7 Things To Know Before Planning An All-White Wedding

all-white wedding

Planning a wedding is a task, but it is fun. And trust us, there's no better feeling in the world than planning the wedding of your dreams. From aspirational themes and decors to destinations, there's a lot one can experiment with. And when it comes to weddings, one thing most of us dream of having is an all-white wedding. Yes, an all-white wedding sounds quite dreamy and looks equally captivating- however, there are a few things that one doesn't talk about. 

So if you are planning an all-white wedding, there are a few things that we would want you to consider before planning one. Read on to know more about it, and you can thank us later for helping you make the right choice. 

7 Things You Need To Consider For An All-White Wedding 

  1. Your Decor Won't Pop Much: An all-white wedding gives you royal vibes, but you must also remember that your floral decor won't pop much at the wedding. To maintain the theme, you will opt for the flowers of beige and white shades, which won't complement the decor much since it will look a bit dull in the picture. Besides, if you choose to go with dark colors for the decor, you will somehow ruin the vibe of an all-white wedding. So if you are okay to marry in a setting where the colors don't pop much and don't care about dark colors, add the shades of green, and pink to your wedding and make it stand out from the rest. 
  1. Gets Difficult To Stand Out From The Crowd: When it comes to an all-white wedding, everyone attending it is also expected to wear white outfits. Hence, as a bride, you will have to work twice harder to stand out in the crowd. You will be donning a white dress too, and to ensure that you stand out from the rest, add more drama to your outfit, ask your bridesmaids to wear a short dress if you are wearing a long one and vice versa. Go all out with dramatic eyes and a hairdo- so that you easily stand out and look an absolute diva. 
  1. You Have To Avoid Greasy Food: You will spend a lot in planning the wedding of your dreams, and if you want to ensure that your all-white wedding is flawless, then you will have to be wise with your food menu. You cannot keep greasy dishes or BBQs that might spoil an all-white wedding. You will have to get rid of the sauces or anything that can potentially spill and spoil the setting of your theme. Besides, you will have to constantly remind people to eat carefully so that theme is not affected because of the food. 
  2. You Have To Ensure That Everyone Understand The Dress Code: When you send your wedding invites, you have to make it very clear about the theme of your wedding. You will have to mention that all the guests will be required to come dressed in white. And not only the guests but everyone in the wedding planning, catering, and photography team will also be required to follow the dress code. So ensure that the dress code for the wedding is known to all since it will look very odd if someone turns up in red or black in an all-white wedding. 
  1. Your Guests Might Approve Of This: We hate to say this, but not everyone will have a white outfit for the wedding, and some might not like wearing white to the wedding. In many cultures, especially in Hinduism, white is worn on someone's demise, and wearing it for a wedding is an unknown concept. So you have to be very careful when you ask your guests to dress a certain way. You can maybe give them ideas and research more about the all-white wedding so that no one is two minds about it and everything works out as planned. 
  1. You Cannot Have It On An Open Grounds: The most important thing you need to care about is the venue. If you are planning an all-white wedding, you would like to have one till the very end of the wedding. And for that, having the wedding in an open venue is a safer option, since when you have it in an open space like a ground, the chance of the white decor getting spoiled because of the dust and mud increases, and we are sure you don't want anything dust to spoil your wedding theme. So opt for an indoor venue and say NO to an outdoor one. 
  • You Should Look Like The Main Lead: When you plan an all-white marriage, you should make sure that you compliment everything and everyone present in the room. And for that, wedding planners should be careful with the kind of decor they choose, since as a bride, your day should revolve around you and not around the decor your planners choose. So if you are wearing a traditional white dress, with lots of dainty details, other things in the room should be kept minimal. The venue and decor should be arranged keeping the bride's outfit and look in mind- this way, everyone will notice the bride more and other things a bit less. 

So dear brides, planning a wedding of your dreams can be fun and painful at the same time, and if you are planning an all-white wedding, ensure that you think everything well and consider all the above-mentioned things before starting with the wedding preps. Also, talk to your partner and other family members about it so that everyone is on the same page.

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