8 Prevalent Myths Related to Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Myths

Indian weddings are worth attending for their rich and diversified cultures. Most families spend a major part of their savings on arranging a competitive and pompous marriage. But, like any other cultural festivities, Indian marriages have their share of myths and superstitions too.

Sometimes, these superstitions can shake even the most educated of us because of our deep-seated conventional ideologies. So, it’s time to stop your fear of a ‘bad omen’ overcoming the excitements of your D-day. Also, it is more probable to fall into the trap if you are thinking negatively about a situation. Below given are a few Indian wedding myths you shall start questioning Today!

  • Seeing Lizard

It is overtly generic to find lizards in Indian households. However, it becomes taboo when a couple sees any of them before going for marriage. Isn’t that funny? Like any other living being, lizards are also independent creatures and free to roam anywhere they please. So, it’s better to stop considering it bad luck and disturbing your sanity over some powerless creature. 

  • Henna color

It is believed that the darker the colour of a woman's henna, the deeper is her groom’s love for her. These days Mehndi is prepared with a lot of chemicals and only a few natural ingredients. So, it is obvious that most brides will get a darker shade. Now, isn’t it better if you judge your groom’s love with some rationality than a silly henna colour?

  • Raining on D-day

Rains are considered auspicious in Indian marriages. Sure, raining is romantic and feels more pleasurable when you are with your partner. But it can be a huge mess on several special occasions. Imagine spending a hefty amount on the pompous celebrations and decorations in an open field and all getting ruined in a rain. No idea about auspiciousness but you sure can feel bankrupt.

  • Lending or Borrowing Outfits

The outfits worn by the bride and groom in marriages are pricey. Also, it is only worn once in a lifetime by most people. So, if you are considering the option of lending or borrowing your wedding outfit, do not hesitate. It is completely normal and saving the outfit money can only bring you good luck in the future. 

  • Spilled Milk

Literally guys, “Do Not Cry Over Spilled Milk”. It is a scenario of complete chaos and mess in the houses at Indian weddings. You might even find a person or two falling here and there at weddings. Everything gets misplaced and people are frowned upon. Really? Is spilled milk that big a deal?

  • No Black Outfits

Weddings are supposed to be the most special day of our lives. But imagine someone’s favourite colour is black but they can’t wear it on their D-day. Not fair, right? Forbidding someone to wear their favourable outfit fails the very purpose of marriage, which is happiness. Thus, we should go for a more rational approach to make it a successful alliance.

  • Black Cats

All around India black cats are considered a bad omen except in Indian marriages. Indians consider it auspicious to see a black cat during the matrimonial ceremonies. Imagine a poor little black cat knowing all her significance in our lives. Sure, it will be surprising and fun for her to just roam around and create a difference in people’s fate. 

  • Putting the Right Foot First

It is believed that a bride shall always put her right foot first while entering her new home for the first time. Apparently, this brings happiness and prosperity to the family. It might be an unreasonable myth. But putting your right foot first is sure to create no difference in your mood. So, you can try being ‘fit in’ with society about this. However, your left foot is now offended, so remember to favour it with some delicacies later. 

Superstitions and myths have always been a part of our society and it is currently impossible to shed them all at once. But you can still choose to make a difference by putting your right or left foot first in breaking these stereotypes. However, myths or not Indian weddings are always super fun to attend. 

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