8 Fun Mehendi Shots You Must Add To Your List ASAP

Mehendi Shots

Mehendi functions have something special in them. Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible for them to be one of the most vibrant wedding functions. It's one function where you not only get to have fun with your girls but also get to savour some food and dance to your favourite songs. It will also be safe to say that the Mehendi function is the most chilled function for the bride. And if you are the bride-to-be, we have a small gift for you!  

We’ve brought a  list of 8 Mehendi shots that you must get clicked at your wedding function. These shots will not only add memories to your wedding album but also add some extra sass and drama to your ceremony. 

Mehendi Shots Every Bride Should Have On Her List 

  1. With Your Little Doggo: Being a pet parent, we are sure you wouldn't want your little dog to miss out on any of your wedding functions. And while they attend your functions, make sure to make memories with them by clicking cute pictures together. So for your Mehendi function, add a shot of you and your pooch to the list. There's no better shot than a bride chilling with her doggo while posing with her Mehendi. And if possible, try and make your pooch wear a cute kurta - that will fill a bucket full of cuteness to the photos. 
  1. Candid Shot Of You, And Your Mehendi: A Mehendi function is incomplete without candid shots. So ensure that you ask your photographer to take a few casual candid shots at your Mehendi. And in that, a shot of you smiling and looking at beautifully designed Mehendi should be a must. When you look at that picture in the future, it will remind you of the happy times. Hence, a candid shot of you looking at the Mehendi design is again needed. Ensure that the lighting is good for this one, and you are captured off guard. Please don't pose for it candidly - it will spoil the essence of the picture.
  1. One With Your Beautiful Shoe: With Mehendi on your foot and with shoes sparkling atop, there's nothing more beautiful than that. And to make sure that you capture this perfect symmetry, ask your photographer to take a perfect shoe shot with your Mehendi. This one adds aesthetics to the pictures and shouldn't be missed. The feel for the snap should be moody, and the centre of attention should be your feet only, so make sure you explain your vision to the photographer while adding this picture to your Mehendi shot list. 
  1. One Where You Are All Smiles: Happy brides are the happiest, and to make sure that your photographer captures you laughing and smiling, don’t forget to add this Mehendi shot to your list. Smile with all your heart while you show off your Mehendi design. It will not only add a sentimental value to the picture, but you will cherish the picture throughout your life. Better, you can frame it, and put it in your home. If you like quirky poses, you can do some poses too - however, there's nothing more beautiful than a simple smile, so make sure to have that in all your pictures. 
  1. With Rose Petals: Want to add a royale vibe to your Mehendi pictures?  How about getting your Mehendi clicked with rose petals! This Mehendi shot is authentic, elegant, and picturesque at the same time. Ask your photographer to capture your  Mehendi on your feet while you place it on some rose petals. To add more drama to the picture, you can add some candles too. Besides, you can experiment with the colours of rose petals and lighting for a dramatic effect. It's your big day, so go all out with creativity. 
  1. The One When You Are Dancing: Dancing on all your wedding functions is mandatory, and when you sway to your favourite tunes on your Mehendi, make sure that it's been captured. So like all the happy brides - put your hands in the air and ask the photographer to capture that moment while focusing on the Mehendi. There's nothing like a happy bride dancing at her functions, so make sure you capture this one since it will cheer you up on a dull day. And obviously, the picture will be a treat for everyone on the gram as well.
  • The Do Not Disturb Shot: This will be one of the quirkiest Mehendi shots of your marriage album. Engage in a conversation with your partner, and while doing so, strike a 'do not disturb us' pose to the photographer. That shot with you and your partner in the background, and Mehendi in the foreground is a gem. And while this shot is creative, it will also add special vibes to your wedding album. 10-years down the line, you and your partner will try to recall the conversation you were having while getting this shot clicked. 
  1. One With Your Dear Mom: While the shots with your pooch, your groom, and your squad are worth clicking, the most precious shot of the album will be the one with your mother. So, add this to your Mehendi shot list and make sure the photographer captures this one by all means. Your mom looking at you with eyes while the mehndi artist writes your hubby's name on the hand is a picture-perfect moment, and shouldn't be missed at any cost. 

From the ideas of the above-mentioned shot, which one is your favourite? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below!

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