Decoding The Traditional Nair Matrimonial Rituals For You

Nair Matrimony

Customs, rituals, and traditions will be the first few things that will come to mind when you hear Indian weddings. . In fact, every religion in this country has its own set of marriage rituals that they follow. Hence, as a result, some weddings in India last for days, while some  for a couple of hours. And when it comes to shorter weddings, they are usually the South Indian weddings that are done within a couple of hours or at max in 2-3 days. In South Indian weddings, Nair weddings are touted to be the shortest. 

To ensure  you know everything about the Nair matrimonial in Kerala, we have curated this cheat sheet for you, which signifies everything about Nair weddings. So, without any further delay, check them out!

Nair Weddings Are Simple: When it comes to South Indian weddings, they last for a maximum of 3-days. However, Nair matrimonials are the simplest and shortest in South Indian weddings. Some Nair matchmaking lasts only for  15 minutes. The concept of simple wedding comes from the rich history the community has. The weddings traditionally take place at the bride's house or a nearby temple. Traditionally Nair matrimonials are simple and focus more on culture. However, nowadays, some modern couples like to go all out with the Nair weddings as well. 

Matching The Horoscopes: Matching horoscopes is an essential part of every Nair matrimonial. Here, the astrologer reads the horoscopes of the bride and the groom and then decides the auspicious wedding date. The final date is fixed after consulting the parents of both bride and groom. 

The Engagement Ceremony: Also known as Nischayam, this ceremony in Nair matrimony is celebrated with close relatives and family - where the couple makes it official by exchanging the rings in this ritual. This ceremony takes place before the wedding. 

Seeking Pre Nuptial Blessings: In Nair matrimony, this ceremony takes place in the bride's house. Here, the close relatives and friends parade at the bride's residence to bless the bride for a happy married life. The bride makes sure to look her best and wears an elegant saree with traditional gold ornaments. The bride seeks blessings from the elder, and the groom follows the same ceremony at his residence. 

Groom's Welcome: This ceremony takes place especially for the groom in Nair matchmaking. Here, once the groom reaches the venue, he is welcomed with pomp and grandeur by the bride's family. The bride's brother then washes the  groom’s feet with water, showers him with rose petals, and  welcomes him inside the venue. This ceremony is celebrated in a fun manner and is a treat to watch. 

Thalikettu: This ceremony is not only the most important in Nair matrimony, but it's also the most sacred ceremony in Hindu weddings. A wedding string symbolizing the marital status of the couple is tied around the bride's neck. This ritual takes place at the mandapam, and post this, the couple exchange garlands. After this, the groom's father gives Manthrakodi (bridal dress) to the groom, which he then gifts to the bride. Filled with customs and folkways, this ritual is holy, pristine, and a foundation of the couple's happy married life. 

Panigrahanam: This ceremony takes place right after Thalikettu and is one of the most important rituals in the Nair matrimonials. As a part of this ritual, the bride's father places betel leaves on the groom's right hand. And then he puts the bride's hand on it. 

Kanyadanam: Like other wedding ceremonies, this ritual showcases the strong emotional bond between the father and the daughter. Here the father of the bride places his loving daughter's hands in the hands of the groom. And while doing so, he takes a promise from the groom that he will always take care of his daughter with compassion, love, and care. After this ceremony, the elders of both families come forward and bless the couple. 

Sadhya: Once the couple is done with all the wedding rituals, the guests are then invited to savor the extended scrumptious meal served in the Nair matrimonials. The dish consists of rice, varieties of pickles, curries, and sweets. 

Grihapravesh: Here, the bride finally bids adieu to her maternal home and is welcomed with pomp and galore in her new house with her husband. This ritual is considered quite auspicious in Nair weddings.

Outfits Of The Groom In Nair Matchmaking 

In typical Nair matrimony, you will see the groom donning a full-on silk attire - silk shirt and dhoti. If the groom doesn't prefer wearing a shirt, he can also choose  a silk shirt to pair with the Mundu (dhoti). However, today, many grooms like to go the modern way and choose a western outfit instead of the traditional ones. 

Bridal Outfits In Nair Matchmaking 

Brides in Nair matrimony prefer to look like an absolute diva at their wedding. The bride wears the traditional designer saree along with beautiful gold jewelry. Some brides focus more on the outfit and less on the ornaments. When it comes to the Nair matrimonial, the bride changes the saree twice or thrice, depending on the celebrations. The bride ensures to don a Kerala Kasavu saree on the occasions. 

Even though Nair matrimonials are shorter than South Indian weddings, you will find a lot of pomp and grandeur in the celebration. They also follow traditional rituals to make the wedding charming, exclusive, and exciting.

So, dear couples, this was everything you needed to know about Nair matchmaking. Nair weddings are similar to other Kerala-style weddings. However, they are shorter, simpler, and much richer in traditions and values. So if you are getting hitched in a Nair-style wedding, we would love to know more about it  in the comments below. And if not, you can share this with your friends who are going to get  hitched. Or, better, save this as a cheat sheet for future reference. 

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