8 Things Brides Should Do 30 Days Before Wedding

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Weddings are a great deal, especially for the brides. No matter which part of the world you live in, every bride wants her dream wedding to be nothing but perfect. From outfit to decor and themes- a bride plans everything right from her adolescent years. And when the time of her marriage arrives, people around her ensure that all her wedding dreams are fulfilled. However, there are some things that only a bride can take care of before a wedding. And if you are going to be a bride soon, here are eight bridal things you must start doing 30-days before your wedding. 

8 To-do's For Brides 30-days Before The Wedding

  1. Get Your Hair And Makeup Sorted: 30-days before the wedding, ensure that you have booked your makeup and hair artists. Take trials, ensure that you are achieving the look you are aiming for, and make sure that the makeup is sitting well on your skin and the outfits you will be wearing on all the functions. Most importantly, keep your makeup and hairstylists different so that both of them can individually achieve the look you are aiming for, instead of one team trying to do everything. Dear brides, consider this one of the vital bridal things and get it done 30-days before the wedding. 
  1. Have A Quick Meeting With The Vendors: Two-three weeks before the wedding, call all the vendors and have a meeting with them. Confirm that all your requirements and vision are in place, and they should know what will be expected out of them. Communicate the time they need to arrive, their tasks on D day, etc. And if you have a wedding planner, ensure that they attend the meeting too. We know you have tonnes of other bridal things to do, but meeting your vendors in person is important- so that all of you are on the same page. 
  1. Have A Wedding Timeline For Yourself: A week before the wedding, make sure to take some time out to create a wedding timeline for everyone. From sorting the event timings to noting the timings of the functions, bridal entry, etc., add everything to the timeline. Share the same wedding timeline with your partner, vendors, family, planner, and everyone playing a part in the wedding. Write down the timings for your hair and makeup, when the photographer should show up, etc., to ensure that everything works as per the plan on the functions. 
  1. Organize The Wedding Favours: Yes, you may think that it's not a bridal thing to do, but trust us, as brides, you should be involved in organizing the favours for your loved ones. Three weeks before the wedding, make sure that you have decided on the favours you would want to give. If they are edible, ensure to do a taste test and opt for the delivery a few days before the wedding- so that they don't get spoilt. And if it's something customized with logos and all, ensure that you take your bridesmaids to help arrange everything. 
  1. Start With The Skincare: Brides usually think that facial, bleach and other skin treatments can start 15-days before the wedding, but you must onset doing everything 30-days before the wedding. From beauty treatments to getting facial spas- everything should begin at least a month in advance so that you don't end up irritating your face with excessive products right before the wedding day. In fact, you must ensure that nothing is applied on your face 2-3 days before the wedding so that your skin is clean and away from all the possible allergies. 
  1. Talk To Your Partner About The Honeymoon Plans: Dear brides, while organizing everything for your wedding is super important, but another vital bridal thing to take care of is the honeymoon dates. Get the details and check up on the flights, stay reservations, and other plans that you must have booked. With the ongoing pandemic, healthy advisories change frequently, so ensure that you are up to date with all the latest advisories. Talk to your partner about all this and plan a rough itinerary with them. Besides, don't forget to figure out your clothes and accessories, you definitely won't get time for those post the wedding. 
  1. Talk To The DJ: If you have a professional DJ at your marriage functions, ensure all the songs you and your family performing are with him. Get on a call with the DJ and if you have any special song requests, make sure you let them know in advance. From the song for the cake cutting to your bridal entry and first dance, the DJ should have a list for everything. Add it to your list of bridal things to do and while you do this, ensure that your wedding planner is in the loop too.
  1. Speak To The Photographer: Dear brides, this one is the most vital bridal thing to do before the wedding. Meet your wedding photographer at least two weeks prior and discuss everything you have in mind. If you have a set of shots for your functions, bridesmaids, etc., make sure you share the reference with them. Jot down a list of shots you would want to have with your partner, family, and other relatives, and share them too. Don't wait till the end to do this- get it done ASAP since we are sure you want your wedding pictures to be dreamy. 

So dear brides, this is the perfect list for you, and we hope you stick to these bridal things to do. And if you have some other to-do’s added to your list, share them with us in the comments below.

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