7 Ways To Use Genda Phool In Your Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor

You must’ve noticed the mention of Genda Phool,  a desi flower popularly known as Marigold, in several songs across Bollywood movies. However, the popularity of Genda Phool is not just limited to Bollywood movies, it's quite widely used for festivals in India as well. And when we speak about festivals, one festival that we cannot ignore by any means is  weddings. And Genda Phool along with other flowers is used for the wedding decor. 

However, if you solely want to use this humble flower for the wedding decor to add that pop of yellow and orange colour, here are seven ways to use Genda Phool for your wedding decor. 

Ways To Add Pop Of Colour In Your Wedding Decor By Using Genda Phool 

  1. Use It As A Backdrop For Your Mandap: There's nothing like the hue of orange and yellow Genda Phool, and for those who want to have the quintessential desi vibe, these flowers are perfect for you. Ask your decorator to ditch the fancy flowers and opt for a backdrop made of genda phool - it will not only give a mesmerizing look to your mandap but will also add nice colours to your pictures. Plus, if you are wearing a white or light-coloured saree, these flowers will pop more in the pictures giving them a royal look. 
  1. Photo Booth Made With Genda Phool: When god gives you genda phool, flaunt it and use it as a wedding decor for your photoshoot. Ask the decorators to create a big heart-shaped photo booth using Genda Phool where people can pose and get pictures clicked. Alternatively, you can also use them to make a polaroid-framed booth for some aesthetic vibes. We are sure your guests will love this quirky booth and definitely take some bomb pictures there. 
  1. A Yellow Genda Phool Fall: Want to be a trendsetter and ditch the same old photo booths? If yes, how about dedicating a wall solely to yellow Genda Phool? Sounds fun, right? Pick an empty wall and just fill it up with yellow Genda phool. And within no time., you have your perfect photo wall ready. Trust us, you will get some vibrant photos there, which only add colour and love to your wedding album. This wedding decor idea can be used for your Sangeet and Mehendi function, and we are sure everyone attending the function will love it. 
  1. Use It As Swing: If you love swings and want one for your wedding function, then don't forget to bedazzle the swing with a yellow and orange Genda phool. Not only will you get eye-catching wedding shots, but in this part of your wedding the decor will add vibrance and style to the overall feel of the decor. Consider wearing white or some light color so that you can complement the marigold wedding decor. And while you are at it, don't forget to get some shots clicked with your bridesmaids, groom, and fam-jam. 
  1. Use It As Wall Hangers: Don't want to spend too much on your wedding decor at your Intimate wedding, but want it to look bright and poppy? If yes, how about using genda phool wall hangers? You can ask your decorator to make small and medium-sized wall hangers of Genda phool and stick them around the seating area, your mandap, photo booth, and other places. The small ones can also be used to decorate the tables for the guests or the chair that you and your groom will sit on. Besides, you can also add some to the wedding tray and other stuff to add a desi appeal to it. 
  1. Use It For The Mehendi Seat: You are having the wedding of your dreams, and you deserve nothing but all the love, pampering, and happiness. And to ensure that you feel nothing but like a queen at your wedding, you have to use a seat made solely out of orange genda phool. The seat you will be on for your Mehendi can be decorated only with marigold flowers, and trust they will not only look visually appealing, but you will also rule the gram with some gram-worthy pictures. Besides, who doesn't like more colour in pictures for the marriage
  1. Use It As A Rangoli: Every wedding entrance has a beautifully done Rangoli to welcome guests. And if you want to welcome your guests with a pop of colour and the fresh smell of flowers, you have to use Genda phool for the rangoli. Ditch the rangoli powder and use the flowers to give the rangoli a more aesthetic vibe. You can also use some other flowers and make it a stunning floral affair. Pro Tip: Ensure that the rangoli you intend to make is made 20-minutes before the function is about to begin so that it stays in place and doesn't lose its freshness. 

Which of these above genda phool wedding decor ideas would you use on your or your BFF’s wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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