7 Quirky Proposal Ideas to Which You Cannot Say No

Quirky Proposal Ideas

You have spent enough time with your partner, and now you feel that you are all set to take the next step. You want to take the plunge and propose to your partner, and you want to do it most uniquely. You want to make sure that the proposal is a memory of a lifetime, and when you look back after 10 years, it's one happy memory that you both cherish. And for that, we have something for you. If you are looking for quirky proposal ideas and want to ditch the basic ones for something different, then here's a perfect list for you. 

We have curated a list of proposal ideas, which will not only astound your partner but also give you memories of a lifetime. So grab a book and pen and make a note of these ideas because we are darn sure that you will love them just like we do. 

7 Quirky Proposal Ideas For You 

  1. Propose With A Custom Puzzle: If you don't want to dedicate a song, propose at the movies, and are so done thinking about all the quirky proposal ideas, then we have one that's perfect for you. How about you propose your BAE with a puzzle? There are proposal puzzles available online, and you can get them customized as well. Sit down with the love of your life, start solving the puzzle, and once it's complete, your partner will be able to read- "Will you marry me?" And as soon as they read it, kneel and pop the question with your ring. Trust us, there are many proposal ideas, but this one will win them over. 
  1. Proposal Amid The Stars: When in love, you often tell each other that, if given a chance, you will get your BAE to the prettiest star on the planet. And while that's not possible, the proposal under the stars is. Contact a planetarium in your city, and ask them if they can project "Will You Marry Me (Your BAE Name)?" amid a stargazing show. If yes,  pick a date, choose a ring, write something to stay at the moment, and propose to her amid the stars. Now, this is one proposal idea you can not go wrong with. 
  1. Propose In Style With A Flash Mob: Flash mobs are fun, entertaining, and show-stealer. You cannot hate it and definitely cannot IGNORE it. And while it's everything fab, how about proposing your partner with a flash mob? Be it a dancing flash mob, a singing one, or even a one where everyone gathers with boards and signs- you can go all out and plan a flash mob for your lover. You can even research online about flash mobs and plan the quirkiest proposal for your BAE. Now that's one quirky proposal idea, ain't it? 
  1. Say It With A Website: We often check websites to look for online proposal ideas and often resort to the internet to look for things we don't know much about. So, how about using a website to propose to your partner for marriage? If you are into tech and love the internet,  this one is perfect for you. Get a custom website designed for the proposal. Add all the photos, videos, quotes, cute messages on the website and dedicate them to your partner. Once everything is ready, share the link with your partner and ask them to check it out ASAP. You can either tell them that it's a new food joint that you want to visit or a holiday destination that you both can visit. Just make any excuse and trust us, the astonishment you will see on their face will be worth all the effort. And this is also one of the most tech-savvy online proposal ideas. 
  1. Propose With A Podcast: Want to go all out? Want to propose in the quirkiest way? If yes, then we have the perfect proposal idea for you. Record a podcast with your love story, share your feelings, share what your partner means to you, share all the cute moments and memories you share, and record the podcast. Add some audio, package it well and once you are ready, upload it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, etc., share with your partner and ask them to listen to it by all means. Tell them it's a great song/podcast that they must hear by all means. 
  1. Propose In A Photobooth: Photo Booths are cute, and just like they show in Hollywood rom-coms, some of the best memories are created in photo booths. So how about proposing your BAE in a photo booth? Sound's like a fun proposal idea. Right? Well, take them to the photo booth, and when the shutters start to click, propose to her with the ring. That way, you'll be able to capture first-hand reactions and make memories. We are sure your partner will love this quirky proposal idea of yours. 
  1. Proposal Amid The Concert: If you and your partner love a band, this is your chance to take advantage of that mutual admiration. If your favourite band is performing soon, book the tickets ASAP. Proposing your BAE at your favourite concert is a perfect proposal idea. So when the band sings your favourite song, hold her hand and silently present a ring to her. And if your partner is an extrovert and loves grand gestures, you can try getting up on stage and propose to her while the crowd cheers and watches her reaction. 

Going to propose to your partner soon? Which of these proposal ideas will you use, do let us know in the comments below. And if you have better ideas or have done something interesting, please share with us. 

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