7 Things Groom-To-Be Should Share With His Bride-To-Be Before Wedding


Weddings sound fun, but they can get tiring and overwhelming for the couple, especially for the bride. And as a groom-to-be, there are certain things that you can do for the bride to take the edge off. From cooking for her to ensuring that you are by her side, there’s a lot you can do. 

And if you are still wondering what those things are, we have made a special list for you. So read on and say these things to your bride-to-be before the wedding and we are sure she will appreciate you for these words. PS: While you do so, you can thank us later. :D

7 Things Every Groom-To-Be Should Tell His Wife Before The Wedding 

  1. I Am Here For You 24*7: You are getting hitched soon, and that too with the love of your life. And you must want to ensure that your bride-to-be handles every wedding-related thing smoothly, and for that, you should assure her that you are there for her no matter what happens. From outfits to hair and makeup to wedding favors and rituals, brides genuinely have a lot on their plates in comparison to the groom. Hence, as a groom-to-be, it's your responsibility to assure your bride-to-be that even if she wants to talk at 4 AM or she wants to meet you at midnight, you are always a call away. 
  1. I Would Love To Help You With Wedding Shopping: We ladies put in our heart and soul to buy the wedding outfit of our dreams. And all we need is our partner's support and encouragement in the process. So if at any point, if you think that your bride-to-be is feeling pressured because of the wedding shopping, tell them that you are available to accompany them. Go and help with shopping for basic stuff, even if it's for an hour, we are sure your bride-to-be will appreciate this gesture. And you being there for her during her shopping will not only help her take the edge off, but you both will also spend some time together. 
  1. I Don't Want Anything But You: In India, grooms are always considered superior to the brides, hence the dowry system still prevails in our country. However, as a modern groom-to-be, you must assure your bride that you don't need anything but her. You don't want her to bring any appliances, car, or furniture post-marriage- she is enough for you. And you two can build a beautiful life together. Saying this will reassure your betterhalf that she has chosen the right life partner and will also relieve her parent's stress of giving things to the groom and their family. 
  1. I Am Lucky To Have You In Life: During wedding preps, as groom-to-be and bride-to-be, you both will have doubts and second thoughts. However, you have to ensure that your bride is always happy and confident. So, express your feelings for her, tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life, how you two will have a good life together, etc. She will have some moments of self-doubts, and with all the pressure building inside her, she may get irked at you, but you must coolly handle the situation and make her realize that everything will be fine. 
  1. You Can Choose The Honeymoon Destination: To make your bride-to-be feel extra special, you can ask her to choose the honeymoon destination. If she has a place she always wanted to visit, that can be your honeymoon destination. From planning the honeymoon post-wedding to shortlisting the activities and things to do, leave everything on your bride, and we are sure she will love this support from your end. You two should discuss the logistics and budget together, but the place and everything else should be her decision. So dear groom-to-be, make sure that you give this crucial chore to your bride-to-be, and when you see her priceless reaction, you will thank us later. 
  1. I Am Cooking A Meal For You: Wedding preps can take a toll on you, so to ensure that everything sails smoothly till the BIG day, pamper your bride-to-be by doing special things for her. Take her on a surprise date, cook her favorite dish for her, and make her feel special. She should feel loved, pampered, and taken care of so that she can relax and enjoy the wedding process without stressing much about the preps. 
  1. Whatever It Is, We Will Deal With It Together: A lot can go wrong and unplanned during your wedding, and to make sure that your bride-to-be doesn't take all the stress herself, reassure her that you both are in this together. Whatever happens, you will stand by her like a rock and deal with it. You have to make sure to do everything in your power to make your bride happy and help her take the edge off. 

Dear groom-to-be, you and your partner are in this together, but sometimes all your betterhalf needs is your support, so whenever you feel she is pressured and wants to be heard and seen, ensure that you are with her by all means. Say these things to her, and we are sure she will appreciate you more. On that note, what's one thing you would like to hear from your groom before the wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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