8 Fun Haldi Shots You Must Add To Your List ASAP

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A edding has several  functions that only aim to make you smile. There's sangeet, which is all about dance and entertainment, and then there's haldi ceremony, which is undeniably the most fun function of your wedding. While the ceremony is all about covering the bride and groom in a richly tinted turmeric paste, it is also a time when everybody loses their guard and has the time of their life.

With everyone trying to paint the couple and everyone else in the color of yellow, there's nothing purer than a haldi ceremony. And to ensure that you treasure each of these moments in your wedding album, here are eight haldi shots that should be a part of your haldi function list. These shots will surely add more happiness and value to your wedding album. And more than that, it will allow you to create memories with your loved ones. 

Haldi Shots Every Couple Should Have In Their Wedding Album 

  1. Where Everyone Is Painting You All Over: Why wait for Holi when you can get a chance to play with colour on your haldi function itself. Allow your family and friends to enjoy the haldi function to its fullest by applying haldi all over your body. And while your fam jam paints you all over, make sure to ask the photographer to capture all of that in the frame. It is one of the haldi shots that will make a special place in your wedding album, so you shouldn't miss this one for sure. 
  1. The One With Your Parents: It's an emotional day for every parent to see their child getting soaked in Haldi. And to make this day less of tears and more of joy is your responsibility. So, put your funny shoes on and have some fun with your parents by applying haldi to them. When your parents apply your haldi, ask the photographer to click the shot. And then, you use the haldi to turn the sentimental moment into a funny one and make sure the photographer captures that haldi shot as well. Such shots help you relive the moments in future, and make you appreciate the happy times always. 
  1. One With Irritating Siblings: Siblings can be annoying at times. But  no matter how annoying they are, you still love them to death. And to capture both of these emotions in one frame, you must pick this as one of the haldi shots where your sibling is trying to rub the haldi on you. Siblings are like tom and jerry, and haldi function will be no different. Ensure that this cute banter between the two of us is captured on camera. Plus, there's no haldi without your sibling irritating you, and it's something to remember in the future. 
  1. The Happy Bride Shot: With Haldi all over face and hands, and with that beautiful outfit and radiant smile, a bride looks the prettiest on her Haldi. And to make sure that you capture the happy bride on camera, ask your photographer to add this idea to your haldi shot list. Click the picture when the bride is smiling at everyone applying Haldi to her. It will definitely be an emotional and precious moment to remember. 
  1. The One With Kids In The Frame: Kids add joy and laughter to every picture they are in, and your haldi shots shouldn't be any different. So when the little ones come and apply haldi to you and your partner, ask the photographer to capture their innocence in the frame. Kids love to pose for such pictures, and those pictures  always came as priceless. Ensure you have some shots with kids at your haldi - it will add a cute and pleasant vibe to your wedding pictures. 
  1. Shot Where Everyone Is Ripping Of The Groom's Attire: When it comes to Haldi, the groom has to go through a lot of fun torture, and you cannot miss out on capturing that one in the frame. During the ceremony, one thing that everyone looks forward to is ripping the Kurta of the groom. So how can you not capture this epic moment in the frame? While discussing the shot list with your photographer, don't forget to add this one. It will be one of the highlight shots of your marriage album. 
  1. A Shot Where You Pose With Your Partner: Couple poses, no matter how common they are, every couple recreates it in their own beautiful way. And it's your photographer's job to capture this haldi shot with all the grace. Ask them to take a picture-perfect shot while being soaked in yellow colour. It doesn't sound romantic but is definitely dreamy and worth capturing forever. Alternatively, ask the photographer for some suggestions for the shots- we are sure they will have some great recommendations for us as well.
  1. One Where It's All About The Laughs: Haldi is an important function not only for the bride and groom but also for everyone attending it. So make sure that you have one shot where everyone has haldi on their faces and is smiling in the camera. The shot will essay true happiness, and it's one memory you want to cherish forever. And we bet this will be one shot where you will not have to ask anyone to fake a smile because everyone will be genuine at that moment. And when there's so much happiness around, you cannot miss capturing it. 

So dear couples, add these haldi shots to your list and get ready to make some memories worth a lifetime with these pictures! Have any shots in mind that we should add to the list? If yes, share it with us in the comments right away. We would love to hear them!

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