7 Offbeat Accessory Ideas For Every Quintessential Kannada Groom

Kannada Groom

Weddings in Karnataka are all about authentic food, eye-catching decor, and of course, picture-perfect couples. However, when it comes to weddings in general, brides are always the center of attention, all thanks to the gorgeous outfits they don, while our dear grooms always choose to stick to the basics. Just like other weddings, in Kannada weddings too, Kannada grooms are usually seen wearing Dhotis. But times have changed, and dear Kannada boys, for marriage, you have to change with time as well. Gone are the days where you were compelled to stick to the basics, but now, being in a modern world, you can experiment with your looks. 

So if you are someone who doesn't want to experiment with the outfit, but don't mind experimenting with the accessories with the outfit then Kannada grooms grab a paper and pen - we have some cool ideas for you. Read on to know more. 

7 Offbeat Accessories For Kannada Grooms To Slay The Wedding Look 

  1. Say Yes To Gold: Ok! We know that gold in Kannada wedding is limited to women, but if you are going to be a Kannada groom soon, you too can experiment with some gold jewelry. Kannada boys for marriage can opt for a dainty gold bracelet or a thin gold chain. If you love experimenting, you can also try gold armlets and tiny gold studs for your ears. Some gold will elevate your off-white silk dhoti look. Your dhoti can have a light gold glittering too. Pair your dhoti with some gold jhootis, and trust us, you are all ready to glimmer and shine as much as your bride. 
  1. Opt For A Sword: Just like the royals and Marwari community does, you too can opt for a Talwar at your wedding. You can maybe have a royal theme for one of the functions and carry a Talwar with your outfit. It will not only make you look royal but will definitely up your style game. If you are not a fan of themed functions, you can always carry a Talwar in your hand while making a power-packed entry with your bride at the wedding. You both will look like king and queen, and she definitely will love this sumptuous look on you. 
  1. Experiment with sunglasses: Kannada weddings usually take place during the day, and sometimes, it can get sunny and hot out there. So Kannada groom, how about accessorizing your outfit with some shades? From cat-eyed shaped to chunky black ones to the classic aviators, you can make your pick. And if you want to add some dazzle and shine, you can opt for red, blue, and other neon-colored shades. Kannada boys for marriage can go all out and mix and match your sunglasses with your bride's outfit. Or even best, you and your bride can wear some funky shades together. Now, how cool does that sound? 
  1. Say Yes To Earrings: Gone are the days where earrings were subjected to only women. As a modern Kannada boy for marriage, you too can experiment with some offbeat accessory like a piece of earring. You can either opt for some dainty gold studs or add extra sparkle with small gold danglers. Either wear it one ear like the celebs do or don it in both-the choice is yours. From a diamond to ruby and gold, you can pick any jewel you want us. Trust us - earrings look equally good on men like they do on women, so don't think twice and go with it. 
  1. Opt For Vibrant Shoes: Who said you have to stick to the traditional shoes? Many modern grooms are now choosing chunky colorful sneakers with their wedding outfits, and they are rocking the look. There's no harm in pairing a yellow shoe with your dhoti - it will  definitely grab some eyeballs. If not yellow, you can opt for Brown mules or gold loafers - they will look good too. You can choose a color based on your bride's saree color as well. Being a modern Kannada boy, you definitely must not shy away from experimenting with your looks since it's your big day too. 
  1. Add Detailing To Your Dhoti: Don't want to experiment with sunglasses, jewelry, or footwear, then dear Kannada groom, how about experimenting with your dhoti? Sounds doable, right? You can add designs and patterns to your silk dhoti or add gold detailing to the hem. You can also opt for ombre and have various tones of whites in your dhoti. Furthermore, you can opt for thread work or try the mirror and patchwork - the choice is yours. You can also experiment with the material of your dhoti by going  for Chikankari or Chiffon material too. In the 21st century, we totally encourage you to go all out and experiment with your looks. 
  1. Try-On A Waist Belt: A waist belt will be a Kingly addition to your attire. As a Kannada boy for marriage, pair the waist belt with a dhoti, or with other wedding outfits - you are going to rock it. If you are wearing a Jodhpuri or Sherwani at one of the functions, a waist belt will go well with the outfit. You can pick gold or experiment with Bronze and other embellished colours - pick any and slay it like a pro. You, in fact, can pair with a simple Anarkali Kurta and let the waist belt do all the talking. 

If you are soon going to be a Kannada groom, we encourage you to try these offbeat accessory ideas for your upcoming wedding. You can try it on the wedding day, at one of the functions, or experiment with your looks throughout the wedding - the choice is yours, but trust us, you will look royal, traditional, and elegant. And you will definitely grab some attention and manage to steal your bride's thunder. On that note, if you have any offbeat accessory suggestions for the Kannada boys for marriage, do mention them in the comments. 

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