Christian Matrimonial Rituals In India That You Should Know

Christian Matrimonial

Movies play a huge role in acquainting us with different types of weddings. Be it a loud Punjabi wedding with pomp and grandeur or an aesthetically pleasing Christian matrimonial- there's a lot that we come to know about weddings through movies. When we talk about Christian matrimony, there's a lot we see in the films and western sitcoms, and there's a lot that we still don't know about. So if you are attending a Christian wedding soon or want to know everything about it, we have curated the perfect guide for you. Read on to know everything about Christian wedding rituals in India. From the bridal shower to varied functions, this one is your ultimate guide on Christian matrimonial. 

Everything You Must Know About Christian Matrimonial In India

Pre-Wedding Rituals In Christian Matrimonial

Every wedding has its own set of pre-wedding rituals, and Christian matrimony is not different. There are five pre-wedding rituals that the couple has to follow before the main wedding celebrations begin. 

The Roce Ceremony: This pre-wedding ritual in Christian matrimony is popular in India. The north-Indian Christians apply turmeric paste to the bride and the groom, similar to the Hindu Haldi ceremony. Whereas the South-Indian Christians apply coconut paste to the couple instead of Haldi. 

Bachelor And Bachelorette Party: No Christian matrimony is complete without a wild party. The party here is thrown for the groom and bride by their friends. The bachelor party is for the groom, and the bachelorette is for the bride. Lots of alcohol, dancing, music, and fun are involved in this party. And sometimes, the party is kept to celebrate the couple, instead of having two separate parties. 

Engagement & Bridal Shower: The family arranges for a party, where the couple exchange rings and close friends and family are invited for the same. And when the rings are exchanged, the families also announce the same in the respective churches. Post the engagement, there's a bridal shower, which is solely for the bride and her female friends. The bride is pampered with gifts and encouragement to help her start her new life as a married woman. She cuts a pink cake with a thimble hidden in it. And as per the traditions, the girl getting the slice of the cake with the thimble is next in the line for marriage. 

Wedding Rituals In Christian Matrimonial

Bridal Entry: Similar to other weddings, bridal entry is a big deal in Christain matrimonial as well. Here, the bride arrives in the car sent by the groom and is received by his best man. And once she reaches the venue, her father escorts her and walks her down the aisle. There's always a little girl who walks ahead, followed by the bridesmaid, and finally, the bride enters with her father. 

Vows & I Do: Once the bride walks down the aisle, the part of the wedding begins. The couple first exchange the standard wedding vows, which are given to them by the church, and in some cases, also write the vows, where they promise to stick to each other in health and sickness. And always be faithful towards their marriage. Once the vows are recited, the priest asks the Groom- Do you take the bride to be your lawfully wedded wife, to share your life openly, standing with her in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in hardship and in ease, to cherish and love forevermore? And then the groom replies I Do. The same question is asked to the bride, to which she replies I Do. The priest then officiates the wedding and announces them, man and wife. 

Bouquet Toss: Once the wedding ceremony is done, the couple comes out of the church, and there the bride tosses her bouquet backward at a crowd of unmarried women. And whoever catches the bouquet first is in the line to get hitched next. 

Post-Wedding Rituals In Christian Matrimonial 

Reception: Not tons of rituals and customs are involved in Christian matrimonial; right after the wedding, there's a reception held at the venue. The bride and the groom have a grand entry and then perform their dance first as man and wife. After the dance, toasts are raised, the wedding cake is cut, and the fun dancing celebration begins. Tons of booze, food, dance, and music are involved at the reception. 

The Garter Toss: This fun activity takes place during the reception, where the groom removes the bride’s garter with his hands or his teeth while the wedding crowd watches. And just like the bouquet toss, the groom tosses the garter to the unmarried man, and the one who catches it is supposed to be next in line to get hitched. 

Christian matrimony is all about love, fun, and the couple. There are not many rituals that one needs to follow, and the wedding is more like a party. Traditional Christian matrimony in India will last for 3 days and not more. And trust us, it's one wedding to be a part of us. If you have ever attended a Christian matrimonial, we would love to know more about it in the comments below. 

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