8 Ethnic Groom Wear Ideas For Marathi Boys For Marriage

Marathi Groom

Maharashtrian weddings are simple. But when it comes to outfits, both the groom and bride love to experiment with their looks. And if you are soon going to be a Marathi groom, we have curated a special list for you. Here are some ethnic wedding wear options that you can choose depending on your style. Each of these outfit ideas is distinct, and you can easily mix them up and rock the wedding look this season. 

For becoming the Marathi groom of your bride’s dream, here are some outfit ideas for you. Have a look at it right away and  thank us later. 

Ethnic Outfit Ideas For Marathi Grooms 

  1. The White And Orange Combination: Maharashtrian weddings are not only known for the simplicity they have to offer but also for the outfits  donned by both bride and the groom. So if you are a Marathi groom and want to experiment with your wedding look - then how about opting for a white and orange combo? You can either go for the Churidar and Kurta look or choose a Dhoti- Kurta look- the white and orange combo will look fab with both outfits. They are traditional, eye-pleasing, and calming colors, so you will not only look ethnic but feel comfortable as well. Besides, you can pair some gold tones with these colours to scale the outfit to a next level. 
  1. The Royal Cream Jodhpuri: If you are planning to get married in a less traditional outfit and want to experiment with your wedding outfit, how about trying a cream color Jodhpuri? It's available, comfy, and extrudes royalty. So if you are looking for something which is a perfect blend of modern and traditional, a cream color Jodhpuri should be your pick. And if not cream, you can pick your jodhpurs in a color that will complement your bride's outfit. You are going to be a Marathi groom, so make sure to add that culture to your outfit with some designs and jewels. 
  1. Desi White, Orange & Green Combo: Dear Marathi groom, you can never go wrong with this combo! Opt for three-piece traditional wear, and you can mix and match these colors accordingly. You can keep the Kurta orange, the churidar white, and the jacket green, or you can also go all out with an orange churidar and white Kurta. To top it all off, you can complete the look with some diamond cufflinks. So if you are a Marathi groom, who loves experimenting, this one's for you. 
  1. The traditional look: When it comes to wedding attires for Marathi boys for marriage and girls, they are pretty straightforward. The bride wears a traditional Paithani saree, while the groom either wears a designer sherwani or neutral shades' kurta pajama. And if you are someone who loves to stick to the basics,  you too must opt for the classic Kurta Pajama. You can experiment with the prints and fabric while maintaining the traditional value. You can also pick the design and shade depending on the saree color your bride will choose. Or you can contrast with her outfit colour - it's completely your call. 
  1. Kurta with Patiala: If you want to have a Dhoti look, without  wearing one - Patiala pants should be your pick. Many Marathi grooms are not comfortable with wearing Dhoti, and for them, Patialas are a perfect choice. You can style it with Long Kurtas or short ones - the choice is yours. And to complete the look, you can team it up with Jhootis, leather sandals, or basic Marathi-style Kolhapuri chappals. 
  1. Short Kurta with Cigarette Pants: Cigarette pants are in trend , and if you want to be a trendsetter, you can opt for these and give them your twist by pairing them with an ethnic Kurta. Either the top can have a design on it, or the pants can have a faint design - the choice is yours. To make it look more fun, you can go with a monochromatic look, wherein the Kurta can be light pink, and the pants can be of hot pink color. You can experiment in the shades of purple, yellow and red as well. Which will  pop out, and you will rock this modern Marathi groom look. 
  1. Long Jackets and Sharara Look: No, we are not asking you to experiment like Ranveer Singh, as that would be too brave and funky. But shararas are worn by many grooms for their wedding. So, dear Marathi boy for marriage, this is your chance to look like a handsome groom by flaunting a long jacket with the sharara. The hems of the sharara can have heavy detailing, similar to the jacket collar. You can opt for a plain kurta to complete this look. You can also pair nice pairs of shoes with these, or keep it basic with jhootis. 
  1. Classic Sherwani looks: Sherwanis come in varied colors, patterns, and designs - you can either choose the white & red ones or pick a heavily embellished one - you can never go wrong with Sherwanis. To take things up a notch, you can choose it in contrasting colors and do some unique detailing in the hems of the sleeves, collar, and neckline. Pair them with smart sunglasses, cufflinks, and you are good to go. 

Well, here's your wedding outfit cheat sheet: you now have to pick which outfit will look good on you, or maybe mix things to create something of your own. Just like your Marathi bride, you too will look fab when you don these outfits. And if you have any outfits in mind besides these, please let us know in the comments below - we would love to add them to our list. And if your friend is going to get hitched soon, you must share this list with him ASAP. 

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