Dear Brides, Your Perfect Guide To Mehendi Tattoos for Wedding

Mehendi Tattoo

When it comes to weddings, all the rituals are celebrated with pomp and grandeur. Be it the traditional haldi ceremony or the ever-lasting sangeet ceremony- no function is ever dull. And now, when we talk about the Mehendi ceremony, we all know how important this ritual is for the bride. It is said that the color of the Henna describes the love and bond the couple share. And while every bride loves Henna, there are some who are allergic and can't stand the smell of it. Whereas, there are also some brides who, due to work commitments, cannot keep mehendi in their hands for a longer time. And if you are one of those brides, don't worry; we have got you covered. We are sure you must have heard about the Mehendi tattoo, and if you haven’t, then here's your detailed guide. Read on, and you can thank us later for the suggestions. 

Your Guide To Mehendi Tattoos for Weddings

What Is A Mehendi Tattoo?

Well, thanks to technology, you now don't need to sit for hours or wait for days for your Mehendi to come off. Mehendi Tattoo, which is also known as a Henna tattoo, is more like a stick-on tattoo that can be applied instantly to your wedding. And it stays on for 3-5 days. Post that you can remove it with water or some gel. It looks like an actual henna design drawn on your hands, but the only difference is that it's a tattoo which comes off easily. Indians in the west who attend varied Indian functions, usually use this tattoo. And they look super amazing and are skin-friendly too.  

Where Can You Buy It?

A Mehendi tattoo can easily be purchased online; several Mehendi artists have started keeping this option. Being easily available, you can get your hands on these anywhere, anytime. However, the only thing you should remember is that always consider buying a good quality product so that you don't get any skin allergies. These tattoos are slightly on the expensive end, but if you want to go for it, invest in a good brand, and we are sure you will not regret the decision. Ultimately, these products have some chemicals in them; hence go for the best quality to get the best results. 

Things To Know About Mehendi Tattoo

Mehendi Tattoo is a new generation solution for brides/women who are allergic to henna or can't have the Mehendi on their hands for a longer duration. And if you are considering getting a Mehendi tattoo, you must always check with your dermatologist once. Mehendi tattoo, like other products, has some chemicals; hence, it might not be suitable for every skin. So ensure that you always read the ingredients, check with your doctor, and take all the necessary steps before applying it to your skin. Skin allergies can be bad; hence taking all the precautions is a must.  

Types Of Mehendi Tattoo

Now, when it comes to these tattoos, they last for five days, so you can keep this for all your wedding functions without stressing about it much. In terms of colors and designs, you will be surprised to know that the Mehendi tattoo comes in the brown color, red color, which again looks like a henna design. They have traditional henna designs, and bridal designs, and it's easy to use. If you are a bride or bridesmaid who wants to experiment with Henna, you can also opt for a silver or white Mehendi tattoo for the wedding. You can work with cool-toned pinks, purples, and more to give your bridal Mehendi a unique look. And if you want a dramatic look, you can also opt for a black henna tattoo. 

Final Verdict: 

If you love fashion and want to experiment with Henna, this Mehendi Tattoo could be the perfect choice for you. Besides, if you are allergic and are looking for a solution, trust us, this is the best alternative on the market at the moment. There are henna gloves as well, but they look fake, and one can tell that it's not real. Whereas, when it comes to Mehendi Tattoo, one can barely tell any difference. From traditional designs to modern colors and designs, there's something for everyone at an affordable price. With that said, we definitely recommend this to brides/bridesmaids for the upcoming wedding season. 

On that note, have you ever used a Mehendi Tattoo? If yes, do share your thoughts, experience, and more in the comments below.

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