8 Wedding Poses Every Bride Should Try With Her Naughty Sibling

wedding poses

Your wedding day might last for a few days, but the pictures you click live with you forever. They help you relive the journey and the process of becoming a bride. You not only cherish the moment but also get a bit nostalgic about it. And while you're getting ready for shots, the shots of you and your groom, the one with your bridesmaids, bring a smile to your face. Similarly, the pictures with your annoying but precious sibling make you emotional. 

So dear bride, if you are getting hitched soon, you have to get these wedding poses clicked with your sibling. Add your fun element, annoy each other cutely for the pictures and make sure to freeze all those cutesy moments in the album that you will cherish later. Read on, make notes and  remember to thank us later. 

8 Wedding Poses Brides Should Try With Their Sibling 

  1. The One Where You Fight For Food: While growing up, we are sure you may have had a lot of fights for food. Now it's time to recreate that fun fight for the picture. Try stealing the last slice of pizza from your sibling's plate, and ask the photographer to capture the expressions. Try pushing each other over your favorite dish, or play a fun game of tug of war over the food that you both can't do without. It will be fun to capture such moments, so don’t forget to add this to the list of your wedding poses. 
  1. One With Your Pet: Yes, you love your sibling, but you cannot do without your pet either. So ask the photographer to capture a moment of you and your sibling playing with the pet. As a bride, you can also strike a pose where you are getting ready with your sibling and pet by your side. You can also take a shot where you and your sibling are feeding the pet. Don't stick to the conventional wedding poses - create some fun poses of your own, and we are sure you will love watching them later. 
  1. A Fun Vidaai Shot: As a bride, you are bound to get emotional at your vidaai, when you leave your home to start a new family together. And to ensure that you don't cry much at your vidaai, take some quirky shots with your sibling. A picture where you are pulling their ears for the last time, or the one where they hold a board at your Vidaai saying - Thank you, now I can have your room. Such funny moments will not make great pictures but will also lighten the mood. You and your sibling have been through so much together and such wedding poses will justify your bond. 
  1. A Shot Where You Hug Each Other: You can never forget the bond you share with your sibling, and to make sure that you capture every emotion you feel for each other, add this particular shot to your wedding poses list for sure. Give a tight hug to your sibling, and let all the emotions flow, and ask the photographer to capture this beautiful moment. Cherish the last moments you spend with your sibling and make sure to candidly capture all of them. 
  1. One Where The Bathe The Bride In Haldi: As a bride, you will have several people applying your haldi in the ceremony, but one person who will take Haldi to the next level will be your sibling. They will ensure to lather you with Haldi and while you try to do the same to them, ask your wedding photographer to freeze the beautiful frame. We are sure you and your sibling share a great bond, so don't do it solely for the camera, have fun and enjoy. 
  1. One With The Bride And Groom: This is one of the many wedding poses that you and your sister will cherish forever. When your sister is getting some romantic shots clicked with her groom, interfere in between and cutely spoil the frame. Ask the photographer to capture all the silliness, and we are sure some great pictures will come your way. 
  1. One Where You Dance With/For The Bride: Your sister is getting married, and you will dance at her wedding. So while prepping for the dance and while learning the choreography, ask the photographer to capture it in action. They can turn out to be funny pictures that you can give your sibling since they will remind both of you of the happy times. And while getting such shots clicked, don't forget to be in your natural element so that it looks cute and not staged. 
  1. The One Where The Bride Gets Ready: Remember the iconic scene from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani where Kabir and Avi are by Aditi's side when she's getting ready for her marriage? That one shot had tonnes of emotions attached to it, so for your sibling's wedding, make sure to recreate those shots. You can also add fun elements to make these images funny yet emotional. You don't have to go along with the standard shots - your sibling is becoming a bride, and we are sure there's a lot you want to do. So go for it without any hesitation.

So, which of these wedding poses will you try at your sibling’s wedding? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have any other suggestions, don’t forget to share them in the comments too.

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