Auspicious Dates for Marriage in June 2023

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If you are planning to get married in June 2023, block your calendar now. There are as many auspicious wedding date dates as your suitability. Keep reading to find out!

The significance of auspicious dates for marriage is irreplaceable in Indian marriages. Everything from the first official meeting, Kundali matching, engagement ceremony, and finally the Shaadi is only determined as per the Auspicious dates. Considering the lifetime of alliance with someone, you cannot afford to go wrong anywhere about your wedding. Naturally, auspicious dates play an important role in determining the tone of your marriage. So, make sure you choose the correct date and plan your wedding rituals accordingly. Below given is the list for the same along with its significance. 

Significance of Auspicious Dates in Marriage

The day you get married is incredibly important as it will set the tone for the rest of your married life. An auspicious marriage date is also crucial to determine the relationship between you and your life partner. The marriage date has a mythological significance and is chosen after a lot of calculations by astrologers. 

The professional pandits and astrologers will see your birth chart, match Kundalis, and evaluate the positioning of planets in both the bride and groom before suggesting an auspicious date. The lucky dates will bring wealth, prosperity, and happiness to the newlywed's lives. 

Let’s know in detail which are the perfect dates in June 2023 for you to get married!

Auspicious Dates for Marriage in June 2023

June seems pretty perfect and promising for beginning the new phase of your life. However, make sure you make your plans early to get maximum discounts on your wedding shopping. Here is the list of all the auspicious dates to marry in June 2023.

1st June 2023 (Thursday)

Tithi: Dwadashi upto 13:40:48

Nakshatra: Chitra upto 06:48:45

First Karana: Baalav upto 13:40:48

Second Karna: Kolav upto 25:20:42

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Variyan upto 18:59:06

Day: Guruvara

3rd June 2023 (Saturday)

Tithi: Chaturdashi upto 11:18:24

Nakshatra: Vishakha upto 06:16:19, Anuradha upto 29:03:48

First Karana: Vanij upto 11:18:24

Second Karna: Vishti upto 22:19:21

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Siva upto 14:47:04

Day: Shanivara

5th June 2023 (Monday)

Tithi: Pratipada upto 06:40:33, Dvitiya upto 27:50:40

Nakshatra: Moola upto 25:23:37

First Karana: Kolav upto 06:40:33

Second Karna: Tetil upto 17:17:16

Paksha: Krishna

Yoga: Sadhya upto 08:48:10

Day: Somavara

6th June 2023 (Tuesday)

Tithi: Tritiya upto 24:51:53

Nakshatra: Poorva Ashadha upto 23:13:57

First Karana: Vanij upto 14:21:51

Second Karna: Vishti upto 24:51:53

Paksha: Krishna

Yoga: Subha upto 05:24:20, Shukla upto 25:53:39

Day: Mangalavara

7th June 2023 (Wednesday)

Tithi: Chaturthi upto 21:52:42

Nakshatra: Uttara Ashadha upto 21:03:15

First Karana: Bhav upto 11:21:50

Second Karna:  Baalav upto 21:52:42

Paksha: Krishna

Yoga: Brahma upto 22:23:00

Day: Buddhavara

11th June 2023 (Sunday)

Tithi: Ashtami upto 12:07:52

Nakshatra: Poorva Bhadrapada upto 14:32:29

First Karana: Kolav upto 12:07:52

Second Karna: Tetil upto 23:18:59

Paksha: Krishna

Yoga: Priti upto 10:10:19

Day: Ravivara

12th June 2023 (Monday)

Tithi: Navami upto 10:36:26

Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada upto 13:49:55

First Karana: Gar upto 10:36:26

Second Karna: Vanij upto 22:00:15

Paksha: Krishna

Yoga: Ayushman upto 07:51:58

Day: Somavara

21st June 2023 (Wednesday) - Summer Equinox

Tithi: Tritiya upto 15:10:56

Nakshatra: Pushya upto 25:21:08

First Karana: Gar upto 15:10:56

Second Karna: Vanij upto 28:18:35

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Vyagatha upto 26:33:58

Day: Buddhavara

23rd June 2023 (Friday)

Tithi: Panchami upto 19:55:48

Nakshatra: Magha upto Full Night

First Karana: Bhav upto 06:42:13

Second Karna:  Baalav upto 19:55:48

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Vajra upto 28:31:16

Day: Shukravara

26th June 2023 (Monday)

Tithi: Ashtami upto 26:06:21

Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni upto 12:44:25

First Karana: Vishti upto 13:20:57

Second Karna: Bhav upto 26:06:21

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Vyatipata upto 06:06:30

Day: Somavara

So, this is an entire list of all the auspicious dates for marriage in June 2023. You can select any of these dates according to the holiday list of your company including weekends.

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