A Bride’s Go-to Manual For Wedding Shopping


Found your betterhalf and ready to tie the special knot with him? Well, you should keep in mind that an Indian wedding is nothing but an event, which needs mammoth preparation. If you are a bride ready to get on the marriage bandwagon, wedding shopping is one of the most important parts of this event as it can make or break your wedding day alone.

Shopping for weddings is a part of the planning process that can be both stressful and enjoyable. Stressful because of all the picking, matching, and designing the clothes all the time. Enjoyable as you will be picking them for your special day.

But for a bride who has been planning this day for a long time, wedding shopping goes hand-in-hand with everything else. Since we always come to your rescue in the matters of love, connection, weddings, and more, we thought why don’t we help you in this too?'' That's why we have put together a list of shopping suggestions to make it easier for a bride who is looking forward to her special day. Let’s get on to them!

Decide What You Want for Your Special Day!

The first and foremost step in a bride’s manual for wedding shopping is to decide about everything related to your marriage. And while doing that, take as much time as you want and be as specific as possible. The reason being it will help you avoid vagueness and have clarity about what you want. Do you like everything to be branded? Are there specific designers in your mind? Whether you want to go all fancy guns blazing or you want to keep it simple? Do you want to make all these decisions together with your betterhalf?

Well, deciding on the aspects related to your marriage will save your precious time because you will be pretty clear about what you want. While doing that, you can also go for that extra mile, and create a Pinterest board for all the ideas you find relatable. Now that you know what you want, let’s move on to the real drill…

Set a Budget!

When going for your shopping, you don’t want to go over budget making unnecessary spending while being wedding-high. To make sure nothing like this happens, set a budget for each dress. Is your wedding dress more expensive than other dresses in terms of price? Going shopping with a budget in mind is a good idea. Even if you are unsure about it, opt for an overall budget limit in mind. You should have a clear idea of how much is excessive? This will give you a general idea about where to begin.

Shopping Buddies!

Shopping buddies can elevate the experience of your overall wedding shopping. However, you should think it through before deciding on whom you want to take along for shopping. This is more important than it may seem but trust us, a bad shopping buddy can ruin everything and you will end up regretting choosing him or her. Though you may believe it’ll be a fun day out for all of your girls, mother, and entire family, you might just end up getting confused and frustrated.

Worry not, we have a recommendation. Ideally, bring no more than one – and no more than two – reliable voices with you. Because if you bring more than two, you won’t be able to listen to yourself. And at the end of your day, it’s your special day for which you are shopping.

Lists! List Everything!

You believe it or not, lists are big-time saviours!!! Things get magically easy when you jot them in a list. When going for your wedding shopping, list up all the items you are going to need for your wedding. This will also save you from last-minute trouble. List up the stores you will visit alongside your whole day plan so that you don’t miss out on anything else due to the shopping run.


Wedding shopping involves a lot of fieldwork. When you are fully at it, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Because you will be moving to several different stores in a day. While doing that, try everything before buying anything. Be upfront about what you want. Also, be clear about your budget as we told you earlier. Tell about any customization you might want, the exact date you want it at, and many other things.

Also, don’t forget to COMPARE! Because you might like something at a particular store but make sure you compare it with another item you like. This might annoy the people at the store but it’s okay. You are going to be a bride soon! And for them, it is allowed!


Come here. We have a pro tip for you ladies! (Shhhh…)

NEVER EVER tell the actual date of the wedding to the shopkeepers or designers. NO! Always tell them the wedding is one month ahead of your fixed schedule. This way, even if any of your wedding items aren't ready on the promised delivery date, you will still have time. Suppose your dresses arrive a week before the wedding and now you feel they need changes. If you followed our pro tip, you can easily make the changes with still some time left.

We know, we know, the tip is basically to lie but you gotta do what you gotta do. And it is for the greater good. So, it’s alright!!


Last but not least and most importantly, do not forget to enjoy it! Because all of this is happening to make your day special. Also, stress isn’t good for a bride-to-be. So, enjoy the little things and remember that come what may, you are gonna look, feel, be gorgeous. Everything will fall in its place. You take a deep breath and enjoy.

Lastly, Shop with love & gratitude. We are here for you, every time.

-with love, for love<3

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