits Mehndi

Personalized for Love

If you have any specific personalization for your bridal Mehendi design, you have to make sure that you hire a professional who understands your requirements. You make personalizations like the one in the image below. The bride might have missed her lover in their long-term relationship, which made her use it as an inspiration for her mehndi design. You can also bring out your love for your spouse in a creative personalized Mehendi design.

Personalized Mehndi Design

Detailed Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic Mehendi designs are always a wonder for weddings. Arabic Mehendi design with patterns and simple intricate designs will make it look more elegant and classy. You can also combine mandalas, patterns and floral designs with an Arabic twist. This might look intricate but when executed properly you can make it look appealing. To avoid mistakes, you can first make a rough drawing on paper, and after finalizing a mehndi design you can do it on your hand. You can also get feedback from your friends and family before doing it on your own. 

Detailed Arabic Mehndi Design

Dark and Bold: Do the Bold Move

When you want to make a dark and bold mehndi design then you should take inspiration from the design below. The intricate designs and the patterns might make it look hard to do but with a professional mehndi artist, you can make your dream Mehendi design possible. But make sure you have the right combination with the Arabic Mehendi design. And discuss your needs properly with the mehndi artist to get what you want. 

Dark and Bold Mehndi Design

Mehendi Design with Motifs

The unique patterns in this Mehendi design might look complex to make but it is a simple Mehendi design. The design has a centerpiece surrounded by motifs which makes it look intricate and beautiful. You can try this Mehendi design with portraits, floral designs, etc. to make it interesting. 

Motifs Mehndi Design

Jewellery Mehendi Design

You shouldn’t miss out on trying ornamental-based mehndi designs, because it gives a classy look to the bride. You can also make different mehndi designs with ornamental shapes to bring class and elegance to your Mehendi design. Look at the image for inspiration and combine your creativity to make more unique designs. 

Jewellery Mehndi Design

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