9 Must-Have Ornaments That Every Tamil Bride Should Include

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Weddings in India are always distinct and novel from each other. Be it a North Indian wedding in Punjab or Tamil Nadu  Every wedding has a sole flavor that makes it better and peculiar from others. While some cultural traditions and values are different, one thing that remains common across all weddings is the excitement to see the bride, all decked for her BIG day. 

And now, when it comes to the brides in Tamil Nadu, jewelry  is an essential part of their culture and tradition. Because it's not just any jewelry, Tamil girls for marriage usually adorn loads of gold jewelry having great significance in Tamil matrimony. So dear Tamil girls, if you are going to be a bride soon, here are eight must-have ornaments that you must adorn at your wedding. They are gold, ethnic, and definitely, a must-have. 

Must-Have Ornaments For Tamil Girls For Marriage

  1. Toe Ring: Also known as Metti in Tamil, every Indian married woman wears a toe ring. It is an essential part of bridal wear and made using silver, gold, or any metal as per the  bride’s usual preferences. The ring is donned in the second and third fingers from the toe. It comes in varied designs. However, the traditional ones are made of silver and come in the spiral of two or three line rounds. The Toering is worn at the time of the wedding, and the groom makes his Tamil bride wear the ring - it also symbolizes that the groom is falling at the feet of his bride and is placing the respect of his family under her feet, implying that the bride is now responsible for her new family's pride and happiness. Once worn, the bride never takes it out from the toe. 
  1. Waist Belt: Also known as Oddiyanam in Tamil, it is a gold or silver belt worn by the bride around the hip on her wedding day or at one of the functions. This ornament not only increases the grace of the bride but also accentuates her look. Tamil girls for marriage usually wear this only at their weddings or at some other traditional functions. The oddiyanam is made with subjects of Goddess Lakshmi, or flowers and leaves, often accented by dainty golden dangling chains. And in every Tamil wedding, you will definitely see the bride wearing this in gold - It also helps to keep her Saree intact and give her outfit a great shape and look from the waist area and below. 
  1. Thalaisamaan: Thalaisamaan is an ornament popularly worn by Tamil girls in Tamilian culture. The bride wears this  on her forehead, on the parting of the hair and completes the bridal look. The Tamil bride's glimmering Kanjeevaram Saree - along with Thalaisamaan and other traditional ornaments - not only compliments her look but also makes her look like a vision. The particular ornament is shaped like the sun and moon and a must for every Tamil bride. 
  1. Anklet: Also known as Kolusu, Tamil girls wear this around the ankle. The anklet is made of silver metal since, in Tamil culture, donning anything gold below the waistline is considered ominous. Hence, these dainty Kolusu are enrobed by the bride on the ankles and tinkle with every step of the bride Tamil girls wear this ornament  across all types of weddings like Chettiar, Gounder, and Brahmin weddings. 
  1. Jadanagam: No bridal look in Tamil weddings is complete without this ornament. Jadanagam is a hair accessory  skillfully designed on the bride's plait. It is made with gold and colorful flowers and completes the bridal look of the Tamil bride. Jadanagam comes in various intricate designs and patterns. Some also feature pearls and other precious stones. 
  1. Nose Ring: Also known as Mookky Valaiyam or Mookuthi, no Tamil bride's look is ever complete without wearing the nose ring. The nose ring can either be a small stud, a  ring or  a bit big too, with 6-7 stones. In fact, as a part of rituals, some Tamil families ensure that the Tamil bride wears a heavy nose ring during the wedding. Worn usually on the left nostril - the embellished nose ring has precious jewels and pearls with gold plating. It gives a royal and traditional feel and certainly adds more value to the bridal makeup and other accessories.
  1. Mangala naan: The Gounder bride wears this ornament in Tamil weddings. Gounder weddings are sumptuous, and the bride is bathed in shimmering gold pieces of jewelry.  Mangala naan is a necklace that is gifted to the bride by her loving groom. The Tamil bride is given this necklace as a gift once it receives the blessings of all the elders. The Mangala Naan is tied around the neck by the groom during auspicious wedding ceremonies. 
  1. Arm Bracelets: Known as Vanki or armlets, the bride usually wears these V-shaped armlets on their brides. Each armlet is customarily made for the bride and has an exclusive design. The traditional armlets usually have intricate carved peacocks or florals on the side. The brides usually pair armlets with almost all their wedding outfits, and they look super-rich and traditional when worn with authentic Kanjeevaram saree. Nowadays, some brides often choose to speak wearing Vanki and finish their ethnic looks wearing tonnes of stunning colorful bangles. 
  1. Traditional Earrings: Known as Jhimki Mattel in Tamil, Tamil girls who are opting for an all Traditional look, choose this as their first  choice. Made using precious gemstones and pearls, the bell-shaped hanging ornament pairs beautifully with other traditional pieces of jewelry. And to add more ethnic value to the look, the bride usually pairs the Jhimki Mattel with Mookuthi – a single nose stud or pin. 

So dear Tamil girls, if you are getting married soon, you now know which are the most important set of ornaments for Traditional Tamil brides.

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