8 Cliche Wedding Trends To Avoid In 2021-2022

wedding trends

Weddings are often synonymous with grand festivities in India. From decor to bridal outfits and themes, everything  in weddings is  based on recent trends. Recently, there was a wedding trend to wear sunglasses to the functions, and every second wedding, you see, was following that trend. However, with time, some trends tend to become too cliche and boring. And if you are getting hitched soon and want to follow the wedding trends, we have a guide for you. Here are eight cliche wedding trends that you must ditch in 2020-2021. 

These wedding trends are overdone, and you obviously wouldn't want to follow something that's cliche and repetitive. So check out these trends, avoid them, and thank us later when your wedding is unique and dreamy. 

8 Cliche Wedding Trends That You Must Ditch ASAP 

  1. Ditch Insta-worthy Backdrop: One thing that you must bid goodbye to in 2021-2022 is Pinterest and Instagram-worthy ideas for your weddings. Yes, taking inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram for your wedding decor is a YES - however, solely relying on those is a big NO! Add more personal touch to your decor, something that speaks more about you as a couple. If you and your partner met for the first time for coffee, you should add small miniature coffee cups in the background as decor. It will not only look aesthetic but will also look very intimate. So if you are planning to get hitched in 2021-2022, definitely avoid this one wedding trend.  
  1. Say Bye To Whites and Pastels: Pastels and whites for Indian weddings look picturesque and eye-pleasing - however, they are overdone. Every second wedding has pastel hues as a part of their decor. So this is the second wedding trend that you must avoid for your wedding setup. We say, make 2021-2022 a year about bold and vibrant colors. Opt for shades that match your outfit, colors that you like. Experiment with colors such as Coffee, Red, Green, and say no to White and Pinks. Choose the color you love, and you will truly enjoy the vibe of your wedding. 
  1. No To Neon Signs For Wedding Setup: Indian weddings are always full of bling and glamour - however, one wedding trend that we are tired of seeing in 2020 is Neon sign boards. From Mehendi to Cocktails and the main wedding ceremony, neon sign boards are overly done everywhere. And if you are planning to use one for your wedding, we must tell you that it's too much and it's getting boring day by day. Instead of using Neon signs for your wedding setup, try 3D signs- they are in trend and everyone will love them. 
  1. No For Pink And Red Bridal Lehengas: Brides, no matter which color they choose, always look ethereal and beautiful. So dear bride, it's time to up your fashion game and ditch the popular Pink and red wedding trend this season. Instead, opt for the shades of blue, purple, yellow, etc. -  they will not only make your outfit stand out, but you'll also be making a statement by ditching the traditional colors. We have seen the Red and Pink trend for over a century now, so it's time to change this wedding trend by adding your favourite colours to the bridal lookbook.
  1. Matching Bridesmaid Outfit: As a bridesmaid, you don't have to choose the color that other bridesmaids choose. You can pick colors in contrast and still look in sync. Team bride wearing pink altogether is the very last Indian wedding season. So we are saying, demolish this wedding trend by mismatching the outfits. If the bride is donning a pink lehenga, half bridesmaids can opt for purple, while another half can opt for peach. This way, everyone will look different while looking in sync with each other. So dear bridesmaid, it's time to change the wedding trend by experimenting with colors. 
  1. Ditch Wedding Cakes For Something Different: Be it Indian weddings or weddings in the west, wedding cakes are a must. However, with changing wedding trends, one can experiment a lot with cakes. Instead of having a wedding cake, you can opt for donuts or pancakes stacked in the shape and size of a wedding cake. Many people are now opting for donuts for their wedding celebrations, and it's looking just fantastic. 
  1. Say No To Usual Wedding Destinations: Over the years, people have been resorting to Udaipur, Jaipur, and other places for Indian destination weddings - however, it's time to ditch this wedding trend. If you plan to get hitched someplace pretty, how about choosing offbeat places for your wedding? Opt for Khimsar instead of Udaipur, Gokarna instead of Goa, and have a marriage of your dreams. Experiment with the wedding set up at these offbeat places and enjoy intimate functions with your loved ones. 
  1. Say No To Same Old Wedding Favours: With the world approaching a sustainable lifestyle to protect the environment, you too should opt for a sustainable wedding favor for your guests. Instead of giving the classic hamper boxes, consider giving small saplings. Trust us - the guests will definitely appreciate this sentiment of yours. Opt for more wooden-based products and ditch the plastic products for your wedding. You can also give a nice bamboo carving as a wedding favor. The goal here should be to make the guests feel welcomed and special while doing something for the environment. 

So, if you are getting hitched soon, we urge you to break these wedding trends and go all out for your wedding setup. You can experiment, add a personal touch and make your trends instead of following something done by everyone. 

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