9 Essential Elements That Complete The Marathi Bride On Her Wedding

Marathi Bride

Apart from rituals & customs, bridal outfits, jewelry pieces, and different beautiful wedding elements make Indian weddings distinct and unique.  And when it comes to wedding essentials, there are a few things that Marathi brides cannot do without. From ethnic and stunning Paithani sarees to Nath, several elements make the Marathi girls for marriage stand out. 

If you are soon-to-be a Marathi bride,  we have curated a list of 9 elements especially for you. All you have to do is tick a mark on this list while finalizing your wedding look. It is so because each of these nine elements holds significance, and you cannot think of a bridal look without these essentials. So what are you waiting for? Grab your wedding diary and make a list of all these things! And of course, you can thank us later. 

Essential Wedding Accessories That Complete Every Marathi Girls Bridal Look

  1. Green Chuda:- While many essential things complete a Marathi bride, one thing that tops the list is the Green Chuda. Marathi girls for marriage usually wear green color bridal bangles on their wedding day. These green bangles symbolize fertility and new beginnings for the bride. In other Hindu weddings, brides wear red bangles, but in Maharashtrian weddings, the bride wears green bangles in both hands. The bangles are worn in odd numbers and paired with Gold Kadas, which are gifted to the bride by the groom's family. Even after the marriage, several brides wear this Chuda daily, while some only on special occasions. 
  1. Kolhapuri Saaz:- This authentic Maharashtrian necklace is gifted to the Marathi bride by her mother-in-law. The Saaz is made especially for the bride from Kolhapur and  made of gold and other precious jewels like ruby and emerald. Several jewelry shops make Saaz for Marathi girls, but the authentic ones are only made in Kolhapur. This statement necklace is as necessary as a Mangalsutra, which every Hindu bride wears post marriage. In fact, in rural areas, this statement necklace is worn by women daily. Some brides choose to wear this instead of the mangalsutra daily, but again, it depends from bride to bride. 
  1. Mundavalya:- This is the most common piece of jewelry in Marathi weddings. In every Maharashtrian wedding, you will get to see the Marathi bride and groom wearing mundavalya. It is a string with pearls attached to it in layers of two. Mundavalya is tied across the forehead, and the  strings hang around on each side of the face. It goes well with both the bride and groom’s wedding look. 
  1. Nathini:- Marathi girls for marriage love wearing Naths. There are various kinds of naths that the bride wears during the wedding. It is the key element that sets them apart from other brides. While the Naths are made with several jewels, the traditional ones are always made with pearls and stones. Depending on their outfits and the look they have in mind, brides choose the pattern and design of their naths. 
  1. Moon-shaped Bindi:- Classic Nauvari Paithani saree teamed with patent jewelry is a YES, but what actually completes the bridal look of Marathi girls is the Moon bindi. Yep, Marathi brides wear a half-moon-shaped bindi on their wedding attires that adds a beautiful touch to their bridal look. However, not all the brides wear the moon bindi today, but the ones that wear look stunning and radiant. 
  1. Vaaki:- Vaaki is an armband or an arm bracelet that Marathi girls for marriage wear on their arms for their wedding day. It's made of gold and a single stone. The patterns and look of Vaaki depend on the type of outfit the bride chooses. Some brides opt for gold Vaaki, while many brides choose to wear diamond studded Vaaki. Today, many modern brides choose to wear the Vaaki in one arm, and they still look really good. 
  1. Tanmani:- Tanmani is another vital piece of jewelry that Marathi girls cannot go without. It's a choker made with white and colorful pearls. This bridal piece completes the look and has silk strings attached to it, which helps the bride adjust the placement of the choker. The choker is made while keeping the bridal saree, jewelry, and various other things in mind. Brides also opt for ruby, emerald, and other jewels for the choker. It accentuates the neckline by  adding more detailing to the blouse. 
  1. Paithani Saree:- No Marathi girl for marriage considers herself as a bride until she  wears the traditional Paithani saree for her wedding. The handwoven silk saree is vibrant and accentuates the bride's wedding look. It comes in varied colors, and usually, traditional brides opt for green and red blends. The saree has intricate Zari work on the hems that give it a royal look. But nowadays, several brides also opt for Lehengas for their wedding. 
  1. Ambada:- Ambada, a round bun adorned with jewels and mogra flowers,a bridal hairdo that brides get done for their wedding. It's. The bridal bun is donned by the bride on her main wedding day, and several Marathi brides also opt for several floral jewelry to heighten their buns. The bun is a bit heavy on the head but complements the bridal look. 

So dear, Marathi girls for marriage, while planning your wedding, ensure to keep these wedding essentials in mind. Each one of them not only complements your look but also makes sure that you stand out from the rest. And if you are soon going to be a Marathi bride, or have just gotten married in a Maharashtrian-style wedding, do let us know which of these elements are your favorite and why. 

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