8 Dishes Without Which Your Bengali Matrimonial Is Incomplete

Bengali Matrimonial

Weddings and food go hand in hand. We love attending weddings solely because of the great food and fun ambiance. And when we talk about food, every Indian wedding you attend has a distinct variety to offer. For example, Tamil weddings are known for their delicious Payasam, whereas Punjabi weddings are known for their savoury Halwa and Kadhi. Similarly, when it comes to Bengali Matrimony, there are some unique dishes that you only find at Bengali weddings. And if you are going to attend a Bengali Matrimonial soon, here are eight items that you will find at the wedding, and you must try them by all means. Read on, make a mental note, and happy eating! 

Bengali Matrimonial is Never Complete Without These 8 Dishes

Bengalis take their food very seriously, and if you are attending a Bengali Matrimony, you are in for some treat. So it's time to loosen your belt and eat dishes apart from the stereotyped fish at a Bengali Matrimonial. 

  1. Begun Bhaja: If you are attending a Bengali Matrimony, you cannot miss out on this dish by any means. This delicious vegetable is served with Lucchi (Puri) and is worth every bite. Begun Bhaja is sliced brinjal coated with authentic Bengali spices and deep-fried until it becomes crispy and crunchy. You can have this as an appetizer or enjoy it as a meal, but you cannot miss out on this.
  1. Potoler Dolma: Another Bengali dish popular in Bengali Matrimonial is Potoler dolma. Potol is a gourd, while Dolma is a stuffed vegetable. This dish is relished with Lucchi(Puri) or rice. The authentic Bengali dish is made by stuffing bottle gourd with prawns/fish, etc. However, several Bengali Matrimonials serve a vegetarian version of it, where the stuffing is of paneer and dry fruits. Don't think of it as your ordinary bottle gourd - it's filled with Bengali flavors, and we are sure you'll love it.  
  1. Mishti Pulao: Mishti Pulao is a star dish of every Bengali Matrimonial wedding. Not only Matrimonials, but many Bengali events also have this dish as their main dish. Mishti Pulao is a yellow pulao with sweet undertones and is usually eaten with spicy chicken or mutton curry so that the sweet taste of the Pualo is balanced by the flavors of the curry. So if you have thought Bengali food is also fish and rice, you are wrong here. 
  1. Kosha Mangsho: Love Mutton? You will fall more in love with it once you taste it at a Bengali Matrimonial. Kosha Mangsho is a traditional Bengali mutton curry made uniquely and especially for weddings. Meat and potatoes are cooked in an onion-ginger-garlic gravy with tomatoes and curd. The oil used here is Mustard oil for the flavor, and the spiciness of this dish is good enough for you to have Mishti Dahi later. 
  1. Macher Chop: If you are attending a Bengali Matrimonial, this snack will entice your taste buds. Macher Chop is a deep-fried potato dish with a spicy fish filling. The snack has a vegetarian version too, and that one is equally delicious. And if you try this snack, make sure to pair it with mustard sauce and finely sliced onions and lemon.
  1. Koraishutir Kochuri With Aloo Dum: Looking for a yummy vegetarian main course option at Bengali Matrimonial? If yes, Koraishutir Kochuri With Aloo Dum is for you. Lucchi(Puri) stuffed with Mashed peas is known as Kochuri, and it's paired with a curry of small potatoes, known as Aloo Dum. It tastes best when hot, so ensure to try this one at the Bengali Matrimony. 
  1. Dhokar Dalna: Another traditional Bengali dish widely popular in Bengali matrimony is Dhokar Dalna. The dish is made from spiced lentil Kofta and is fried until it turns golden brown. The fried Kofta is soaked in curry with onions, tomatoes, and coconut. However, you'll also find a dry version of Dhokar Dalna, where the Kofta is garnished with some dry spices and served as an appetizer. Nevertheless, this dish is a must-try for all you foodies out there. 
  1. Kolkata Biryani: No Bengali wedding is ever complete without a Biryani. And if you are attending Bengali matrimony, you cannot leave the function without relishing the classic Kolkata Biryani. Kolkata is known for this rich Mughlai biryani, and it's so famous because of the use of potatoes with the meat. When it comes to flavors, this biryani is quite subtle and not heavy on the palate. The best thing to pair Kolkata Biryani with is laal-maas or creamy butter chicken. And if you don't want to pair it with a non-veg gravy, eat with the good old raita, and we are sure you'll never switch back to the same old biryani. 

Bengali Matrimonials are filled with colors, rituals, vibrance, customs and so much more. However, one thing that makes them a must-attend is the food. So, if you are invited to Bengali matrimony, or your BFF is getting hitched in a Bengali-style wedding, ensure that you try all of these dishes without fail. On that note, which Bengali dish is your favorite? Do share it with us in the comments below.

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