7 Nepali Matrimonial Rituals You Should Know If You Are Attending A Nepali Wedding Soon

Nepali Matrimonial

Be it an Indian wedding or Nepali matrimonial - every wedding has its quaint charm. From the unique customs and rituals to entertaining functions and outfits, every wedding, you attend, bespeaks a particular culture. Now, when it comes to Nepali matrimony, some ceremonies make them different from the rest. Wondering what they are? If yes, then here are seven Nepali matrimonial rituals that you should know. Read on for all the deets, and if you are planning to attend a Nepali wedding soon, these rituals are a must-know for you. 

Nepali Matrimonial Rituals You Must Know By All Means 

  1. Kalash Ritual: This is one of the most vital Nepali matrimonial rituals that you must know about. Here, the brass container, also known as Kalash, is filled with water and used at the wedding ceremonies. It not only symbolizes goodwill but also represents fertility. The conch shape of the Kalash embodies female fertility because of its connection with water. And while these two things are necessary for a happy married life, the Kalash also ensures that all the wedding functions take place in a happy environment without any hurdles. No Nepali matrimony ever begins without Kalash, hence making this ritual important. 
  1. Diyo Ritual: Again, a vital and unique Nepali matrimony ritual that you should know. Diyo is a tradition that takes place during the main wedding ceremony. Here, Diyo, also known as Diya, is used to take the evil spirit off, and the light from the Diyo denotes the elimination of darkness and evil spirit. It symbolizes purity and prosperity, which is a must for a happy married life. If your acquaintance is getting hitched in Nepali style,  attend the wedding to see this beautiful ritual. 
  1. Taking The Rounds: As you know, the key to a happy marriage is trust and understanding between the couple, and to ensure that the bride knows that her groom-to-be is there for her through thick and thin, and she can solely trust him, she walks thrice around the groom as a part of this ritual. It denotes that he is the center of her universe, and she will always be loyal to him. After the third round, the wall between the couple falls, and their hearts unite, making them one soul. In fact, in some Nepali matrimonials, the bride also throws flower petals and rice while making the rounds; however, this depends on the customs they follow. And once this ritual is done, the couple then takes the name of Lord Vishnu and swears to be with each other through thick and thin. 
  1. Dubo Ko Mala Ritual: During traditional weddings, the garland that the groom and bride use is made of flowers and grass; however, here in Nepali Matrimonial, the mala is made using Bermuda grass. And this mala is known as Dubo Ko Mala. It denotes happy marriage and signifies good health and prosperity for the couple. No Nepali Matrimonial is ever complete without garland since it means goodwill and is vital for a happy marriage. 
  1. Pote Tilhari: Pote Tilhari is a red and gold necklace adorned by women only. Made of gold and red beads, Pote Tilhari signifies a happy marriage. It also symbolizes that you are married now. Post-marriage, you will never see a Nepali woman leave the house without this piece of jewelry. As per the traditions, it's considered a bad omen to leave the house without wearing this; hence after Nepali matrimonial- a bride never leaves her home without this necklace. 
  1. Supari Ritual: Again, an essential Nepali matrimonial ritual, which is done by the bride. Here, the bride distributes ten betel nuts to each family member, and with this distribution, the bride officially becomes a part of the groom's family. Again, a ritual without which Nepali matrimony is incomplete. And this is only done by the bride because she will leave her parents’ house and go to her husband's house. Hence for that, everyone accepting the bride is a must. 
  1. Ghar Bhitrauni Ritual: This is one ritual that is common in every wedding you attend. Be it an Indian wedding or Nepali matrimonial- no wedding is complete without these rituals. It is the last ritual that takes place at the wedding, where the bride leaves her house to live at the groom's home with his family. And here, to ensure that the bride feels loved and welcomed, the groom and his family welcome her to the new house with pomp and grandeur. And once she enters the house, various fun games are planned for the couple, which again is no less than a ceremony. 

So, if you are planning to attend Nepali matrimony soon or are getting hitched in one, ensure that you know these traditions beforehand. These traditions make the wedding beautiful and also let you enjoy being a part of these unique rituals. On that note, have you ever attended a Nepali matrimonial? If yes, share with us which function was a highlight for you in the comments below. And if you have a friend who is getting married at this type of wedding, do share this piece with her.

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