7 Statement Items Every Indian Bride MUST Have In Her Closet

Indian Bride

Indian weddings are known for their rituals, traditions, and customs, but it's always known for the beauty of an Indian bride. Being an Indian bride takes a lot of work since it's the look that everyone looks forward to. Be it a Bengali Indian bride or a Marathi Indian bride, every bride in India looks radiant on her big day. And while there's a lot that goes behind her wedding looks, there are some things that always remain constant and  are must-haves for a bride. 

So dear girls, if you are soon going to be the Indian bride of your dreams,  make sure that you have these seven things in your closet by all means. You can have a version of it, style it as per your taste, but these statement pieces are worth possessing. So we would kindly suggest you take a note of these pieces, and don't forget to add them to your wedding closet. 

7 Indian Bride Must-Haves 

  1. Banarasi Sarees: Sarees are the epitome of Indian culture and one of the most statement pieces any Indian Bride can own. So when it comes to your wedding closet, make sure that you have a Banarasi Saree. It can be from your mother's closet, or you can buy it from an Indian emporium or get it designed as per your taste- the choice is yours. However, it's a bride must-have, and if you don't own one till now, then it's high time that you invest in one. You can pair the saree with a nice embellished blouse, light makeup, simple hair, and dramatic eyes. Trust us; you will look visionary. 
  1. Blingy Sandals: Indian wedding is all about bling, no matter what's your wedding theme, as an Indian bride, you are allowed to be more blingy than usual. And when it comes to bling, one statement piece every bride must own is Bling footwear. Pair it with a simple attire on your Mehendi or your reception outfit- the choice is yours. You can use the footwear even after your wedding, and that's the beauty of it. So don't think about it much - add a comfy pair of bling sandals to your wedding closet right away. Pick golden or silver, but pick one ASAP. 
  1. Kolhapuris: Everyone can rock heels and big brands, but one thing that will give you royal feels is Mojris/Kolhapuris. They are not only traditional but are equally comfortable too. The right fit and type of Kolhapuri can elevate your outfit on a different level; hence as an Indian bride, you must have a Kolhapuris in your closet. Paired with Indian or western, the classic charm of Kolhapuri never fails to impress. You can get your bridal Kolhapuri customized by adding mirrors, tassels, embroideries, your initials, and other dainty things to eat. 
  1. Vanity Box: It might sound pretty common and basic, but trust us, a lot of Indian brides tend to ignore this statement piece at their wedding. You may not need to carry it around with you, but it's a bride's must-have. You can store all your precious jewels, your makeup essentials, a tiny sewing kit, safety pins, bobby pins, and so much more in the vanity. It can be your very own DIY safety box, where you can keep all the last-minute essentials to bridal must-haves. 
  1. Statement Jewellery Pieces: In Indian Weddings, one thing that everyone looks forward to is the Indian bride. Donned with traditional outfits and jewellery, an Indian bride looks no less than a diva at her wedding. And when it comes to jewellery, there are certain statement jewellery pieces that every Indian bride must own. These are the pieces that are timeless, precious, and always in style. Be it the dainty gold bangles, or the classic diamond nose stud, or a bracelet with diamond and pearls- such pieces are always essential, and a bride always treasures these jewels till she lives. 
  1. A Heavy Dupatta: If you are going to be an Indian bride soon,  you must shop for a heavy dupatta. Team with a silk Kurta for your Mehendi or style it as a cape for your sangeet- a heavy dupatta is enough to accessories one of your wedding looks. You can either buy the phone with stones and mirror work or the one with heavy embroidery- the choice is yours. Go all out with colours, patterns, and prints since this one is one of the bride's must-haves. And you don’t need to wear it at one of your wedding functions, you can also wear it at pre and post-wedding rituals, it will certainly look good on any occasion. 
  1. Lehenga: As cliche as it sounds, Lehenga, be it red, golden, pink, or brown, is classic, timeless, and can never age. As an Indian bride, you just cannot not have a lehenga in your closet. You can pair it with a long embellished silk Kurta or get a designer blouse made - as long as it's a lehenga, you will rock the look. And once the wedding is done, you can store the lehenga and re-use it for multiple functions, such as your first Diwali after marriage. Lehenga is a statement piece since it never goes out of style, especially in Indian weddings. So always say yes to a Lehenga because that's one statement piece that will always remain in style. 

Well, Indian brides, we hope that you agree with these bride must-haves and will consider adding them to your closet. However, if there are any pieces that you think one must add to the closet, by all means, we would love to know about them. Don't forget to mention them in the comments below!

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