Ditch The Same Old Wedding Invites And Try These Instead

wedding invites

You are getting married to the partner of your dreams, and before you begin the ultimate wedding preps, you want to ensure that you send the wedding invites to all your loved ones. And when it comes to wedding invites, there are tons of designs and prints to choose from, and while the prints make them different, it's still the same type of wedding invite that you are choosing as the rest. And if you want to do something unique and go all out with your wedding invitations, here are five unique wedding invites that you must consider instead. Trust us, they are quirky and distinct, and we are sure both you and your guests will love it. Read on and make notes now. 

Unique Wedding Invites We Are Sure You Will Love

1. Wedding Passport: If you are planning a destination wedding, this invite is perfect for you. Instead of sending the classic old wedding invites, take your destination wedding to the next level by getting your wedding passports printed. The wedding passport can also have a visa stamp- which mentions the destinations, while all the wedding details can be printed on the boarding pass you give along with the passport. You can follow the exact format of the boarding passes you get at the airports, and trust us, your guests will love it. And to go all out, you can also get your wedding hashtag printed on the passport cover. The wedding passport can be of the color your wedding decor, outfits, etc., is based on. 

2. Jigsaw Puzzle: Our life is a puzzle, and finding the right partner is no less than solving a tricky puzzle. You misjudge and join the wrong pieces- however, after all the mess-ups, you end up with the right person. And if your life has been nothing less than a puzzle, how about depicting it to the guests by sending them a half-done puzzle. To know the exact dates and location for the wedding, they should join the remaining pieces to find an answer. Now, that's one wedding invite, which sounds amazing and we are sure everyone will love it. 

3. ChalkBoard Invite: When it comes to weddings, all the props we use add fun and quirk to the wedding, so how about doing the same with your wedding invites? You can hire a calligraphist and ask them to calligraphy the wedding details on a black chalkboard. If you are a rule breaker and want to go all out, then Chalkboards are you. You can not only write all the necessary wedding details on the board but also draw some fun illustrations to make the invite more interesting. Chalkboards are trending now, so follow the trend and invite people to your weddings by sending them a fun chalkboard. 

4. Pop-Up Cards: Imagine this, your guest opens the wedding invite box, and suddenly something pops up, but instead of being scary, it is sweet and quirky now that sound's good, right? So how about adding a vibe to your wedding invite by making it a pop-up card? You can add little caricatures on your invites, experiment with the colors, fonts, and design, and make it look aesthetic and funny. And to add more fun to the card, you can attach a sound to it, so as soon as it pops from the box, the sound can say- you are invited to our wedding. Now, this is one wedding invite no one will be able to say no to.

5. Movie-themed invites: Are you a filmy person? Do you like all the dramas and attention? If yes, how about adding the same drama to your wedding invite? If there's a movie that you love as a couple, then your invite can revolve around that. For example, if you are a hardcore Sholay fan, you can write - Veeru and Basanti are inviting you to their wedding at Rampur Village (Wedding address), so don't be a Gabbar and attend the wedding. To add more eccentricity, you can add some fun dialogues in the invites; we are sure your guests will appreciate all the efforts you took for this. Not only this, the font, print, and packaging of the invite can revolve around everything Bollywood.  

Dear couples, you get married once and while you take care of all the wedding-related stuff, don't forget to pay equal attention to the wedding invites as well. Your wedding invite should speak more about your love, and these unique ideas will help you highlight that. So, if you are in the wedding planning process, which of the above-mentioned invites you'd like to use? Let us know in the comments below.

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