7 Stunning Ways To Rock Your Sindoor Post Marriage

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One favourite accessory every bride loves to wear post-marriage is a sindoor. A simple red tint between the partition of the forehead makes the newlywed bride look elegant and radiant. The sindoor is something that not only signifies the marriage but also makes you look like an absolute Indian bride. So if you are a newlywed bride or are going to be one soon, here are seven ways you can use to style your sindoor.

These ways will help you achieve the perfect look you want while merging fashion and traditions in the best way possible. So read on and let us know which one is your favourite pick. 

Stunning Ways A Bride Can Use To Apply Sindoor post Marriage

The Type Of Sindoor

Before you choose the way, you should know the type of sindoor you are choosing. From maroon to dark red, bright blood red, brownish earth red to orange-ish- there are tones of shades for you to pick from. Brides getting hitched in Bihar usually opt for the orange-ish shade, while those getting hitched in Punjab go with dark red. So before you opt the way, pick the colour and after that, choose the texture you want. You can choose from liquid, pencils, colour sticks, and powder to style it as per your taste and preference. 

  1. The Thin Line: If you want to keep your sindoor look minimal and still want it to stand out, opt for a liquid sindoor and draw a thin stroke with it on your forehead. This one is usually drawn with a brush and for girls who want to show their sindoor as a newlywed bride but in a minimal way. So, if you have to attend an emergency meeting post-wedding, you can opt for this on your formal outfits. It will be noticeable without being too loud and direct. 
  1. The Bold Way: Here, you have to go all out and bold with your sindoor by wearing it up to your hair partition. You can tie a tight bun and highlight the sindoor or opt for a middle-parted low ponytail to show off the sindoor post-marriage. This style sits well on all hairdos, and you should opt for it if you loved the look Deepika and Anushka created for their wedding. In this style- powder sindoor is used frequently since it has a rich dense texture that makes it look more prominent on the forehead. You can completely rock the look even if you are a millennial bride, so think about it twice. 
  2. Accessorise Your Sindoor: This trend became way popular in the 90s when TV celebs did it in famous drama shows. However, now the trend is back with a bang, and as a newlywed bride, you should definitely try it once post marriage. You can play around with your sindoor by bedazzling it with tiny silver bindis. You can add a bindi or two below your sindoor to give it that fun look - however, you must ensure that you don't go overboard with it. You should keep the bindi minimum- remember it's just an added accessory- the real deal is still the sindoor. 
  1. The Simple Look: Simplicity is the best policy, and if you are a bride who swears by this, then opting for the classic sindoor look post-marriage should be your thing. The prettiest way of styling it is by keeping the rest of your makeup very simple. Don't go all out with the makeup - keep it simple and light so that the only thing that highlights your face is the sindoor. Strike the right balance between the lip shade you use and the sindoor colour you opt for. Keep the highlighter and cheek blush to a minimum to achieve that simple yet stunning post-marriage bridal look. 
  1. Apply It In The Centre: If you don't want to apply the sindoor in the middle partition of your forehead, you can also go for a versatile look by applying it in the centre of the forehead like a bindi and pair with a little turmeric. Several South Indian and Maharashtrian brides apply it this way post-marriage, and they look absolutely stunning. So if you want to play a bit lowkey with the sindoor, this one is the best way. Not only will you maintain the bridal glow but will also look like yourself once you get ready post-marriage. 
  1. The Bengali Way: The Bengali brides look stunning when they apply sindoor post-marriage. Their smudge sindoor look not only looks royal but also makes them look like a goddess. It's a very desi and regal look  opted mostly by the Bengali bride, but if you like the look, you too can try it. We are sure with the right shade and quantity, you will be able to rock this one post-marriage. 
  1. The One Where You Keep It Minimal: This is one of the most common ways to style your sindoor, especially if you are planning to wear it daily post-marriage. It's simple, sophisticated, and easy to apply. Just apply a pinch of sindoor on your forehead partition, and you are good to go. To achieve this minimal look, you should opt for sindoor lipstick - we are sure you will look your absolute best. 

So dear bride, which one will be your pick? Share it with us in the comments, we would love to know your thoughts on the same.

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