7 Things That Only Happen At Gujarati Matrimonial

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With all the wedding shenanigans, colors, and themes in place, a wedding of Gujarati Matrimonial is always fun to attend. From larger-than-life wedding welcome to a plethora of rituals, some things make this matrimony stand out. And if you are attending a Gujarati Matrimonial soon or planning to register on a Gujarati matrimony app, then here are seven things you must know about Gujarati weddings. Trust us; these things can only be seen at Gujarati Matrimonials, making them distinct and fun. 

Fun Things That You Can Only Experience At Gujarati Matrimonial 

Garba Nights

You can take a Gujarati outside Gujarat, but you cannot take them away from Garba. So if you are planning to attend a Gujarati Matrimonial, it's time for you to polish your dancing skills. Why so? Well, Garba is an important part of every Gujarati matrimonial wedding. The fun music of Garba and Dandiya makes the ambiance lively. People wear multi-color traditional Gujarati attire and dance to the beats of Garba like there's no tomorrow. And if you think that people only dance to traditional Gujarati songs, you must know that a lot of Bollywood songs have a Garba version, and they are a big hit on Garba nights.

Memorable Welcome Of The Groom

If you are looking for a Gujarati groom on a Gujarati matrimony app, you must know that grooms in this community are always welcomed royally in style. The bride's mother performs aarti, pulls the groom's nose and welcomes him to the wedding venue. Not only this, the groom has a special baraati with live singers, where his family members dance and celebrate this auspicious occasion. In fact, in some Gujarati matrimonials, the groom's entry lasts for at least 45 minutes, and it's one of the fun things to be a part of. 

You'll Find Chaas Everywhere

When it comes to wedding celebrations, we like to celebrate our functions by chugging a glass or two of whiskey. However, when it comes to Gujarati Matrimonials, the alcohol is replaced by chaas(buttermilk). No matter in which season the wedding takes place, a Gujarati matrimonial is incomplete without chilled flavored chaas. Some guests also challenge each other in a chaas competition, and it's a fun thing to watch. But if you are someone who doesn't enjoy chaas much, don't worry, they also have lassi. 

Only Pure Vegetarian Food

When you are a part of a Gujarati Matrimonial, be prepared to eat only vegetarian food. And if you think it's boring, let us tell you Gujarati food is filled with flavors and options, making it anything but boring. And no, not every dish you eat is sweet, so don't worry about that. From Chakri, and Fafda to Halvasan, Malpua, and Ghevar, tons of Gujarati items are waiting for you at the wedding. All these items are prepared in Pure Ghee and add extra sweetness to the wedding functions. 

Unique Rituals

Gujarati Matrimonial is known for its Garba and Dandiya nights, but there's so much more to the wedding than just these. The women of the household follow tons of rituals to ensure that the wedding is successful without any obstructions. Many women also fast for the wedding so that the couple is blessed with fortune and happiness. It's not only the Garba nights and chaas that make Gujarati Matrimonial different; there are tons of beautiful rituals that help them stand out from the rest. 

Older Women Finding Matches For Others

As funny as it sounds, this thing happens in Gujarati Matrimonials. So if you are looking for a groom on the Gujarati matrimony app, we suggest that you attend a Gujarati wedding, and some old woman will be more than happy to find a match for you. These women discuss future alliances for everyone who is single and is over 20 years of age. And they are not shy, so the chances of them coming and asking you or your family about it are quite high. And if you are already in a relationship, you can watch this fun matchmaking process and remember Sima Aunty and her tactics. 

Everything Glamorous

When you attend a Gujarati Matrimonial, we are sure you'll get a major fashion inspiration looking at all the lovely women around you. From ethnic Bandhani and Gota Patti ensembles to the latest designer outfits, Gujarati women love to dress up, and that too in style. So, attend a Gujarati matrimonial wedding for your daily dose of fashion, and we are sure you'll enjoy what you see. 

Have you attended a Gujarati wedding? How was your experience? We would love to know about it in the comments below. 

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