7 Traditional Dapper Outfit Ideas For Kerala Grooms

Kerala Groom

If you want to see beauty, grace, and elegance in one frame, then you must attend a Kerala-style wedding at least once in your life. From the various ceremonies to clothing, everything is remarkably pure and ethnic. And while the bride is the center of the attention for her outfit, it's the Kerala groom that needs to up his style game ASAP. 

So dear Kerala boys, if you are getting hitched soon and want to take things to the next level with your outfits, then it's time to experiment with your wedding look. The classic white Mundu with golden Zari work, and matching scarf named Melmundu is timeless and chic But many grooms are now ok to experiment with their looks while keeping their traditions in place. And if you are going to be a Kerala groom soon, then dear mallu boy, here are 7-dapper outfit options for you. We are sure you will rock them and scream royalty!

7 Outfit Ideas For Wedding Kerala Boys For Marriage Should Try 

  1. Adding Prints To Traditional Outfit: Weddings help us appreciate our culture and traditions a little more. And dear Kerala boy, if you want to keep it simple with your traditional attire - White Mundu with a Zari border and a Melmundu - then you must do that. However, to add a little dapper look to the overall outfit, you can maybe get your Mundu embossed with some light design and print. It can be in gold so that it complements the Zari border. This way, you will not only maintain the authentic look but also look different from other Kerala grooms. 
  1. Mundu With Silk Kurta: Grooms can go all out and play around with their style for  wedding and still maintain an authentic look. And as a Kerala groom, if you want to experiment with Mundu, how about pairing it with a Silk Kurta? An off-white or beige color silk Kurta with white Mundu will do wonders. The color, sleeves, and the neck of the Kurta can have some thread work. Besides, if it's a full-sleeve kurta, you can also add some golf cufflinks to complete the look. The Kurta with golden thread work and cufflinks will definitely add a royal look to your classic wedding attire, plus the outfit will make for some great pictures too. 
  1. Experiment With Indo-Western Attire: Kerala Grooms, guess what? You can still keep the Mundu while looking completely different from the other grooms. How do you ask? Well, you can pair a knee-length Kurta and add a bomb Nehru Jacket on top of it. The Nehru can be in a neutral gold shade to complement the Zari border of the Mudu. And if you are not a fan of the Nehru Jacket, you can add a blazer to your outfit and keep the buttons of the blazer open toaccentuate the look. You can experiment with this look and flaunt it at different wedding ceremonies. 
  1. Get Comfy With A Set Of Kurta Pyjama/Pants: Yes, every Kerala boy dons a Mundu at their wedding, but to be honest, there are no rules when it comes to the outfit for grooms in kerala matrimony. People love to follow the traditions, and hence they choose to stick to the basics, but if you want to experiment with the look, then how about experimenting with a Kurta Pyjama set? A silk Kurta Pyjama with gold zari work paired with the classic Melmundu as the scarf will do wonders. You can sport this look at your reception or some other function, and it will definitely be a hit!
  1. The Classic Suit: If you are aiming for a complete make-over and don't want to go with the traditional outfit,  a three-piece suit should be your pick. You can either pick a waistcoat or a blazer - the choice is yours. You can choose the statement black tuxedo or go for neutral tones - everything will fit fine. You can also coordinate the color with your bride's outfit, and that'll definitely make you look like a dreamy couple. The three-piece suit look will sit nicely for reception, engagement, and cocktail parties.
  1. Silk Sherwani With Heavy Design: Dear Kerala groom, if a traditional wedding dress is not for you, you can experiment with  the North Indian look, where one outfit that every groom swears by is a Sherwani. You can style the Sherwani in multiple ways. Pair them with a Churidaar or Silk Dhoti. While the bottom of the outfit can be plain, you can add heavy embroidery to the Sherwani for that royal look. If you are planning to wear it for a day function, stick to the light colors, and for night time, go all out with the colors and patterns. 
  1. Experiment with Jodhpuri Suit: If you want to look and feel like royalty, then there's nothing like dressing up as one. You can ditch the same old look and flaunt your style in a classic Jodhpuri suit. For the day event, you can opt for a pink or beige color tone, and for the night, you can experiment with the shades of red and blue. You can add the Maharaja necklace to your  suit to complete the royal look. Pair with a Mojri, and you are set to look like a royal for your wedding!

With this, we sincerely hope that all you Kerala boys for marriage now know that you can freely experiment with your wedding looks. You can give a slight makeover to your traditional outfit or create your style - it's your call. So, we are saying you curate different looks for all the occasions, and raise the bar high for other Kerala grooms. 

So Kerala boys for marriage, what’s your wedding style like? And would you want to experiment with the above-mentioned looks? Do let us know. 

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