7 Things You Only Get To Witness At English Matrimonial

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Weddings, be they English or Indian, all are different. From rituals to traditions — every wedding has a set of customs that make them distinct from the rest. And when it comes to English matrimony, there are tons of things that not only make them unique but also worth knowing. For example, in English matrimony, the wedding meal is known as the Wedding breakfast. Sounds fun, right? 

Here are seven rituals that you will only find at an English matrimonial. So read on, and we are sure some of these things will definitely stun you, and some might be bizarre.  PS: Do tell your favorite one in the comments below.

7 Things Only Seen At English Matrimonial That Will Stun You 

English Matrimonial Don't Have Rehearsal Dinner

If you are someone who has grown up watching American sitcoms and movies, we are sure you know what a Rehearsal dinner is. And while it's slowly gaining popularity in India as well, English matrimony doesn't have it. English matrimonials have limited customs and functions, and this one is not a part of the list. They don't believe in practicing for a dinner/reception the night before the wedding. And now, when we come to think about it, it sounds a bit bizarre; hence English people don't follow it at all. 

Hats Can Only Be Taken Off After The Bride's Mother

If you follow the Royal family, we are sure you know everything about the Hats and their significance. And now, when it comes to English matrimony, several people love to don fancy hats for the celebrations, and while they look super chic and fancy, there are certain rules that one needs to follow. One rule is that when it comes to weddings until the bride's mother takes her hat off, the guests should keep theirs on. Yep, no matter how uncomfortable or done you are with it, you have to wear it while you are present at the wedding. So dear ladies, if you plan to wear a hat keep this in mind. 

Wedding Cakes Are Always Fruit Cake

Back in the day, a wedding cake was quite simple; however, now, there are professional cake designers who focus on wedding cakes and nothing else. From human-size chandelier cakes to theme cakes, people go all out with wedding cakes. However, when it comes to English weddings, most of them have only a fruitcake. Yep – a traditional English matrimony wedding will have a fruitcake and no other flavor. So if you like fruitcakes, you will definitely enjoy the wedding cake. 

Bride Enters First

When it comes to a classic church wedding, you always see the bridesmaids enter first; however when it comes to English weddings, bridesmaids typically go after the bride. Yes, that may sound a bit off, but that's how it is in English Matrimonial. When the bride enters, the groom faces away from the bride until she gets to the altar. We know this ritual is a bit off, but it’s a must at an English wedding. 

No Typical Wedding Rituals

In a classic wedding scenario, the bridesmaids purchase their own outfits; however, in English weddings, the bride has to buy dresses for her bridesmaids. In fact, there are no bridesmaids, in particular, there is a chief bridesmaid chosen by the bride. Not only that, during the main wedding, the bridesmaids don't stand beside the bride- they sit during the ceremony. And if you think that's unusual, you must know that groomsmen are called ushers, and they don't do all the typical wedding stuff. So yes, these ushers don't walk in with the bridesmaids at the wedding. Besides, English weddings are small and less time-consuming than the rest. With all these things in place, we are sure you will find an English wedding unique as well. 

Everyone Is Isn't Invited To English Wedding

Weddings in India are like a festival, where everyone is invited to be a part of the celebrations. However, English matrimony is the opposite. In English weddings, different sets of people are called to the wedding and reception. The most important ones make it to the wedding, while the rest to the reception. It's pretty common to have a list since it not only saves cost but also helps to limit the guest list. So a lot of people are invited to the main wedding, while the less important ones show up at the reception. A similar list is also made for cocktails and other events. 

Vows Are Not Written By The Couple

In Indian weddings, the couple repeats the vow said by the priest. Similar is the case in English weddings as well. Here- the couples don't write their vows, in fact, they read the vows that are written by the church. And while time is changing, some people still like to follow this age-old custom, while some millennials love writing their vows. 

So if you ever attend an English matrimonial, don't be surprised by these things. They may be a bit off for you, but for them, it's completely normal. So be prepared to witness these things. On that note, what's the most bizarre or unique wedding ritual you have come across? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have ever attended an English matrimonial before, do share your experience with us in the comments.

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