Before Attending A South Indian Wedding, You must Know These 7 Things

South Indian Weddings

Weddings In India are diverse, but attending South Indian weddings is an event that one needs to experience by all means. Be it the rich culture, glimmering gold, and the intricate customs of the South, everything in a South Indian wedding is a traditional affair to remember. And if you are planning to get hitched to a South Indian or are attending a South Indian wedding soon, then you better do your homework since there's a lot you need to know. Every South Indian wedding is different, but there are some customs that remain constant throughout. 

And for that, we have created a perfect guide for you. Here's everything you need to know about the South Wedding rituals before attending ones. PS: You can thank us later. 

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Attending A South Indian Wedding

  1. Following A Dress Code Is Better: Contrary to what you see in Bollywood movies, South Indian weddings are not only culturally different from North Indian weddings, but they are different in terms of dressing style as well. You cannot visit a south Indian wedding wearing Sharara, Lehenga, or Sherwani. It is not wrong, but you will be a complete misfit and grab eyeballs for no reason. The traditional attire for a South Indian wedding is a white shirt and a silk dhoti for guys, and a saree for girls. If not dhoti, you can opt for a basic Kurta-churidar set to seal the deal. 
  1. It's A Long Affair To Remember: People usually have the preconceived notion that weddings in the North are grand and last long. However, some weddings in the South also last for several days. In fact, to your surprise, some Telugu weddings can last for 16 days, and no, we ain't kidding. Each day follows a theme, and different South Wedding Rituals take place daily. So if you think South Indian weddings last for a day, we are sorry to break your beloved bubble - you have to invest at least 4-5 days for the wedding. So who is up for a week-long celebration and all delicious food? 
  1. Eating With Your Hand Is A Must: Yes, we love our spoons, forks, and butter knives, but when it comes to relishing ‘Shaadi ka khana’ at South Indian weddings, you must be ready to eat with your hands. Food in the South is traditionally served on a banana leaf and should be eaten with hands. You can request a spoon, but it is appropriate to follow the customs. The oldest ones at the wedding usually pass snide looks to people who use both their hands for eating at the wedding. So practice eating with one hand and that too with the right one. 
  1. Know The Eating Order: Weddings in India are all about food, and South Indian weddings are no different. However, in South weddings, there's a certain eating order that one needs to keep in mind. There'll be tonnes of dishes served at once on your banana leaf, and if the sweet is served first, it doesn't mean that you have to start your meal with sweets. Let all the items be placed on the leaf, and then you can start with the starters. So the key here is to wait for the banana leaf to fill before you start enjoying the food. 
  1. Say Yes To An Early Morning Wedding: It's a belief that South Indian weddings take place in the wee hours- it's not completely wrong. The date and the time for the weddings in India, are picked keeping the alignment of the stars in mind. So there are times when the wedding starts at 4 AM, while some last till 4 AM. So if you don't want to miss the wedding or sleep through the wedding, complete your sleep a day before to make the most of the South wedding rituals. 
  1. South Indian Weddings Are Loud: Weddings in India are celebrated with fun and glory just like a carnival, and South Indian weddings are no different. Weddings in the South are loud, and no, it's not because of the DJ or Bollywood numbers - it's because most of the music is played live on the traditional instruments. Instruments like mridangam, nadaswaram, etc., are a part of the South Wedding rituals. And once you attend the wedding, you will fall in love with the tunes these traditional instruments have to offer. Plus you will also get to see some instruments that you must have never seen before.
  1. It's Also About Fun & Games: South Indian weddings are considered to be mellow, in comparison to North Indian weddings, that's true but only to a certain extent. To your surprise, several pre-wedding rituals in South Indian weddings involve games played between the groom and the bride. And guests too can be a part of some games. These games are fun to watch and super entertaining to be a part. From the couple trying to get a coin out of a milk pot to dodging the garland from their partner - such games not only make the couple comfortable but also help them take an edge off the marriage stress. 

With this, you are now ready to be a part of South Indian weddings. Weddings in India, be it North, Northeast or South- are a treat to the eyes, and while attending them, it's always good to dress the part and understand all the rituals and customs. So if you are going to attend a South Indian wedding soon, we just got covered with this one. Follow this South Indian wedding guide, and do let us know if there are any other unique traditions in South India that one must know about. 

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