8 Things Every BRIDE Should Do Before Marriage


Marriage is a big deal, especially for girls, since we dream of this day right from the day we know what marriage is. And while the functions and all are fun,  prepping for everything can get exhausting. And to ensure that you still do the things you love while prepping for the BIG day, we have made a perfect bridal guide for you. As per this bridal guide, here are 8 things brides must do before marriage. Be it going on a solo trip or enjoying a spa session- you deserve some time in solitude. 

So before taking the giant leap, make sure that you do some of them, if not all, because trust us, you will thank yourself after doing these. So read and start planning NOW. 

8 Must-Do Things For Brides-To-be

  1. Travel With Your Gal Gang: Travelling is always fun, especially when it's with your gal gang. So if you are getting hitched soon, then dear brides, make sure you plan a trip with your ladies soon. Hit the beaches or enjoy the snow in the mountains - the choice is yours. As a bride, before marriage, you need this trip- since it will not only help you take the edge off but will help you understand what you want from life. And the answers will surprise you. Plus, it will also be the last trip you go on as a SINGLE GAL.  
  1. Challenge Yourself: Life is all about taking risks and living and learning through it. Remember that scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, where they make a list of adventure activities they want to try? Well, it's time for you to make that list. For example, if you've always wanted to skydive but are afraid of heights, this is your time to face your biggest fears. If you feel like singing out loud on the streets, go skinny dipping in an ocean, go all out and do it. Trust us, the sense of liberation you'll feel is much-needed, especially before marriage. So dear brides, add this to your bridal guide and face your fears ASAP. 
  1. Focus On Fitness: As a bride before marriage, you have a lot of things on your plate. Hence, while focusing on certain things- your health takes a back seat. And to ensure that you are mentally and physically fit on and after your wedding, add at least 45 minutes of workout to your schedule. It will not only help you stay fit but will also deal with the stress, keeping anxiety and mood swings in control. So focus on your fitness, eat clean, meditate and take out time for yourself. 
  1. Take A Solo Trip: Before marriage, brides usually need some time off to disconnect from everyone. And that's when it's ideal to go on a solo trip - a trip where you not only reconnect with your thoughts but also understand your wants and desires. So dear brides, consider this as a must in your bridal guide and plan a trip soon. You are starting a new journey, and before that, you need to spend some time with yourself. If you have always wanted to visit one particular country/city,  NOW is the right time. 
  1. Start Journaling: Getting married to the love of your life is a dream come true. However, as brides, there's a lot that goes behind planning a dreamy wedding. And while you are busy dealing with decor, outfits, makeup, etc., take 10-15 minutes out daily and write about your feelings. Maintain a diary, pen down all the emotions that you are going through, since 10-years down the line, when you read the journal, you will not only relieve the moments, but those emotions will also give you a sense of comfort. If you are not a fan of journaling, maybe you can write a diary for your partner or your parents and give them as a wedding gift. 
  1. Experiment With Your Fashion Sense: As a little girl, you always dreamt of getting a tattoo done, well guess what? Make that dream a reality right away.  Not only tattoo, but if you want to experiment with your outfit or makeup choices, you must do that by all means. Don't fear society or the judgments- you will be starting a new life soon, and experimenting and trying things you always wanted to will be a gift to your single self. You can't wait for the future, so do it now and fulfil all your fashion wishes.
  1. Discuss And Plan Finance For Your Future: Dear brides, you may think that money talk can wait, and you can do it with your partner post-marriage, but trust us, you must sit down and do it before marriage. As a bride, meet your BAE before marriage and speak about finances, plans, and investments. Discuss saving ideas, prioritize things you can't compromise on, discuss the job, promotions, and future aspects. It will bring you much-needed clarity, and you surely don't want to make money mistakes you did when you were single. 
  1. Pamper Yourself: Last but not the least, pamper yourself. Treat yourself to dinner at your favourite restaurant, go for a walk on the beach with no music or podcast, book a spa session, go on a shopping spree and do everything your heart desires. You are going to start the next chapter of your life, and you need all the self-love. So make a list of all the things you want to do and buy, and do it for yourself, because marriage or not, self-love is important. So start the pamper sessions and make yourself happy because happy brides are the prettiest. 

Are you getting hitched soon? Do let us know what's the one thing you would love to do before marriage in the comments below. And for those who are married, let us know what's one thing every woman should do before marriage. Because, hey, sharing your experience is a good thing. 

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