7 Trends That Telugu Brides Must Check Out ASAP

Telugu Bride

Indian brides are known for their surreal makeup, million-dollar smile, and of course,  dreamy attires. They look ravishing, ethnic, and visionary. And while every bride has a peculiar look that makes them  different from the rest, it's the Telugu bride that has wowed us. From their simple, elegant bridal looks to sumptuous jewelry, Telugu brides know how to look traditional and modern at the same time. And dear Telugu girls, if you are going to be a bride soon, here are some bridal looks that you must try at your Telugu wedding. 

All these looks are perfect for a traditional yet modern Telugu bride. And you must try these looks for one of your wedding functions. 

7 Trends Every Telugu Girls For Marriage Must Try For Her Wedding

  1. Heavy Dupattas With Sarees: When it comes to bridal outfits, bridal dupattas are certainly not given the much-needed importance. However, with the latest trends, the type of bridal dupatta you choose can make or break your outfit. For Telugu matrimony, you can layer a bridal dupatta with your traditional Kanjeevaram saree to give yourself a customary royal look. If your saree is heavy, you can opt for a simple borderless dupatta that compliments the saree, and if it is in a lighter shade, a heavy dupatta with eye-catching work will work wonders for you. However, dear Telugu girls for marriage, you must remember that choosing the right length and type of dupatta is the key since you don't want your dupatta to overpower the saree. So dear Telugu girls, what we are saying is opt for the dupatta and make the bridal look more alluring.
  1. Set The Trend With Offbeat Colour Scheme: Wedding attires are always categorized in set colors; be it any bride, she is expected to choose her outfits having those colors in mind. However, if you want to  be a modern Telugu bride, you must improve your style game by choosing some offbeat saree colors . Instead of choosing the traditional shades of pink, orange, green and white, opt for a blue Kanjeevaram saree preferably with a silver border and go minimal with the jewelry. And if you want to go one mile extra, then you can also have your saree pallu designed in a unique way or experiment with your blouse design too. And if blue ain't your color, you can opt for purple color too. Try these colors and set a big trend for the Telugu brides. 
  1. Play With Contrast: Contrast, if done right, can work wonders for your bridal look. If you want to retain the traditional look while looking different from the rest, consider color contrasting with your outfit, jewelry, and makeup. If you are opting for a green and orange saree, your jewelry can be in pink color. This way, not only the saree but the jewelry will also stand out. Besides, if your saree color is off-white, you can go all out with a purple or pink blouse; going for pop colors will make the bridal look more vibrant and fun. When it comes to jewelry, you can  go all out, or keep it minimal depending on the saree color and design you are wearing. The idea here is to mix and match things to give them a whole new look. 
  1. Experiment With Jewellery: As a Telugu girl for marriage, you will be  wearing loads of gold jewelry, and each one of them is caved especially for you with intricate cuts and designs. However, if wearing loads of jewelry isn't your scene, you can always opt for diamond instead of gold. A diamond set with a heavy Kanjeevaram saree and minimal makeup will make you look like a dream. You can choose the diamond design and mix it a bit with gold and other precious gems. If you want to stick to the basics, you can opt for smaller golden sets and go minimal with your saree design. 
  1. Add More Flowers: When it comes to flowers, a Telugu bride usually prefers donning them when her hair is braided. We would suggest you have a bunch of flowers on your hair instead of adding a few, and that too, not just in the braid form. . You can opt for a flower bun, a flower tiara, and even stick small petals of flowers throughout your hair. Depending on your saree, jewelry, and makeup look, you can add tonnes of hair flowers to your lustrous locks. So Telugu girls, trust us, fresh flowers placed in your hair will definitely accentuate your look. 
  1. Experiment With Different Hairstyles: If you are done with classic buns and braids, then Telugu girls, you must  experiment with your hair for all the wedding occasions. Like Sonam Kapoor, you can opt for a Fishtail Braid hairstyle and cover it with Mogras, or if you are looking for a modern hairstyle, you can give the same old bun an upgrade by opting for a classy twisted side bun. If buns and braids aren't your thing, you are looking for something light- then you must try the bumped-up curls .It not only adds volume to the hair but also elevates your entire look. Last but not least, if you are planning to leave your hair open, a waterfall braid should definitely be your pick. This hairstyle would be  perfect for your wedding and prewedding events.
  1. Be The Minimalistic Telugu Bride: If you are a Telugu girl who wants to follow traditions, but doesn't want to go overboard with it, you can keep everything minimal. From sporting minimal wedding jewellery to opting for a simple yet classic Kanjeevaram saree and minimal makeup, you can pull off ‘The Less is More’ concept very well. The key here is to choose the right colors that pop up and the right jewelry that looks minimal yet tasteful. 

As a Telugu girl for marriage, you have a lot to worry about, and the last thing we want is that you worry about your looks!

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