7 Unique Dishes To Include In Your Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu

A wedding is about the couple for sure, but one thing guests look forward to in every wedding is the food. And we know, when you attend a wedding, that's one thing you look forward to too. No matter how good the venue is, how great the decor is or how warm the couple is, if the food is not up to the mark, you feel cheated. It is so because food is BAE, and there's nothing like Shaadi ka khana. Right!

And if you are going to get hitched soon, leave everything aside and focus all your energy on curating a fun food menu. Every wedding is remembered by the taste of the food, and you want yours to be the best. And we are here to help you achieve that. Here are seven unique dishes you must add to your wedding menu. Ditch the age-old jalebi and vanilla ice cream and try these dishes instead so that people always remember your wedding. 

  1. Macrons: Weddings usually have standard desserts, from the crowd's favorite Gulab jamoon to soul-touching gajar ka halwa- no wedding is complete without these deserts. And if you are looking to add something unique to your wedding menu, you must consider macrons. Not only do the kids love them, but they have a balanced flavor which makes them hard to resist. You can add 3-4 varieties of macron and other patisserie options too. From coconut filling to chocolate and strawberry ones - you can level the dessert counter with some international desserts. 
  1. Bake Rasgullas: Bored of the same old rasgullas, if yes, how about giving them a fun twist? Sound's delicious, right? We love rasgullas, and to treat our taste buds further - you should consider adding baked rasgullas to the menu. It's one of the unique dishes we are sure your guests will love by all means. The baked rasgulla is made with jaggery and is baked to perfection in an oven. The brown glaze on it tastes heavenly, and so does the entire dish. So if you want to impress your guests, consider adding this to the menu.
  1. Mini Kathi Rolls: Everyone loves a good roll, so ditch the basic spring rolls and opt for mini Kathi rolls instead. You can keep a live counter for mini Kathi rolls and expect kids to queue up at the counter. For kids, you can have pasta Kathi roll or paneer pizza-flavored Kathi roll. It's a unique dish, and we are sure guests who get bored of the same old roti bhaji will enjoy this. 
  1. Live Chowmein Counter: Chinese is a part of every wedding menu. However, after a while, the noodles and rice tend to get a bit soggy, and you certainly don't enjoy Shaadi Wala Manchurian. And if you are someone who wants to keep Chinese, then go all desi with it. Add a live Chowmein counter, where the chef prepares a street-style Chowmein for the guests keeping their taste buds in mind. People who love spicy can opt for Schwan, while those who like to be a little saucy can opt for a bland version. This one counter will be a super hit because we Indians love desi Chinese, so definitely consider adding this one to the wedding menu. 
  1. Cold Coffee Shakes: Every wedding has a set drink menu, that's juices or soft drinks, but if you are having a summer wedding, don’t forget to add cold coffee shakes to the wedding menu. It will not only be refreshing, but coffee lovers will give you extra blessings. For kids, you can add a chocolate milkshake with vanilla ice cream to the menu. Yes, this is no unique dish, but when it comes to weddings, people don't keep it - hence if you do so,  it will be a unique dish, and your guest will appreciate your choice. 
  1. Hummus: For the health freaks, this dish should be added to the wedding menu. You can include two-three types of dips, pita bread, and hummus in the salad section of the wedding menu. It's healthy, and has an international flavor which makes it a unique dish. Guests who are health conscious will appreciate this dish, and thank you for keeping it. You can also add guacamole if you have the budget, or else hummus is enough to spell-bind the guests. Make sure you taste all this before adding them to the menu. 
  1. Quinoa Salad: Every marriage has a salad counter, and there are types of salads that you will find at every second wedding you attend - Russian salad, cold pasta salad, and pineapple salad. While they taste good, they become too repetitive after a while. Hence, if you are planning to add a twist to your wedding menu, how about adding a quinoa salad to the menu? It's healthy, tasty, and something new for the guests attending the wedding. You can experiment with seasoning and flavors and add zest to them. 

Tasting dishes for the wedding menu is necessary; hence we expect you to check the flavors of these dishes before adding them to your wedding menu. You can also experiment with your flavors and adjust them according to your taste buds. 

On that note, from the above-mentioned dishes, which are the ones that you will add to your wedding menu? Let us know in the comments below.

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