7 Tips To Plan Your Kerala Style Matrimony On A Budget

kerala Matrimony

In India, every wedding is different. Be it the ornate and high on energy Punjabi weddings or the mellow traditional Kerala matrimonial weddings, every wedding in India extrudes culture, pomp, and happiness. However, when it comes to the wedding, while everything looks fun, these fun things, at times, cost a bomb. From the fancy decor to the upbeat outfits and luxurious dishes, a lot is spent on weddings in India. And if you are planning to get hitched soon, then we suggest that you consider ditching the fancy weddings and opt for a Kerala- style wedding. Weddings in Kerala are peaceful, traditional and can be easily done on a budget. Their rituals are beautiful, and you can expect less stress-free preps and a much calmer wedding. So if you have found the ONE from Kerala matchmaking, then make sure to plan a Kerala-style wedding and experience something that is unique, culturally rich and definitely fun. 

Tips To Have A Kerala Style Matrimony On A Budget 

  1. Pick Your Venue Smartly: Weddings in Kerala are short, simple, and quite tasteful. So once you fix a match on Kerala matrimony, make sure you plan your wedding wisely. Instead of selecting a weekend date, opt for a weekday date. And once you sort the dates, leave everything and choose the venue first. When you decide to get hitched on a weekday, you not only save a bomb but also get hitched at your preferred location. And if you are planning to get married on a tight budget, always opt for an open area as the venue. It fits the budget, looks aesthetic, you can decorate it as per your vision, and definitely, the open-air makes everything beautiful. Especially for Kerala style weddings, an open ground venue is a great option since most of the rituals happen in the morning and an open ground with traditional decor will not only comfort you but you will also feel much at ease, as compared to the closed halls. The cost on the weekend is higher, so if you plan a budget wedding, choose the venue first and block the dates instantly. 
  1. Connect With A Local Photographer: A traditional Kerala matrimony consists of a few simple rituals, so capturing some picture-perfect moments shouldn't be missed. And if you want to capture every moment, then you must consider hiring a local photographer. A local photographer will not only be well versed with the rituals but will also be more expensive than a high-end photographer. Try asking around with friends and family or connect with a photographer in your community, your wedding will happen only once, and it's imperative to make the most of it, and that too on a budget. Remember, a person with a good sense of photography, even if it's a friend, is good enough you don't need to go all out. 
  1. Pick Floral Decor: Bid adieu to lights, backdrops, and fancy decor, and say yes to fresh flower decor. Floral decorations look elegant, add more value to the pictures, and are cheaper than other fancy decor options. And according to Kerala's matrimonial customs, the inclusion of flowers and floral decor is a must. No Kerala wedding is complete without flowers, and if you are planning the wedding on a budget, seasonal fresh flowers are your best bet. They cost less than the fancy flowers and are readily available too. And if you are too tight on the budget, you can also opt for artificial flowers for the decor. Besides this, there's nothing more beautiful than a floral mandap. 
  1. Say Yes To Traditional Food: Nowadays for weddings, people prefer going all out with fancy dishes, which not only costs them a lot but also leads to food wastage. However, when you plan your authentic Kerala matrimony, try and incorporate local and traditional food and ditch the fancy items. A Kerala Wedding Sadhya is not only a must in every wedding, but it also comprises 20 different dishes which are mostly veg, light on the stomach, and easy on the pocket. So instead of opting for fancy meals, stick to the basics and make the most of it. Also, traditional homely items will help you avoid adding costly items to the menu, while letting guests enjoy authentic flavours.
  1. Go for E-invites: If you are done with the process of Kerala Matchmaking, and are planning a traditional Kerala wedding, then you must consider ditching the fancy invites and opt for e-invites. You can design the invites while keeping traditional and cultural values in mind. Doing so will not only help you save a lot of money, but it will also be good for the environment. Some varied apps and software help you design e-cards, or you can even hire people to help you with it. It will not only be cost-effective, but you will also get the creative freedom to design your invites.
  1. Say Yes To A Traditional Wedding: There's nothing more beautiful than a Kerala matrimonial wedding. With simple and traditional rituals, you are bound to have fun at an authentic Kerala-style wedding. So once done with the Kerala Matchmaking, make sure you say yes to a traditional wedding. And with this modernization, people love to experiment with functions and opt for varied themes, and while they look good, they certainly do burn a hole in your pocket. So if you want to plan a wedding on a budget and keep all the traditions in mind, then Kerala-style traditional matrimony should be your pick. With flowers, banana leaves, open verandas, and other ethnic inputs, a lot can be done on a budget. 
  1. Keep It Simple With The Wedding Attire: A Kerala bride looks drop-dead gorgeous in a traditional white saree with a golden border. And the groom looks dapper smart with the customary white Mundu with a Zari border and a Melmundu. So if you are planning to get wedded soon, make sure that you don't go overboard with the attire and stick to the simple basic traditional outfits. They not only look fab for the pictures but also cost less. So ditch the heavy designer outfits and opt for simple ones that not only fit the budget but make you look elegant as well. 

Weddings don't always have to be expensive; by cutting costs at some places, you can still have the wedding of your dreams. So now after reading this, go, plan THE perfect Kerala-style wedding right away.

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