7 Unique Wedding Entry Ideas Telugu Groom Should Try With Their Brides

Telugu Groom

Telugu weddings are distinct, colorful, tasteful. and always have unique customs attached to them. And what sets them apart is that they are not only culturally rich but are equally simple too, which  adds more to the elegance of the wedding. And dear Tamil boys, if you are getting hitched soon and want to do something special for your bride, here are some Telugu Couple Entry ideas that Telugu boys for marriage must consider for the wedding. These ideas are cool, fun, and definitely a show-stealer. Check them out, and make sure to add one or more of these ideas to your list! PS, you can thank us later. 

Unique Entry Ideas Every Telugu Groom Should Keep In Mind

  1. Swaying Your Way Into A New Journey: Making an entrance to the music while 100s watching and cheering for you is too basic. If you want to make your entry fun and memorable, then how about entering the venue dancing with your bride? There are tonnes of fun Telugu songs, so why not use them and make a striking entry with your bride? Being a Telugu groom, you can plan this surprise for guests with your bride and make a grand entrance at your wedding. If you know any instrument to play, now is the right time to show off. You can always enter playing the guitar or any other instrument of your choice. Songs like Alanatirama Chandrudu or Srirasthu Shubamasthu are perfect for entry. And if you want to go all out with Bollywood,  Kala Chasma or Gallan Goodiyan will do the trick
  1. Enter In A Rickshaw: Entering a wedding on a bike or in a car is too mainstream - If you want to scale it up a level for your wedding then dear Telugu boys for marriage, how about making a grand entry on a Rickshaw? Sounds cool, right! Well, you can decorate the rickshaw for your bride and make a grand entry with her in it. You can attach some speakers to the rickshaw as well, or if you can manage to ride one just for the entrance while your bride sits at the back, that will be fun too. And if not rickshaw, entering on cycle is a fun option too. You will get married only once, hence going all out with your entrance is a must. 
  1. Make A Grand Entry With Your Squad: A marriage is a union of two souls, and while every story starts with a friendship, it's the friends that are a vital part of every couple's journey. And when it comes to your BIG day, how about celebrating it with your gang? Sounds exciting? Well, Telugu groom and bride can make a grand entrance with their tribe by  side. You can put up a show with your gang and plan an entertaining entrance, or you can simply hold each other's hands while entering. It will not only look great but will also symbolize how it takes an army to make every love story a success. So, we are saying bookmark this idea right away. 
  1. Go Desi With Bullock Carts: When it comes to entry, you want to make it  a memorable one -  something that people talk about for years to come. And what's better than entering on a bullock cart? It's distinct, fun, and unusual. Enter with your bride on a bullock cart, and give some great content for your wedding album. This one is a must-try idea, and we super recommend it. We have never seen something like this quite often, so this one will definitely make you stand out. 
  1. Say Yes To A Flash Mob: Flash Mobs are classic, visually appealing, and a treat to watch. You can never go wrong with flashmobs, and it's a great way to involve the guests too. So for all the Telugu boys for marriage, you can plan a flash mob with 25-30 people and pick all your favorite songs for the same. From peppy Telugu tracks to hip Bollywood and Hollywood numbers, you can remix it all. Everyone can enter from different sides and get together in the center where the couple makes an entry. You can also play with lights, crackers, and other decorations for the flashmob. So if you love entertainment and want to entertain your guests, this one has to be your entry idea. 
  1. Keep It Simple And Sweet: The wedding rituals and functions can be super tiring. So as a Telugu groom, if you don't want to go all out with your entry, you can always keep it simple. You can walk hand in hand with your bride, and to make things exceptional for her - you can play her favorite song for the entrance, shower some rose petals on her, and kneel on your knees, and give her a rose. All this will not only look romantic but will also make your bride feel special and also relieve some of her wedding stress.  
  1. Cruise It With Your Bride: If you are having a destination wedding and have a water body nearby, entering on a boat or coracle with your bride is a MUST for you. You can take a small boat and do your version of 'Pyaar Ki Kashti Mein' with your bride and make it a memorable ride for both of you. You can give some Titanic-inspired poses on the boat and get some insane pictures clicked. You can get the sailboat decorated with some flowers or deck up your love boat with a theme. From yacht to coracle and small cruise, the choice is yours. 

Every function in a Telugu wedding is equally important. However, it's the couple's entry that makes the Telugu groom and bride super excited and nervous. And to notch it up a bit, these ideas are perfect. And if you are getting coupled soon, then you must definitely try one of these out. In case you have any other ideas that you think will look fab,  do let us know in the comments.

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