7 Things Every Maid Of Honour Has To Do On Her BFF's Wedding

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Your BFF is getting married and having the wedding of your dreams, and you are the maid of honor for her wedding. Now, we are sure you are stoked to be there with your BFF in this momentous phase of her life. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of as well. Know this that a maid of honor has duties before, during, and after the wedding. 

The maid of honor is not only responsible for organizing a bachelorette for the bride but is also a support system to the bride's family members. She is one of the showrunners, without whom the wedding is incomplete. So dear, maid of honor, here are seven marriage duties that you cannot skip on at your BFF's wedding.

Maid Of Honour Duties Checklist For Your BFF’s Wedding

  1. Setting The Budget For Bachelorette: Being the maid of honor, one of your many wedding duties is to plan a fun and memorable bachelorette and bridal shower for the bride. And before you start planning one, you should talk to the other bridesmaids and check the budget with them once. Everyone from the bride's girl squad will be chipping for the party, so it's essential to know how much everyone can afford. And once you understand that, you can set a budget and plan everything around the budget itself. 
  1. Help The Bride With Shopping: As a bride, your BFF will be anxious about too many things happening around her. From makeup to hairstyle and outfits, there's a lot that she will need your help with. So ensure that you keep yourself available for her at least 3-months before the wedding. If she asks you to come with her for wedding lehenga shopping in 10 places, be patient and go with her. Assure her that she will look like a diva at her wedding and she should only focus on staying happy. Help her with outfit trials, arrange her outfits for her, help her with designs, and lastly, sort your outfit too.
  1. Plan The Bachelorette: No wedding is complete without a fun bachelorette party, and as the maid of honor, this is one of the vital wedding duties you cannot neglect. Set the budget for the party, prepare a guest list, plan the destination, venue, food, drinks, etc. Take help from other bridesmaids and plan something that you know your BFF will love and enjoy. The menu should have all her favorites, while the decor should be done keeping her color in mind. It's her big day, and you should make her feel special. 
  1. Arrange A Wedding Kit: Yes, as the maid of honor, you will have a plethora of duties to do, and while you can ignore a few, you certainly cannot skip this one. You must prepare a wedding survival kit for the bride- some extra safety pins, bobby clips, band-aids, hair ties, lipstick for touchup, a pack of small tissue, a painkiller, and everything else that the bride might need during her functions. You should be ready with this box so that if the situation demands it, you are ready with it.  
  1. You Have To Feed The Bride: As a bride, your BFF will have tons of people to meet, click pictures with everyone who attends her attend, be present for the rituals, etc., and in all this, we are sure that she might lose the sense of lunch/dinner time, so you must ensure that she eats on time. Make a special plate for her and feed her when she is applying Mehendi or is in the middle of something. If she cannot have a meal, ensure that she stays hydrated and has a snack or two. The bride will be tired- however, she cannot look tired, and for that, you have to ensure that she is well-rested and hydrated.
  1. Be Her Stylist: Wedding day can become quite chaotic, and one person the bride will always need by her side beside her mother is her maid of honor. So be there with the bride, make sure she doesn't feel overwhelmed, help her get ready, ensure that her dress is wrinkle-free, and all her accessories and shoes are placed with her dress. The bride shouldn't miss out on anything, and it's one of your wedding duties to remind her of everything, so make a list well in advance. 
  1. Work On The Speech: It's your BFF's big day, and we are sure it's quite an emotional day for you as well. To ensure that all your emotions are conveyed to the bride, prepare a nice speech for her that you will give at her wedding reception. Talk about your friendship, things you love about the bride, how you met, what are you feeling right now, and bless the couple with your words. Don't forget to talk about your first meeting with the groom and how you want him to keep your BFF happy and all. Work well on the script because we are sure there's a lot that you'd want to share with the bride on her wedding day. And you wouldn’t want to miss anything.

As a BFF, we know you will have a lot to do for yourself as well- however, being there for the bride is the most important thing for you as the maid of honor. And we hope by keeping all these wedding duties in mind, you fill your BFF’s wedding day with love, luck, and happiness. 

On that note, what’s one special thing you would want to do at your BFF’s wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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